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[05.08.09] Tiffany hugged me ... the HB experience(Original) - USA

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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:27 PM

Sorry for the long fan account. T-T
I promise to post more pictures later.

First off before I start my fan account basically seeing the girls and being able to interact with them all depended on the right timing and luck. I can see why some fans didn't get a response from some of the girls, but really it's not their fault, most of the time it's either they're jetlagged, their managers were rushing them, or they had language problems and were scared (one point during the trip Yul was like semi-lost and was corned by some fan boys .... and then Long told her to run) so you really can't base it off of one meeting and call them mean, haha it's really just if you have good luck or not. Be understanding is how I look at it. Other than that gosh after seeing SNSD in person, you can't help but want to love them more and become like best friends with them (Gahh how I hope to see them again at HB or maybe even go to Korea to see them). Seeing them perform live too was another experience that was eye-opening.

I probably could have seen them more if I tried to like follow them around and stuff but it was almost too hard for me to do. Mostly because I didn't want to ruin their vacation but this trip was like a little learning experience for me. If they do come back again next year, I'll know all the hot spots haha and I might attempt to be more ambitious with meeting them. Let's hope they come again then. Overall the trip was totally worth it.

I arrived at the hotel later than expected. I didn't expect the Wilshire Grand to be in the middle of downtown LA with so many people surrounding it. The traffic was terrible (LA drivers scared me to death) and the parking was complicated and expensive (luckily Matt did most of the driving ^^). As soon as I arrived to the hotel I jetted to the lobby and tried to find Long, Drew, and their friend. Long texted me like 30 minutes ago about how he saw Sunny and Taeyeon pass them but had nothing for them to sign and how hot Sunny was. Then about how he saw Kim Taewoo and Son Hoyoung and stuff. I was already super jealous over text. So as soon as I got there I pulled out my Yul sign hoping for them to be able to find me. They were like hiding in this corner snickering at me walking around like a freak with this huge suitcase and a huge poster with Yuri's face on it. A few people spotting my poster and asked me if I was soy and such. It was kind of interesting. We then met some SSF members like ketchupcool, Shorty, and so forth. Matt helped me check in and stuff. And afterwards Drew, Long, and their friend helped me unload the massive boxes/bags of support items and gifts for the girls. Lynn just arrived and I showed everyone how pretty the coloring book was like in person and stuffed each tote bag with the personal fan letters. I was shocked in person with how much gifts there were. We brought the stuff down to the lobby because I didn't know what time I was meeting with the managers. Turns out I had to meet the managers later that night instead of afternoon like intended, so the guys helped me bring all the gifts up to my room. We spotted some of the stars at the hotel like Kim Bumâ??s Dad, Tae Jinah, Kim Changwan, they were all super cool with their random spurts of English here and there. Tae Jinah was probably the funniest, he had like weird yellow pants on and bought this bag from the gift shop.

I didn't like eat a single thing but yet I wasn't even hungry because I was so excited. I was just sitting in the lobby for a while hearing other people's fan accounts about the girls and kicking myself for not booking an earlier flight. I saw like this group of tall boys ascending from the hotel escalators and knew that it was Jonah, Tim, Alex, Jennie, Holly, and so forth. Just as they were checking in someone shouted "SNSD is in the hotel". I was freaking out and didn't know if it was true at first until I saw Sooyoung's beautiful face. The girls are much shorter in person than I had expected, mostly because I'm like 5'6 though. Taeyeon was the on that surprised me the most with her beauty from first look. Gosh that girl is exceptionally gorgeous in real life. Taeng isn't my favorite member but she caught my attention the most. Like when you see the girls in real life â?¦ itâ??s just a super shock because youâ??re used to seeing them on this little computer screen. Being able to like see them in person was so surreal.

I luckily got down the ground elevator before it went up and of course looked for â??the oneâ? in the crowded elevator and spotted her. Yuri had on this cute yellow blouse but like super tired, probably because the girls just arrived the day before so jet lag was in effect. I showed her my poster and right then her face lit up and she tried to smile but still looked tired. Lynn seized the moment and like ran around my poster and I and squeezed into the elevator with the girls and their manager (omg talk about being envious, right?). I felt like a dork just standing there and staring with my poster but apparently Yul said â??thank youâ? to me before the elevator doorâ??s closed ---I only showed her the front of my poster at this point, so it looked rather normal.

