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In Topic: [FAN ACCNT] A Samchon Fan's Account, (Part 3)

11 February 2013 - 10:02 PM

Hi Administrators, 


May I know why is Parts 1 and 2 of this fan account made inaccessible?

In Topic: 9 Days of Caring

26 January 2013 - 11:21 AM

Oh, I didn't realise that the deadline was 25th Jan 2012.

Hope my entries still can be considered as I was busy with work.



Username: seventheory

City/Country: Singapore



Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/J2Qootg.jpg

Summary: Gave up my seat for an elderly man on the train. This was on the 1st night that I saw Soy's tweet so I didn't prepare any 9 Days of Caring message.

Date: 17th Jan 2013



Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/5NnC7kx.jpg

Summary: Bought food for a group of less fortunate students that I met through a volunteer group (they like fried chicken, Seohyun don't kill me).

Date: 18th Jan 2013




Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/bjdbu3C.jpg / http://i.imgur.com/rg8cfSR.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/W4CWugp.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/7WuR8nV.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/jnL0xtY.jpg

Summary: Bought drinks and some stationery for the local kindergarten in my neighbourhood.

Date: 21st Jan 2013





Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/DfYniNb.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/6sLDw0V.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/BrlTKFG.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/qvoflj5.jpg

Summary: Bought small gift packs for my cellgroup.

Date: 24th Jan 2013




Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/G42BS8j.jpg

Summary: Bought dinner for 1 of my friends whose father passed away recently.

Date: 25th Jan 2013



Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/mgsoBxA.jpg

Summary: Bought a new helmet for another friend in financial difficulty who wants to take up riding so that he can work part-time.

Date: 25th Jan 2013



Video/Pic: http://i.imgur.com/flIgxHP.jpg / http://i.imgur.com/Svob0e4.jpg

Summary: Bought TV for my friend's new house (they had to show Soshi videos on the smaller model =/).

I will upload photos when the TV has been delivered.

Date: 25th Jan 2013



In Topic: [MESSAGE][From. SOOYOUNG] ^ㅡ^

28 December 2012 - 09:35 PM

Sooyoung ah, thank you for the wonderful Christmas message. Saranghaeyo.

Looking forward to your comeback on the yi teng yi li (1st January 2013). =]

In Topic: [MESSAGE][From. SEOHYUN] Merry Christmas~

24 December 2012 - 08:49 PM

Okay, personally this is the best message from the girls so far!!!!
I wonder who's the 3 members lying down..

Hyoyeon in the middle

In Topic: [11.23.12] SMTOWN in Singapore

24 November 2012 - 08:14 PM

This is so nice, happy for you. Hope you love our dear Black Pearl more after this.

Glad to see that they were having fun in Marina Square, it is quite different from Seoul.
How many countries have a floating platform against a city backdrop?

Wonder what did they find in Marina Square .. Earphones? Maybe a Mickey Mouse soft toy at basement 1?
I rode past the area where Yuri was posing for a photo with the fans during rehearsals, did not see anyone with that attire though. =/