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[MESSAGE] RDR Photocard Translations

01 April 2010 - 10:06 PM

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You better run~
SNSD is coming!!
run DEVIL run

God Bless You
Sooyoung will always be next to *insert name* ^^
I love you~

Run Devil run
SNSD! Right now! In the future! Forever!
Hwaiting ^-^

Run Devil Run...
Please love it a lot. ^^

SNSD Album!!
Please love it alot ^^
Run Devil Run *Dae...*Bak!!
Everyone hwaiting.

Do you guys like our special transformation..? The girls have matured kekeke
Please love us a lot!!! **(This time the girls will probably sing along more right?)
**Oppas! Sorry.. Dongsaeng and friends hwaiting!!! ....*Do it right!!
*Lyric from RDR
**Probably because RDR is a song about boy backstabbing a girl or something like that so it'll relate to girls more

To those who always loved Girls Generation~!!
Because of you guys I'm so happy~! ><
We'll work harder to show you our new selves~!
Run Devil Run! You'll be able to see our new selves~ ^^

Wow~! Our special transformation... It's really new right~??
As you keep on listening to run devil run (unable to read this part)
Please give a lot of love for "RUN DEVIL RUN"~!!!!

Run Devil Run!
*There is no one like me~!
SNSD's new image >.<
Everyone~ You guys waited for it for a long time!
You guys will show a lot of love again right?! :D
Run Run!!
*Lyrics from RDR

Credits: xiphius for pic
Translations: Krystalce@soshified.com/forums

[MESSAGE] From Oh! Album

03 February 2010 - 05:14 PM

Taeyeon: Thank you to those people that helped us publish SNSD's 2nd album^^ After going through our busy schedules and having a lot bad incidents happen to us... I was worried if we could actually finish this... But it was successfully finished^^ I want to give a round of applause to our members that endured our busy schedule with our fragile bodies... *claps* Although we're girls generation, we're not girls anymore^^ Amazing... It was hard for us mentally and physically, but seeing that during those times we were able to lean on each other and come this far... We must be really close to each other. While creating this album, again I was able to see the change in us... We became more serious than before... We matured more... It really felt like we became adults^^ We must be growing fast keke. Adapting to their surroundings... And adapting well to the situation they're in... The sponge like girls... I want to be able to follow your (the member's) examples! Also, to my family that are silently supporting me... Sometimes it feels like... You guys are having harder time than me... I'm sorry and I'm also thankful^^ Since I'm talking about family... I have to talk about our Chin Chin family!! To those people that are with me during the show... Having great a taste, JungGwan PD, Totoro JungEun unnie, squirrel like HaeJin unnie, and short hair JungHyun unnie keke. You guys must have had a hard time T.T... While preparing for our 2nd album, because of these people... I was able to have a great show. I'm always thankful again and again! I'll try my best to have better shows^^ Also... To the sunbae that helped me grow musically and physically. I won't become a Taeyeon that gives up half way but a Taeyeon that'll do her best till the end^^ I'll always respect you and thank you so much... While making this album? The women that was able to help me control my mind by having a long chat with me... Kiyoung unnie... and YangGang unnie. Cookie man, aunt Rwali, the always handy exit Yoohangun, Shinyoung unnie, and soft unnie Angelina Jelly...^^ I want to go back in time! I miss you~~ Also the person that loves me from her heart. A dad like goose unnie^^ thank you... You guys became my strength while creating this album. And lastly the sone whom I love~~ I think I was able to do everything because of you!! And now... You guys will have to show us a lot of pink^^ Please be with us. Hwaiting! I love you^^

Note: The places that I underlined, Taeyeon is just making nicknames for them :] She probably doesn't want to give out their real name or something. Also sorry if my grammar is kinda bad... It's kinda hard since Korean sentence structure is different from English.