So I was indeed like sulking a bit because of how disappointed with myself I was for not being more assertive with trying to get Yuriâ??s attention or even try to get in the elevator. With Yuri, I just like froze up. Itâ??s like really hard once you actually see your favorite in real life to even attempt to yell out their name. It was just such a surreal first meeting and almost a bit of a blur to me.

So I just sat a bit down stairs with Lynn and the SSF kids hoping to just get another glimpse of the girls. We like tried like all the best waiting spots and ended up downstairs since eventually they would have to show there was our guess.

SNSD had like weirdly like cute buddy system where they would have partners that would do things together. Hyoyeon and Seohyun were together most of the trip and when we saw them come down Hyoyeon had like Seohyunâ??s arms locked with her. Let me just put this out this out there Hyoyeonâ??s pictures do not do the girl justice. I had to get a second look at her because it seemed like she had gotten a hair cut. But like sheâ??s soooooo pretty in real life and I was a bit too stunned by her beauty to notice that Maknae was with her. Maknae was very pretty and quiet in person. She was like oozing with innocent (wait for Holly & Jennieâ??s fan account of how cute the kid really is). Hyoyeon and Maknae were obviously in a hurry but were still super nice. Haha Hyoyeon smiled when lynn shouted out â??omg dancing queen Hyoyeonâ?. I just found it cute and kind of surreal that Maknae and Hyoyeon just like randomly walked on the streets as if they knew their way around. Those two were probably the cutest together.

Later someone shouted that Sooyoung had just come down and like seeing Sooyoung in person is also interesting. Sooyoung is like â?¦ extremely pretty, but in a very different way. I actually didnâ??t notice that Yuri was with her but when I did I kind of gave up and didnâ??t even try to talk to her. Lynn ran and took my poster though to show her the back of it. She was trying to read the poster to Yuri, Yuri still looked tired but managed to do her â??face upâ? laugh thing when she looked at the back of the poster. I think she enjoyed the poster at least.

I forgot if Sica or Taeyeon were the last ones to leave the hotel but it was interesting, although I donâ??t know much Korean, you could hear the managers like calling each other and going â??why is it taking Taeyeon so longâ? by the elevator eye-ing down the fans. And Sica like coming down was the funniest thing alive. All the other girls like rushed/ran as fast as they could. Sica was just taking her time and doing whatever she wanted. Like this fan was trying to take a picture of and she even posed for the fan on the escalator despite the manager not liking that. Sica really was like whatever, kind of cold, but hahaa I didnâ??t mind because it was like so cool experiencing the â??ice princessâ? factor in real life. BTW for those complaining about Sicaâ??s hair in real life, itâ??s really cute in person and she really pulls it off. We kept on shouting â??JESSICA, I LOVE YOUâ?? to her while she was leaving the hotel just because it was funny. Baek Jiyoung left the hotel as well, and she was pretty tight too.

After I was for sure all the girls left the hotel, I just decided to go to lunch. Shorty, Lynn, Matt, ketchupcool, and I just headed to a nearby Korean market place because I wanted some kimbap. We attempted to speak Korean with the ajumma there but I just ended up adding â??esayoâ? to everything --- ie kimbapesayo and constantly telling all the Koreans I â??saranghaeâ? them â?¦ haha my Korean is epically fail.

I was still disappointed that my interaction with Yul was so fail (I told everyone the only person that could save this trip was Tiffany). But whatever we came back and met up with the rest of the SSF crew eventually in my hotel room. I was finishing up the gifts and like making sure all the letters and login stuff was in place and ready for the girls as well as making sure everyone was ready for the meet-up. We just hung out for a couple of hours talking about how cute the girls were and like separating some of the gifts out to make the gift packages look evened out.

We then met up with the rest of the SSF kids in the lobby. Drew, Long, and their friend brought out the massive boxes of shirts and support items. The balloons still werenâ??t here but people started showing up. To be honest I was kind of surprised with the amount of people that showed up we quickly like showed all the extra shirts we had and more people kept coming to pick up support items. It was a great environment and we had â??Geeâ?? playing quite loudly too, it kind of distracted some of the Wilshire staff. Next year we need to bring out food too so that people will sit tight instead of moving around so much. I had to like deliver the gifts that night so I ended up missing like the latter half of the meet-up, so if I didnâ??t meet you, Iâ??m sorry T-T, I really did try my best. I think it was funny though during the meet-up kind of, when like all of the male SNSD fans like spotted SS501 and really didnâ??t like do anything while the fangirls of them didnâ??t realize that it was them until they were almost at the door and like ran to them like crazy. I saw SHINee too and stuff, theyâ??re pretty tall and cute in person.

