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In Topic: [UFO] Sooyoung's UFO Replies

27 June 2009 - 08:38 PM

so you've been sending these kinds of messages to all of us.. you player..

lol moment~~ sooyoung's really hilarious~~ kekeke~~
thanks for sharing~~ ^_^

In Topic: [PICS] Poor Seohyun

14 June 2009 - 02:33 AM

poor seohyun~~ i feel so evil that i'm laughing at the pictures~~ sorry maknae~~
the thought bubbles made it even funnier~~ hahaha~~ *^^*

In Topic: [UFO] Sunny UFO Reply

14 June 2009 - 02:29 AM

can't stop lol-ling at this one~~
sunny saying $&!@$!@! is jjang!! *^^*
tiff and jess really need to be trained on cooking~~
thanks for sharing~~ ^_^

In Topic: [IPLE] It's me Yoona~~~

09 June 2009 - 04:58 PM

During our Gee promotion, I realized that
There are many people who loves usâ?¦
Power of Sone is really bigâ?¦they give me strengthâ?¦^^

don't worry yoona-shi, we will all never stop in supporting soshi~~
have a good rest now that your drama is over~~
spend some time with your unnies who missed you a lot~~
..also us fans missed you since you were always missing in a lot of perfs~~ :(
anyway, we will all support your next album!!
yoona himnae!! so nyeo shi dae hwaiting!!

In Topic: [UFO] Sunny's UFO Replies

09 June 2009 - 04:50 PM

after reading sunny's last ufo reply,
i felt good that i'm 100% loyal so soshi~~ *^^*
thanks for the translation and for sharing~~