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In Topic: Which KCON are you going to? + Where are you seating?

01 July 2015 - 01:17 PM

Name: Dana

Which KCON: NY

Where are you coming from: NY.. lol


Um I just generally want to meet up with other SONES lol. And I'd like it if we had some customized t-shirts and caps, all that good stuff. :D 

In Topic: [2014.05.11] Meeting JungSis in NY

16 March 2015 - 02:35 PM

Krystal can have the sweetest smile, but her glare can rip the soul out of you.


Lmao worddd! She gave me the chills man! 

In Topic: [2014.05.11] Meeting JungSis in NY

31 January 2015 - 05:39 PM

I have to say, you're so lucky to have meet Jessica and her sister.  I'm sorry Krystal gave you a nasty glare.   :ouch:


Lmao why would YOU be sorry? But thanks. :D


Forgive Krystal for her expressionless look is somehow a glare.   :cool:


Haha, it wasn't really expressionless, she straight out shot me down... but yeah I'm over it now. XD

In Topic: [2014.05.11] Meeting JungSis in NY

21 May 2014 - 03:46 PM

Wowwwwww,you are so lucky,,


i am keeping my hopes up ^ ^ of meeting them one day

Haha yep! Don't lose hope! I'm really sure that you'll get to meet them one day, and all of SNSD, not just a single member!! Hwaiting! I will be working on it too! 



Thanks for posting. And now I know why I can't come to like Krystal.

LOL. Thanks for reading! Oh dear god, I really hope that I didn't garner any more hate for Krystal. I mean.. I guess she was probably just having a bad day or something? I'm sure that Krystal is probably usually nicer?! 



*le cries* you are so lucky.. i too believe that Jessica is no ice princess. ahh gosh.. she smiled at you! she freaking smiled.. that enough would left me to burn in my spot if i were you. you are so so lucky!! and Krystal.. well, youre still lucky for receiving that glare! HAHA XD i would give up anything just to see atleast one member. congrats buddy x))))

Hehe, thanks thanks! Yes, it was really just luck that I was able to see them! Man, don't believe any of the crap that people say about Jessica being "cold". Total bs!

Seriously, that effing shy smile though! A part of my died when that happened! She's really sweet! 

In Topic: [2014.05.11] Meeting JungSis in NY

13 May 2014 - 01:32 PM

You are so lucky to meet Jessica and her sister. She is look so cute in her white dress. I can imagine what you have felt when you saw Jessica in front of your eyes....I will be like that too...


thanks for the fanaccount..

Haha, man you seriously have no idea! Yes, she looked goddamn amazing in that dress! Thanks so much for reading this! 



You got to meet a soshi member ... so lucky. I don't live anywhere near New York, I live in a small town where none of them would ever go lol....

Aww, it's alright. Maybe they might go somewhere near you one day and you can just go out to see them. Hwaitaeng!! :D



Oh my god, so lucky! :(
You met my two favorite Korean girls. I envy you!. Anyways, thanks for the fanaccount.
Sica, like Yuri said is a Warm ice. I'm kind of pissed off because of Krystal's attitude

You are so damn lucky!

Haha, I'm sorry for making you feel envious! No, thanks for reading!! Yeah honestly though.. Krystal was being kinda mean to us. She just legit ran straight into the car and didn't look at us even when the car wasn't moving. Jessica though, wow, flow-blown eye contact! 



ahhh im so jealous... i live in ny too your should have called me lol


*sigh* im never good at meeting my idols but im honestly so happy for you!


i probably would have died if i were you hehe  :sweat: 

Man, I was seriously going to say something in the NY thread for the meetup, but knowing how no one ever replies, I didn't want to waste my time. Trust me, I was so desperate in finding a SONE to go with me!! I'm sorry, if anything happens, I will tell you next time okay?! 



wow!!! seriously you and your friends are so freakin' lucky... congrats guys! the odds are on your side.. hahaha.. i hope i can see her also.. and experience the eye contact and smile you got from her.. so happy for you guys and envious at the same time... hahahaha

I wish you luck! Haha, and it's great how random strangers became friends because of our common love for SoShi! 



You're so lucky, and I'm so jealous! I recognized where they are is because they are near Columbus Circle and my college is located right across the street from Trump International (NYIT). It's finals' week for me so instead of seeing them, I'm studing :( Thanks for sharing your experience though :)

Ahh what?! You're so close!! I'm sorry.. I don't mean to make anyone jealous. Man, you should probably just take a walk around there if you have time then! 



wow.. nice!! congratulations , so lucky being able to see my ultimate bias.. i want to meet her too

Thanks, hehe, I see why Jessica is so popular, that girl is really sweet! You will get to meet her soon! You're talking to the girl that could never even imagine of seeing her!





Looks like y'all waited for quite a while till you got to see Jessica. I guess Krystal was just being protective about her sister


Thanks for sharing this

Thanks, haha yeah, we waited for a longg time! Well, we weren't really doing anything to Jessica. Quite honestly, I was there 49.9% for Jessica and 50.1% for Krystal! I had seriously thought that Jessica would be the colder one, guess I was terribly wrong!