Lynn, my friend, and myself carried all the gifts for the girls down the managerâ??s room. We initially talked to Cookie manager about the gifts and he was like really nice and cool about it. But when we entered the room it was the other manager. Interesting enough though, and surprising as well, before we left, we saw this figure coming down from the hallway saying â??Good night, bye guysâ? and then going â??Manager oppa, look at meâ? in Korean really cutely.

To our surprise it was the one and only Jessica. We kept on saying â??OMG itâ??s THE JESSICAâ?. Sica in person is really interesting. Just something about her that really intrigued me. It was like perfect timing too, so I was like â??We just dropped off gifts for you girls from Soshifiedâ? and she went â??Pardon?â?. Lynn and I were like spazzing to each other when we heard her say â??pardonâ? in person. And like we repeated our self, and she was like really nice and said â??Oh thank you!.â? So we took the opportunity and asked her to sign stuff for us. Lynn had only her SONE shirt on so she asked Sica to sign the shirt. Sica like tilted her head really cutely and went â??Your shirt?â? and then noticed the Soshified part of the shirt and went â??Ohhhhâ?¦â? and continued to sign it. Lynn was like â??we really meant it when we said we loved you earlier todayâ? and Jessica was so cute and went â??Really?â?. Then Lynn was being retarded and asked her â??Whereâ??s your other lover?â?--- Obviously talking about Tiffany and either Sica didnâ??t hear her or pretended not to but didnâ??t reply. Then I asked her to sign my album, and I was like freaking out because I couldnâ??t find her page so she found it herself. I was extremely retarded as well and said â??OMG Sica youâ??re my favorite member of SNSD â?¦ next to Yuri.â? And she just chuckled really awkwardly but I didnâ??t care haha cause I love Sica no matter what type of sarcasm she has going on. Then when she was like signing my friendâ??s album I guess she was a bit distracted rofl but for a slight moment messed up her name and like made this â??uhâ? noise and fixed it. Sica makes like these weird noises when sheâ??s just doing stuff but each noise was so spazz worthy regardless. It was the cutest thing though because afterwards she was just skipping along with the manager and apparently she got new shoes (silver flats) and kept like showing them off to him at different angles and asking him what he thought of them. She seriously thought they were the cutest shoes alive and was so cute with all her movements. I just about died because of this encounter. Jessica was still like super pretty without makeup even though she looked kind of tired she was still kind of upbeat for that time of night.

I wish I could have captured it all on film because Sica in person is almost the best thing alive. When you get the chance to just like talk to her and she has time, omg sheâ??s so cute. Lynn and I basically just spent the night like in awe with how amazing Jessica Jung was in person. The trip was slowly looking up for me.

There was this really funny part during the meet-up when I thought someone said they spotted SNSD, so I shouted "SNSD is here" and like a swarm of SNSD fans like barricaded the elevator area in Pink hahaha and rofl just stood there. Park Taehwan came out apparently rofl but it was just a major false alarm.

The balloons finally arrived at like 1am in the morning so we just called it a night was going to just get ready for some major passing out of balloons at the bowl.

I woke up kind of early and took the balloons down stairs. We had like this huge box of balloons. Some girl, while I was on the elevator was like â??hey are you Soy?â? and I said â??Yeahâ? and she said â??Oh wow thatâ??s cool Tiffany is down stairsâ? and I was freaking out because this was like my first time seeing Tiffany in person. I rushed down stairs and almost forgot about my balloons. Tiffany in person was â?¦.. she was a goddess really. Her friends that she was with were kind of cute too and funny haha. But she was really into giving out autographs for the fans and seemed to be enjoying all of it. It looked like she just got back from wherever though because apparently before she started signing stuff she had to go put her bags away. She was a sweet girl though because she asked if the fans could wait until after she went up to put her bags away and then she would come back and sign. She did come back down too. Lynn and I like asked her to sign my album out to Soshified and she knew how to spell Soshified like right away and was super nice to all the fans. Tiffany in person is ridiculously pretty and skinny. Her friends were funny because like they kept on saying things like â??Omg Tiffany, youâ??re my favoriteâ? and â??sign my chest, Tiffanyâ? and she was getting like embarrassed by them. It was kind of cute.

