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05 September 2010 - 11:37 AM

Highlights – Yuri blowing kisses to my best friend, holding her hand at least 5 times, singing ‘Kissing You baby’ to her, and doing a gun/bang thingy to her. She had a fansign. That’s probably why. xD Oh yeah, and Yuri made a heart from across the stage to my friend. ^^

-I touched Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Siwon, Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona, Krystal, Victoria, Sulli, Kangta, Dana, Sunday, Go Ara?, and Key. I also touched some other people, but as they were running by so I can't really remember exactly who it was :P!! ~~ ^^

So myself and two friends had gotten our tickets with Soshified, and were seated in Floor 4, row 16. Despite the relatively ‘high’ row number compared to…say, 3 or 4, I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you Soshified, so much. It was the best night of my life and I was pretty much right next to the stage.

Ok, so we went to the meetup and they ran out of our shirt size but I was like whatever, I’m just blessed to have seats anyway, thanks Soshified, *dies of excitement.* Ahem, so then after the meetup and hunting all around for free stuff and picking up my donor and support bundles, I lined up to get in. I was supperrr early, about and hour and a half, so I was pretty much at the front of the line. I met another Jessica fan, but it was a fanboy and we both agreed that Jessica was awesome but he didn’t have any Soshified stuff because he forgot to preorder, apparently, and he had Jessica socks on. I was like ‘WOW I WANT THOSE.’ He was like ‘Jessica is the best’ blah blah blah and I was like, she’s my fav but they’re all the best’ blah blah blah. And then a Sunny fan and him began having a mock argument and it was extremely entertaining. *cough* Anyway, I am a fangirl, for future reference, in case you get confused because I think I proposed multiple times to Soshi… -__- . My hubby Yunho would be disappointed. Lol.

And so, after waiting for like … nearly two hours to get in, in the blistering heat, which was actually not as bad as it should have been, because, being near the front, we had the partial shade of the Staples Center, and because my friend and I took turns holding up our fansigns. Oh yeah, we had to stick our lightsticks in our pants (I was wearing shorts -__-) because they didn’t allow lightsticks, or so I heard. Either way it was very uncomfortable and there was this fan with a super long lightstick and she had to stick it down her back and it was SOO FUNNY. Anyway. So we got in, and the security checked me and blah blah blah and I grabbed a bunch of official balloons, sorry to the staff that only told me to grab one, they were sticking to each other and I was in a hysteria by this point. So I went down into the aisle one/two, which allowed me to go to my floor seats and I was like, right next to the stage and I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG awesome. And then I drank like a bottle of water, just to prep, and then I had to pee so I went to go pee, and I remember leaving to go look for fangoods and the lady was like “wow how many times do you plan on going up these stairs” (because they were pretty long xD) and I was like “Oh, I’m trying to exercise. BURNING CALORIES IS GOOD FOR YOU YAYAYAYAY” and she laughed and we became friends lol. And so like, on the 3rd or 4th time going up the stairs she was laughing at me and I was smiling because I was so happy. And there was this security guard at floor 4, at the back, her name was Denisha and my friends and I became borderline BFFs with that lady. She was so nice, and we explained to her kpop and how kpop fans are a different breed of fans. xD. She explained that she understood because she was sitting front row at a Trey Songz concert next Friday and I was like ‘OH GET ME A PIECE OF THAT IF HE TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF’ lol. And she was like ‘GIRL YOU KNOW I WILL.’ Awesome start to the best 4-5 hours of my life.

So then, when the concert was about to start, they played this random SM town video, and the seats weren’t even close to full yet because not everyone had gotten inside, but there were still EPIC, LOUD SCREAMS all around and Denisha began laughing and I was like ‘I TOLD YOU SO.’ Anywho, I sat down, and then, this girl came out, and she was AMAZING and she said that she was mainly active in Japan, and I’m sorry but I forgot her name, her name was J-Min, I remember now, but apparently she’s from SM. That was easy to figure out, because she was GORGEOUS and sang wonderfully. Ok. Sorry. That was elitist, but I can’t help it, I just love SM town so much right now. Then Dana and Sunday came out , and they were amazing lol and they all had great English. Then I can’t really remember all of it, though I can picture it in my head, but Zhang LiYin came out and I was like WOW YOU ARE SO AMAZING I LOVE YOU. Then KANGTA omg. Lol. So hot. By this time, I was lined up at the side , sorry to the guards who told me not to, but I didn’t go CRAZY just yet. I was talking to a shawol and she was like ‘he’s so hot’ and I was like, ‘YES, I LOVE THAT AJUSHHI. SEXY AJUSHHI.’ *ahem* anyway, so then Go Ara came out and I swear I COULDA DIED. THEY DID A DUET and it was wonderful, and it was live. Wowowow. Then Onew did this cameo thing where he had this bag with microphones. The stage was Kangta putting on/taking off clothes and finding microphones, and Go Ara holding this weird box and finding microphones to sing with, so Onew naturally would play the role of the random dude with microphones in his bag. Duh.