Yuri: Thank you again and again for giving me great memories from your shinning eyes. I hope you will be able to feel my sincerity... <3

Sooyoung: Hearing that our 2nd album was going to come out.. Not thinking that it was definitely going to come out... Nervous about the first performance... Being moved by getting 1st place for the first time... Wondering if I'd ever forget all those touching moments... I'm thinking back to when I was arrogant. God who always giving me blessings and always looking over me...^^ Thank you for recognizing what I'm lacking and filling it up by sending magnificent and cool people into my life. Please be with me and give me wisdom so that I can be humble too all those people.. And to my precious family... My mother whom I respect and my hero, dad... And a hero on stage, my sister! I love you and I'll always thank you^^.. Grandma. Grandpa... My family that I'm thankful for, who always encourages me whenever they see me... And those who support me by praying for me, Pastor Lee Sungho, Pastor Lee Donghyun, Jaeson, and representative Maria who is a big help to me in my life of faith, aunt Esther, Martin oppa, James oppa, JunI oppa, Soohyun unnie, Charlie oppa, Donggun oppa, Naul oppa, and Ajoong unnie, I love you all and I'm praying for CUP ^-^ Also Ali unnie, Sohyang unnie, Jinny unnie, Yuri unnie, Joohyun unnie, Team oppa, Syun sunbae, Kyunglim unnie, Sangjin oppa, Jaedong oppa, Jyunho, Jonghyun, Jaejin, Minjong oppa, uncle Jichang, Puli oppa, Haejung unnie, uncle Jaeyeon, Namgil oppa, Jihoon oppa, Changlak oppa... Although I can't see you since I'm busy but I'm thankful that I am close with you guys... And cookieman... Congratz on your new findings but! You know right? Banned from Girl groups ^0^ Thank you to the teachers at Joongang College for trying to help me learn even a little bit... Thank you to my friends, classmates, and sunbaes that comforts me^^ I'll become a Sooyoung that'll make our school shine. Ok.. Am I done?! keke. My 8 friends!! heh heh.. I don't know how I can show how special you guys are to me... All that time in the future when we'll be together... Let's let our roots grow and try to endure any hardships we'll face^^> Also... Those people that make me shine on stage... I'm happy to call them sones. Up until now, thank you for following us no matter where we went... I hope you guys will cheer us on like you always do!^^ I don't think I won't make you guys lonely. I promise! I pray that everyone who I love and everyone who loves me will be always happy... and be blessed...^^

Jessica: To my family that I love - Mom, Dad, and chu~ Soojung <3 Thank you for always being my fan, I love you and I feel more secure! Minyoung unnie~ We don't even need talk (to express our feelings) right?^^ My laughing angel smart Sunsoo, NamEun, MyungEun, Glori, Junghyun, Sooji, Gheunhwa, Hara, Minkyun, Shinyoung, and Spicy rice cake seller!! Hyunjoong oppa, Yuhni unnie, Joohyun unnie, Jji unnie, Jjungyoung unnie you guys understand right? And lastly, SNSD and to those who love me no matter what, thank you~ Let's make more memories together sone! I'll return your love^^

Hyoyeon: First of all! Dad, mom~~!! My parents who cheered me on and gave me strength~! Thank you! Saying 'I love you' makes me feel embarrassed.. So I never said it... I love you dad and mom! ye~~~~~ My little brother! My little brother Mingoo whom I love~!! I was thinking about you a lot~!!! I really love you~! To my parent's siblings~! Thank you for giving me advice and helping me!! Thank you so much to my aunts and uncles for cheering me on~! Let's go on a trip during my resting time~ GOGO~!! You know right~!? ye~~!! >.< My dongsaeng~! Hayeon, Taegoo, Jingoo and Jjungmin~!! You guys~!! Thanks for monitoring me~^^! oh~ oh~~ ye~~! My fairygod mother~~!! Machoman~!! keke I love you! Machoman!! I'll wait for you! Machoman~!! Kahh~!!!! keke.(keke) We're both type A~~~ We're defiantly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaX100000......... but....! I really like Joongsuk!! Because~! He's a friend that's always by me when I'm going through hard times and gives me strength~!! ye~! Thank you~! My 8 year friend~! My personal monitor!! Kijoon~!! ye~!! Thanks for pointing out my weaknesses.. Although I get sad at times >.< hehe thank you~ You must be busy with your life and you still call me and monitor for me~! Do you know how thankful I am~!! My angel cooli~!! Do you know that I'm happiest when I come and talk to you~!? Let's meet each other more often~! I really miss~! Minyoung (call me!), Sunghee~! (You're doing well right~!?), SukHoon (If you come to Korea, let's meet again~!), Ddongjin, youngjoo (contact me), and Wool unnie who lost weight and became more pretty! Hyungyoon oppa~! keke, and Sungho oppa who it feels like I will meet in a few days!! I really really miss you guys~! hey~! cookie man~!!! Hyungkook oppa~!! hehehe >.< We're more close now........! kekeke I want to talk to you about alot of things...!!! kahhh~~!!! keke. And our trouble makers~~!! keke >.< my long lost siblings~! Friends~! Members~!! (Seo,Yoon,Soo,Ti,Yu,Su,Je,Tae~~!) keke. Out of all people I got to meet you. I really thank the heavens that all 9 of us got to be in the same group...! I love you guys~! Our sone~!!!! ye~~!!! I really liked getting close to you and meeting you at our concert~!! You don't know how much more excited I was~! ye~~! I hope we'll get to meet each other more often from now on~! Hmmm~~ Our 2nd album~! It's an album which we put a lot of effort into~! I personally like all the songs in this album~~! hehehe~~~! Thinking about our first performance~!! I'm getting a lot of energy and getting more excited~~~!! kekeke I hope you guys will love it~~! Everyone hwaiting~!!!!! ye~~!! We're SNSD~~!! Lastly, I love you Lord..