Already I was thinking what a great way to start off the day. Later we saw Hyoyeon and Seohyun leave together again and Taeyeon and Sunny coming up together. Sunny and Taeyeon were in a hurry with their arms like locked together but still like took this candy thing from a fan, happily and said thank you. They were so cute in person. I saw Sooyoung leaving with some girl and walking the same direction as Seohyun & Hyoyeon so we just assumed the girls were meeting up somewhere to eat with each other. I saw Yul rush out of the hotel again walking the same direction. Long and the crew that was sitting in the lobby was telling me about how she was like trapped/lost and like he just told her to run and the dork ran all the way out of the hotel haha.

During the lobby time, I saw SHINee again and took some pictures. Those boys have like major acne problems or something but yeah they were really to themselves and stuff. I saw Kim Taewoo in person and omg couldnâ??t help but spazz over him. Heâ??s so tall, built, and handsome in person. I asked to take a picture with him and he tried to speak some English and I was like â??You were my favorite member in G.O.D â?¦ back in the dayâ? and he laughed at the â??back in the day commentâ?. And then Son Hoyoung met up with him as well and heâ??s just equally as hot in person.

I took a picture with Kim Bumâ??s appa as well. He looked really hip and all. Tae Jinah was the funniest though. People were lining up to get his autograph and I couldnâ??t help but laugh he like signed his name and then wrote â??Eruâ??s Appaâ? and then like signed Eruâ??s signature. I asked to take a picture with him and he made like weird noises and then like hahahaha after we took a picture he said in English â??this is my girl friendâ? and I was cracking up.

We decided to take this rest day and just chill at the Grove and decided to go have some lunch. We decided to phone up Isak to see if she wanted to come, haha too bad we were calling her cousinâ??s phone because we left text messages and like phone calls regarding Isak. She was about to come to lunch with us but I guess her producers were in a hurry and a bit behind so she was unable to, but she gave us her hotel address and told us to meet her there. We prepared some SSF support items for the girls as well as a gift for her. Seeing Isak in person was really like woah. Sheâ??s a lot taller than the girls thatâ??s for sure and so pretty in person. She was extremely in a hurry but was thanking us for the gifts and telling us sheâ??ll be interviewing people. Just a really down to earth, sweet girl.

We then went back to the hotel to get ready for the bowl. We saw Lee Juk before he was leaving as well and his manager was really handsome so I thought he was someone famous and asked for his autograph too haha and he was like â??Iâ??m just a managerâ?. My friend tried to get him to sign her SNSD album because thatâ??s all she had but he laughed and said no haha but then we asked for a picture and was like all for that. So we took a picture with him. Heâ??s cute in person too. (Since Lee Juk touched Taeyeon, does that mean I indirectly touched Taeyeon as well?!). Then as it was obvious the girls werenâ??t there we headed out to the Bowl with remaining support items. Gosh there were so many people at the Bowl and it was so festive and fun. So many vendors were giving out free stuff (which I forgot to pack and all, but still it was great) and so many like ajummas coming to support the concert. This Soju bottle mascot kept on like violating my space though T-Tâ?¦. And talk about the amount of SONEs. We were passing out balloons like crazy and this ajusshi who was with Korea Times like wanted to take pictures of us so he told us to pose and we gathered some of the SONEs in the area for a big group picture.

Picture here: http://www.koreatime...iew.asp?id=5167

The lady reporter was interviewing us as well and we asked if he liked SNSD and he said he loved them, then we asked which one was his favorite on Lynnâ??s poster and he didnâ??t say but the female reporter said Taeyeon. Taeyeon was pretty popular with the little boys that came up to ask for SNSD balloons when we asked them who their favorite/prettiest one on the poster was. We basically gave out all the balloons before the concert, but luckily I got my friend to prepare and set aside some balloons for the pool section accordingly.

Lynn and I had like front row tickets in the pool section so we were passing out like balloons like crazy to whoever wanted one in the pool section and asked them to support SNSD. Even the security guards. To be honest haha Lynn and I made like friends with all the workers at the Wilshire as well as the guards at HB and trying to convert them to SNSD fans by showing them pictures of the girls. It was kind of funny because we even asked if we could have one-day jobs with a lot of the staff members. Anyways some balloons popped here and there but the ajumma next to us and her daughter were cute, haha they took some SONE balloons from me and blew them up, they looked like they enjoyed the concert.

