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About Me

only Taeyeon
just Taeyeon.



selca~ :D






nice article that i can relate to... fighting~ :D


i was actually on my way to become a  buddhist monk in the past...

a buddhist abbot who is also a guru wanted me to be his successor...

in taking charge of his temple/monastery and help people in the process.... 

i was ready to pack my things and live a monk life  in a temple :D (yay)

but some things happened... and it did not happen. XD

it seems like my catholic faith pulled me... (i was born and raised a catholic)

so i guess thats when i started "double belonging"









aside from a club dance playlist,

i also made a playlist for religious songs.

i just feel like listening to them :D










after gettin sick,

i gained weight -____-

maybe because i had no exercise,

and i forced myself to eat a lot

even if i had no appetite,

and sometimes during the time i was sick,

i felt like vomiting when eating, 

but i just focused on swallowing the food

and making sure they stayed inside...

i was following the quote:

"let food be thy medicine 

and medicine be thy food" 

(attributed to hippocrates)

i also losed some stamina and strength...

some muscle loss i think..

the weight that i can easily lift before...

has become a challenge again to lift...

i guess this is reset

and i have to start again

to build muscle and stamina...

and lose weight..

fighting~ :D








belated happy birthday DJ hyo~ 

i hope you enjoyed your day...

and danced through it,





a screenshot back in the day....

when bitcoin was at 11,000 - 12,000 usd

i got negative available balance

because i was doing x2 leverage (CFD).lol

i dont recommend CFD to others

unless you know what you're doing :D

this was just one of my positions.

i actually invested and traded other

altcoins/cryptocurrencies too...

"a rising tide lifts all boats"

bitcoin is not easy, you need to study

do  your homework. scope the market

its very volatile and goes down a lot

but goes up a lot more

its a wild ride~ :D

orgasmic euphoria when you finally profit.lol 


i recommended bitcoin

back when it was at 9000 - 12000 usd level

now it is at 40,000 usd level

you could have tripled your money

in around a year :D

instead of running a business or company

if your goal is just earning money

then you could have reached your goal

but if you have other unselfish goals

like helping other people,

then youre doing a good job, fighting~ 

i really think this has a long way to go

but better to invest when price goes down a bit

i ran companies before with other people

game development company and call center

tripling your money is difficult to do,

especially in a year or two,,,,

also, since the buddhist temple is already in place

i hope i can have money too for a catholic church

if you earn a lot in cryptocurrency,

i hope you donate to good causes,,, fighting~ :D










meeting a spiritual guru who taught me a lot of things in life

is something that i also wish for everyone

one does not really find a guru,

it's the other way around, a guru would find you

but only if you're open or ready.

a spiritual guru is different in a sense that

most gurus would teach you to be the best,

to know everything, to trample on others on your way to the top

some people believe they are better than others

and so they believe they are their own guru,

thats okay, but it's really different from a spiritual guru,

who would teach you to serve people at their worst,

 to know nothing, to let others trample on you

not to make you miserable but to discover your inner strength

and in the process, find inner peace and purpose

a spiritual guru would not spoon feed you, it would be hard

a lot of it would really depend on you

one of my gurus, a lama/monk has exiled himself since last year.

monks do this when they saw their own deaths already

so they spend the rest of their lives meditating in exile

im not sure what happened to him, and even if

i think i failed him by not succeeding him in his temple works

 i still hope he's still there somewhere connected to me

from the physical world, or from the spiritual world.

and i hope i can do something else for him

and also, i need some guru-level guidance here. lol

just like everyone, im also confused in the current condition of humanity

sunday evening thoughts~ :D lol




so im going to share some of my prayers

and meditation chants~ :D

these are basic ones, i do more with rituals

i only know catholic and buddhist practices

im sure other religions have their own

the key is just pray hard and religiously ~ 


for the catholic prayers, it would be novenas

that one has to pray religiously for 9 days

 after 9 days, repeat it again

and again and again~ :D

have your rosary ready.

divine mercy novena: 


(make sure to include the divine mercy chaplet)

54 day rosary novena:


(dont miss a day)

novena for impossible requests:


(do this for 9 months without missing a day)

you can also pray the novenas

asking for saints' intercession

for healing, i recommend saint padre pio, 

st michael the archangel, and saint jude thaddeus



for buddhist practices, i recommend chants 

to Bodhisattva Vajrapani

for healing and general wellness, i recommend 

the Medicine Buddha

before chanting, be sure to be in deep meditation

you will know that you are deep enough

if you dont feel your surroundings anymore

if you're not aware of your surroundings anymore

there's a lot to chant but for healing:

take note of:

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Dharani (just the dharani)

Medicine Buddha Mantra ( i do tibetan)

chant them in this order under deep meditation:

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Dharani 108 times

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Mantra 108 times

Medicine Buddha Sutra

after you are finished, say this:

"I dedicate the merits of this deed to all human beings all over the world"

"especially for the complete healing and recovery of"

"all those afflicted by the corona virus and all other illnesses and diseases"

"and all other calamities and disasters"

"and for all human beings to be free from the threat" 

"of the corona virus and all other illnesses and diseases"

"and all other calamities and disasters"


basic stuff, no incense burning, blowing, etc. lol





someone looking at me...

while pooping on the toilet







mwah~ healing kiss~ lol

:D lol.. anyway,

hope you're well. sleep well~

*excited* lol

stay well~ fighting taenggu~ :D

be happy with panda...   keke,,, fighting~

what do i call u fighting~ :D

fighting~~~ :D

i like playlist and galaxy

but all the songs are good as usual~

fightaeng~ :D congrats~

apology accepted :D

kidding aside, it's okay

nothing to apologize. fighting~

stay well~ fightng~ 

you did well~ fighting~ sleep well :D  ;)

fighting~ sleep well~ have a great day~

lol. fighting~ :D

stay well~

taenggu fighting~

fighting~ stay well~

your life, fighting~ :D

have a great week~ fighting~




*cringe* lol

Not possesed. lol
(8++ year old female lhasa apso.. she had puppies already... still looks like a puppy though.lol)




There can be miracles when you believe~

- Still a Stock Trader and Investor
- Writer
- Web developer and programmer
- Volunteer/Philanthropist for Charitable Groups
- Demon/Negative Entities Vanquisher
- Faith healer
- Soshi fanboi :D

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  • Part Time Family Driver
  • Full Time Lover.... mwah.

You got me smoking cigarettes. Im in stress baby

But a little bit of drama is alright with me. but only if it's real and spins you round and around and around

The darker the night, the more you shine for me. You're my bling star

When autumn passes and winter comes, with the warmth from our hands, we walk together - how great is your love

You You You Only for You You You

:D ilu



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