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#2364722 [FAN ACCNT] A Samchon Fan's Account, (Part 2)

Posted by MaiMai! on 16 May 2010 - 11:42 AM

wahhh . seriously? This changes my perspective on samchom and ajusshi fans completely aha. Or at least, most of them. This guy is such a good fan, seriously, kind-hearted and very thoughtful towards the girls. And I, too, am surprised that Sica was the only one who said bye. She's awesome. My fav <3 And about all the things the girls did, from remembering fans and what not, it's insane. I love being a part of this fandom. Sometimes us SONEs go through tough times because there are soo many haters on the girls and what not, but I've stopped arguing with them, stopped caring about them, because I am a fan and that is all that matters. I think that is all that is important. Sometimes I get really hurt by haters, but I come to Soshified, read stuff like this, and am reminded of why I am a fan. I am a fan for myself, because I know how amazing the girls are. It's inspiring to be a part of this awesome fandom, so show support for a group that I know works so damn hard. They went from being number 2, to being the number 1 all-kill girl group. I hope it remains forever. ^^ I would like to thank Soshified for providing a place for all the SONEs that frequent this awesome place. <3 Thanks for translating.
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