At some point during this, f(x) came out with Lachata, and Minho did Amber’s rap part, which is weird because I thought Amber would be there. My friend is actually best friends with Amber and apparently they hung out recently lol. But it’s okay, I’m sure she’ll be back in action in no time. OH YEAH OMGOSH TIK TOK. So f(x) introduced themselves and Sulli was really adorable and Luna was AMAZING, too bad she isn’t my bias (my bias is Krystal) but Victoria was GORGEOUS and then Krystal (my bias solely because she is related to a Soshi member lol) was like, “Hi blah blah blah, I would like to welcome my sister (I went completely ape at this point and grabbed my ELF friend and began shaking her like crazy saying ‘OMGOMGOMGOMOGMOGM SICA SICA SICA SICA’) to the stage, and I went ape. Yup. I think everyone else went ape, too, because the entire section, which was like, mostly SONEs anyway, began jumping up and down and my and my poor little short self could barely see so I ran to the side and saw Jessica’s bodacious hips in action gahh I coulda died. Sorry Jung Soojung but I like your sister more. :unworthy:

SO anyway, then TRAX came out and I’m not sure about this order anymore, but it was lovely and I was going crazy. OK. THEN. SHINEE came out. It was pandemonium, and everyone just ran to the side and it was great lol. Anywho, they did this amazing stage of Replay and some other songs, I can’t even remember I’m so hyped up. Then Seo + Kyu stage. I was like. OH MY GOD SEOHYUN IS LIKE A GODDESS. And seriously, I was like ‘wow your cheeks are not THAT puffy in real life,’ and she was so skinny and delicate looking and gorgeous. It is this indescribable feeling that I got when I looked at all of the idols there, that made me feel really grateful just to be in their presence, since they all work so hard and it was unbelievable to see these demi-gods in real life.

So Seohyun + Kyuhyun stage was epic, and now my memory is fading and my bias is showing , so I will promptly skip to all the Soshi stages I can remember. The first song Soshi did I think was Run Devil Run, and as soon as we heard the beats in the beginning, THE CROWD WENT PSYCHO. And I screamed for the entire song, including fanchants, but there were these people who obviously did not know the fanchants and I was like, ‘lollll that’s so off.’ But I didn’t say that to them xD. Btw, I nearly crushed the camera dude with the wire sitting down on the side, so I felt bad and after I calmed down and stopped saying ‘MARRY ME SOSHI’ and began fanning him with my sign, which said Youngwonnhi So Nyuh Shi Dae, but in Korean, and ‘U – Know you are my Ho’ on the back. Lol. Don’t judge me. I literally was just screaming my head off and I’m pretty sure people were laughing at me but I didn’t care, it was awesome.

Then I think Kissing You was next, after Taeng + Soo + Fany + a little bit of Jessica talked to the audience, there might have been others but I can’t really remember everything except holding hands with some of the girls lol. And then they took off their jackets and I was like ‘OMG YAHHHH,’ I don’t even know. I don’t even know how crazy I went. Lol. So they sang Kissing You and this was the part where Yuri did all those things for my friend :P. So they ran down the stage, and Jessica went off to the side in front of Floor 1 and I was like NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING COME HERE, but whatever because later I got to touch Hyo/Yuri. Btw they are all gorgeous in real life. In this video you can see Yuri giving a hi-5 to my friend with the poster at like :39. Hehe. So they were prancing around and I was just looking all over the place cos the girls were dispersed and I just dying of excitement, to the point where my heart was about to explode. And so near the ending of Kissing You, Hyoyeon and Yuri ran back to the center stage and I got to hold hands for a bit with Yuri and got a hi-5 from Hyoyeon, who seriously looked so happy just remembering it makes me happy.  Of course, at the end of video, Yuri’s head is cut off, but you can see her blowing kisses and those are directed towards my friend with the epic ‘KWON YURI’ poster. Lol. My friend said that Yuri looked in her eyes and did that. Wow oh wow. Lol.