We were like having a blast at the concert though. Baek Jiyoung touched my hand ^^ and like all the performers were so close to our side of the stage and constantly like staring at us. We kept on shouting â??Handsomeâ? â??Namja Chingooâ? â??Yooboâ? at Son Hoyoung though while he was MC-ing. Some people told me that Taeyeon and Jessica were each doing a duet so I was already getting excited for that. When Taeyeon went out, it was crazy the amount of pink balloons and foam hearts like exploding and people constantly shouting â??Taeyeon-ah~â? at her. It was pretty intense. I was already like pumped up after seeing one SNSD member and couldnâ??t wait to see the rest. The performance with Lee Juk and her was very impressive. Their voices together was solid and it was such a classic song that they pulled off so well. Taeyeon looked so beautiful on stage as well. She looked really happy with the amount of support from the audience and even bowed to the other section. Then Jessica had her duet and wow haha I was soo happy that it was with Lena. Lenaâ??s voice is amazing and Jessica also did a great job. She came out looking so stunning and I loved her dress and hair. Everyone was shouting â??JESSSSICAAAâ? like crazy when she came out and she looked happy and touched a few hands. It was pretty intense everyone was happy the song was in English and people were rushing the stage when they started walking on the extended stage. Jessi had problems with hearing herself. My favorite part of the performance was when Jessica was trying to hold Lenaâ??s hand and Lena didnâ??t even notice and Jessica basically got rejected but was trying to recover from it. I mean who rejects the Ice Princess, right?

It was getting dark and we werenâ??t sure about the line-up or when the girls were showing up. Kim Taewoo and SHY made it up for me though. Gosh Kim Taewoo's voice in person was amazing behind words. But they were the second to last performers. Right before SHY could announce the girls a fan like spotting them through the side curtains and was like â??OMG SNSD IS NEXT, SNSD IS NEXTâ? and everyone went like crazy. Even SHY was like shocked with the crowd and announced them next and everyone went crazy. They went right on stage and stood in their positions for â??Girlsâ?? Generationâ?, Right before Yuri got in her spot she saw my poster and smiled at me. The crowd went like crazy no one expected the girls to sing GG, but they did and so awesomely too. If you thought they were good performers on camera, theyâ??re even more amazing live. The only bad part was the sound system was horrible, it was too loud and a lot of the girlsâ?? mics were really bad. The girls were singing as loud as they could though, I was sitting in the pool section and they were singing as loud as they could to try to make up for the flawed system. I was just like so engulfed in their performance and constantly shouted out their names and sang a long to the song and started to do the fan-chant but stopped because no one else did it. Then it seemed like something was wrong because they were rushed into doing "Gee" and they didn't seem ready but Tiffany tried to make up for it and did this really cute "Listen Jessi" arm thing. The crowd went crazy when the girls started singing though. So many pick balloons went flying and started to sing with them. Then while they were talking all the fans could do was scream their names, haha you could tell the girls were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of support they got this year and waved to everyone. Tiffany spoke a bit in english and then they performed Himnae and everyone went crazy. The only bad part was that they didn't come out for the finale so when they ended the show everyone was like O_O where's SNSD .... it was a weird way to end such a great night.

I went down stairs, not knowing where SNSD was or if they had left yet. But I saw the SSF members outside the café in the hotel and they said Yuri and Hyoyeon were eating inside so I thought that was my chance. Too bad I forgot my wallet in my room, I had to rush up stairs to get it. It was interesting how much fate/destiny loves me and Lynn though. The lady that seated us gave us what she said was the best seat in the house, and it literally was, it was rofl right across from Yuri and Hyoyeon eating. Seeing Yul eat in person is very spazz-worthy rofl but I had to try and not stare over at her because I kept like staring and it was almost kind of freaky. We like sat down right before they were about to leave. We managed to talk to Hyoyeon. Lynn asked her how she liked the concert. I told her she did great last night and she smiled happily and said thank you. I got Yuri to sign my album before she left but she seemed out of it and was in a bit of a hurry.

Once again every time I meet Yuri it just seemed like bad timing. So I felt the need to use the restroom so I told Lynn to stay put for a bit and used the restroom in the lobby.

