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In Topic: [05.08.09-05.10.09] My life ood suck widout chu~

10 May 2009 - 11:58 PM

The spazzing: First off all.... riding the escalator at the same time that Taeyeon was riding it was.... AMAJING! Rotfl. Her little smirk/smile while waving totally left me speechless. And homffggggggggd#%@#$#@^@#$@##$$!@#@^@#$ Taeyeon was like a bajillion times prettier in real life. Seriously, if you see her from 2 inches away, you would stop and ask yourself "is she real?" Lol. I am sooo not exaggerating this. (Okay maybe I am... just a little). But HOMFGGG she was so pretty, so skinny, so petite, and so very very bery bery nice. I almost fainted when she waved for me to follow her. I DID NOT expect her to do that, but she lived up to my expectations. ^^ And lord jesus God bruce almighty, her giggle after I told her to have fun today was.... the best moment of my life haha. Her blindingly white skin and porcelain skin was enough to melt any living creature's heart. It was sad to see her gorgeous self leave, but I had to let her go. T_T

LOL its like i'm imagining a fairytale..
you're so lucky. you got to meet the girls plenty of times
quite happy for you that you got to say what you want to say to taengoo..

In Topic: [RADIO] Jessica saw something really shocking...

03 May 2008 - 06:54 AM

the dj should had let jessica
say it..i wanted to know