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I hope you will write again soon. Thank you for the tears and the laughs
Oct 18 2017 02:30 AM


you are finally back in writing! wasn't having a good day till I saw an update from you today. Thank you very much and I really hope that you'll update ASLS more frequent. Keep up the good work!
Nov 16 2015 08:52 AM


I love the way you write. I have read your articles about snsd and I swear, it touches me. I hope you don't mind, but I propagated your article 'Forever Sone' and promoted your page for my other friends who don't have soshified accounts to see. I have given you proper credits, don't worry. If you don't like it. Just tell me and I will take it down. I really respect you as an author and a writer. It's nice to see articles like those written beautifully. It was so to...
Jun 18 2013 05:12 AM