Sry guys i'm like really busy >< i don't think i can translate the rest >< sry!!!

Source: Oh! album scans from WonSoKaLineFan@ssf
Translator: Krystalce

[MESSAGE] Naver Update

28 January 2010 - 05:17 PM

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T/N: When Hyoyeon said Oppa, she wrote it like 'Oppwa' instead of 'Oppa'

So nice of the girls all writing a message for the fans :)
I can't wait to get my album! :D
snsd hwaiting! :)

I updated seohyun's last message :)
I read it wrong so the translations were off hehe sry about that
even after i translated it i was like, 'woah! maknae said that?!'
and i couldn't really check cauz i already covered up the korean words so yah hehe

Credit: Naver + ☆Genie@soshified
Translations: Krystalce @soshified.com/forums

[ARTICLE] SNSD Has Reached Their World Dream

21 December 2009 - 02:28 PM

091222 SNSD has reached their world dream

Posted Image

SNSD had their first solo concert on the 19th and the 20th at the Seoul Olympic Park. This concert was the start of SNSD and other idols going overseas to have a concert.

At the concert, there were 13,000 fans, holding pink glowing sticks, and cheering for SNSD. In this concert out of all the fans, 70.80% of them were male. Uncle Fans, Older boy fans, and younger boy fans took over the seats.

Sports Korea has gotten a sneak peak of the concert that SNSD has put their sweat and passion into.

Posted Image

#Leaving to get ready for the concert~

To get ready for the concert, Tiffany and Hyoyeon left to go to the practice room but found a poster along the way. They stopped and looked at the poster very carefully. They seemed happy just looking at it. Tiffany and Hyoyeon made a V sign with a big smile on their face.

#Who's hand is this?

SNSD's member was fooling around with a make up brush. Make up is an important thing to make SNSD look stunning for their concert. SNSD is famous for having the charm of looking great without makeup. After seeing lots of makeup, SNSD started playing with it because of their curiousity.

Posted Image

#Mischievous Sunny

With the concert coming up, Sunny said she'll "get rid of the stress in her mouth" by putting lots of air in her mouth. Because of Sunny's unsual behavior, all the member's brust into laughter. It made them forget being nervous about their upcoming concert. Sunny is definatly SNSD's cute baby.

Posted Image

#Taeyeon! It's the first time seeing you like this!

After seeing The *****cat Doll's , Taeyeon is trying to imitate looking sexy. Taeyeon wore a red jacket and black pants that revealed her waist line on stage. It's hard to find her innocent image. You can only see Taeyeon's sexy and suggestive look. The viewers couldn't take their eyes off of Taeyeon's new image.

Posted Image

#Angel Yoona

Yoona is flying with the help of the wire. Seeing her Wearing the White dress and flying all over the place, it feels as if you're looking at a angel. With Yoona's cute expression and pose, she has recieved lots of cheers.

Posted Image

#Singing in the Rain

We were able to see SNSD's cute rain show. The rain has cooled off the hot stage that SNSD has made. SNSD was cute holding the umbrella and wearing the raincoat. This will the the start of SNSD's concert, early next year they will go to Japan, China, and Thailand for their Asia tour.

Translator: KrystaIce@soshified
Source: http://news.hankooki...3734111780.htm#