I think perhaps they performed Way To Go next, or maybe it was ITNW, I can’t even remember but it was amazing and of course I did the fanchants even if I can’t remember what song it was, I just know all the fanchants for most of the artists because I decided it would be a nice thing to memorize it all. -__- Of course, you couldn’t really hear most of the fanchants besides Soshi’s and some of Super Junior’s and MIROTIC WOAH YEAH, so I think Soshified did a great job in that. During this song, whatever it was, Fany ran down the stage between floor 3+4 and I got to touch her and she actually looked at the people on my side, although it would be an exaggeration to say that she made eye contact with me. Okay, maybe for like half a second. Gorgeous Fany. ^^  At some point during the next hour, Super Junior all walked by and I touched Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon. It was amazing. This ELF next to my was like ‘GAHH YOU’RE SO LUCKY’ and so I realized that she liked them more than I did, lol, and I let her push her way up to the stage. ^^ I just told her, ‘when Soshi comes back let me back on,’ and that didn’t really work because there was this …. ELF that cussed out one of my friends, who is also an ELF, and she began crying -___- so during NU ABO I had to comfort my friend while the ELF literally was pushing everyone backwards. And of course, my ELF friend, who was just bawling, didn’t enjoy Don’t Don as much as she should have and I felt really really bad for her. Whatever, that ELF was probably just really hardcore, though my friend is pretty hardcore, too. I mean, Leeteuk recognized her because she went to SuperShow 3 a few weeks ago and Sukira Radio and Leeteuk and Eunhyuk promised to look for her, and Leeteuk did. He held her hand and smiled at her and was like, HEY!!!! And pointed at her and then gave her a thumbs on the way back, and then Leeteuk recognized her again at the end of the show, giving her a bunch of hi-5s and stuff lol. Too bad Eunhyuk didn’t see her, but that’s okay, or so she says. WHATEVER, on to the good stuff. Everyone at the concert was really nice with the exception of that one fan, don’t judge.

So I think Genie was next, and they were wearing those new outfits and this time, they didn’t walk around all over the place so I was like ‘aww’ a little bit on the inside, but never mind that, because what more could I ask for? Of course the fanchants were pretty decent lol and Fany kept smiling and looking at the Soshified sections, gahh I was so happy. And all the girls look like they really had fun and I was just SO HAPPY FOR THEM. ^^ And then Oh was performed next, and the fanchants were pretty epic if I may say so myself, so I was really happy with that and of course, during the TELL ME BOY LOVE IT ITITIITITITITI AHHHHHH, I saw Yulsic, lol , Yuri just PATTED THAT TUMMAY xD . (I’m a JeTi shipper, but I’m open to many pairings :P). It was amazing and I nearly cried when I saw it. Then the last song Soshi performed by themselves was ‘Gee’ and I WENT PSYCHO. Lol. It was amazing, the fanchants were uber loud, and I could not ask for anything more. Except maybe that my friend didn’t go completely ape when Yuri’s little part in the middle was up, lol because she began shaking me violenty like I did to my ELF friend when Run Devil Run was playing. Oh goodness. So that’s what it feels like. *shudders* A mixture of amusement and kalsdhfkladsjhfklasdjhf.

Then, there was this dance break, it might have been earlier and it probably was, but I can’t remember the specific sequence at the moment so whatever, and OMG KWON YUL YOU AND YOUR BODACIOUS HIPS AND THAT SMIRK . GAHHHHHHHHHH. So yeah, they all have bodacious hips yup yup. But Yuri caught my eye on this stage, sorry everyone else. They danced to ‘Go Girl’ by Pitbull and I was about to die, whatever though, it was just amazing. Anyway, skipping all the parts irrelevant to Soshi (lol), at the end of the show, all of SMtown came out and FINALLY I TOUCHED KRYSTAL AND SULLI AND JESSICA and a bunch of other people, but Jessica was the highlight. She actually made eye contact with me and smiled, or maybe she was already smiling but I want to believe that she was smiling at me and she held my hand for like, one whole second. GAHH GONNA DIE. That made my life. I can die happy. My life is complete. I love all 9, with Jessica as my bias. I am so happy. Just thinking about her smiling at me and touching my hand makes me regret taking a shower yesterday after the concert. Lol jk. So this was my fan account, and it was by far one of the best nights of my life, if not the best. I am so blessed to have had this experience, thanks so much Soshified.

--edit - I also got to touch Yoona, because she waved at our section and then bent down and hi-5ed people while running across stage lol!! This was at the end of the concert, and I would also like to mention what an angel Seohyun is, because at the end of the concert, she literally bent down and shook individual hands and said "Thank You" (in English) to most of the people she could reach in Floor 4, me included. So WOW Seo ~~ such an angel ^^. Of course, Sunny and Taeng also walked by and waved and smiled, and Taeng kept giving thumbs up to the SSF sections, lol it was so amazing how happy that dorky kid leader looked with her amajjing goofy smile! ^^ Now I can actually remember this stuff, because when I wrote this fanaccount I was initially still spazzing and I left some parts out. I hope you guys enjoy this, especially if you didn't get to go to the concert, and better luck next time~~ ^^ ~~peace my fellow SONEs!

After the concert, across the way at the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, where we saw some artists eating, I saw Jessica through the window and she waved and oh my goodness I was so happy. :P