Now here comes the best encounter my whole trip. I was walking out from the restroom and was using the back way and notice this skinny figure in front me. I could tell from the way she was walking that it was no other than Tiffany herself. She was being tricky and using the backway. Everyone was too busy stalking the elevators to even notice she was there. She went to sit down at this corner sitting area and was alone. So I took that chance and like just went up to her and like just introduced myself and said that I was from Soshified and right away she was like â??Thanks so much! I just got the gifts today and havenâ??t looked at them yet but thanks so muchâ?. She like almost lost her voice though her voice was completely different from the day before, I guess it was because of all the singing, but still it was so like honey hearing her talk in person. And then I just told her how amazing she was and was about to walk away when she said (like a dream) â??You can have a seat if you wantâ? and pointed to the seat across from her. I was thinking, is she crazy, of course I wanted. And for like 5-10 minutes we just talked. I mean like genuinely had a conversation, no awkward pauses nothing. She was so nice and appreciative. Iâ??m trying my best to remember all that I asked her but aish it really was such a blur and so surreal like no one interrupted our conversation for the longest time. I asked her about her it was like being back in like her home area and she said that she arrived a few days earlier than the rest of the girls and had some time to meet up with friends and family and was really happy. I asked her if she had liked the support we gave at the concert and she said that the pink bunny ears were so cute. Gosh that girl like watches the audience like a hawk. She said thank you like so many times though and was just so happy with the amount of fans that were there. I asked her if she had gone to Disney with the rest of the girls and she said she took them to Downtown Disney late on Friday night and the girls had a blast. I even asked if she was like spotted at Disney and she said she was surprised but yes she was. And I just told her thatâ??s how popular they were in Internationally and she just went thank you again and constantly smile and talked like a pure valley girl but it was so addictive watching her talk and just listening to her. She was so awesome with answering all my questions. I asked her why SNSD didnâ??t show up at the end of the concert she said she was surprised and didnâ??t know why either. We told her that everyone was like â??Whereâ??s SNSDâ? at the end of the concert and all she did was smile. I told her watching them perform live was incredible and she asked me if it was my first time seeing them perform live and I said yes and how I flew over from Florida just to see them and she was like â??Wow, thank you.â? I then like asked if I could have a hug, being the dork that I was, and she was totally like â??yeah sure thingâ?¦â? and stood up and gave me a hug. Then Lynn came running in and I introduced her as Fanyâ??s biggest fan. And Fany like remembered Lynn and about how she forgot to give Lynn her signature. Lynn asked if Fany saw her poster at the concert and Fany was like â??yeah it was kind of close, wasnâ??t it?â? and we were like yeah we were cheering for you guys in the front row~. Then Lynn asked her about the inflatable pool we got them and Fany kind of laughed and Lynn told her about the ninja she drew on the bottom of it. Then we asked for a picture and she looked around, I guess to make sure her managers werenâ??t there and was like all for it. She was like â??Sorry I donâ??t look that great right nowâ?. And I was like â??itâ??s ok youâ??re always prettyâ?. She took a picture with us and I felt kind of bad because then like a swarm of people came to her and asked for autographs and stuff but she was more than willing to. Lynn kept saying that I was rubbing on Tiffany but donâ??t listen to her. Then I told Tiffany sheâ??s now my favorite SNSD member, which was a fact at this point.

Later we eventually saw all the girls come down stairs. Hyoyeon signed my album for me even though she was like hesitant at first because her manager was like rushing her; she was still a complete sweetheart and signed it with my pink sharpie. She was sooo pretty in person. I walked out and saw Sunny signing things so I took that chance and asked her to sign my album out to Soy. And she did and added â??!!â? to the end of it, happily. I like noticed her shirt and like pointed at it and at first she was O_O, and I was like OMG youâ??re wearing the shirt we got you. Soshified. And she smiled so brightly and said â??Yes! Thank youâ? really happily. OMG she was so cute in person. I wanted to take her home and everything. Next we saw Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Taeyeon coming down and like while Sooyoung was screaming I saw the scarf we got her and was liking pointing at my neck going â??Soshified got you thatâ? and she like smiled and said â??Thank You!â? really happily. Then we said bye and Taeyeon said â??byeâ? really cutely and walked past me. I really donâ??t know how I was able to resist the urge to want to just like stop them and take them home. SNSD is amazing. Then before they left we saw the manager bringing out bags and I saw the bag SSF gave Sooyoung for her birthday being put in the van, haha it was a spazz moment none the less. I was so surprised with them using the gifts so early and each of them were holding their Gee tote bags that we got them. Before Tiffany left, I was like â??We got you some Twilight giftsâ? and she was like â??omg I finished the book in 2 daysâ? and then she said bye to the fans. The girls were really sweet. Lynn asked Cookie manager in Korean if he liked the gifts and he said in Korean, sweetly â??yesâ?.

Then the van left and some SSF members followed the girls and had amazing fan accounts of the girls. Iâ??m still kicking myself for not going with them. Yuri opened the Yoyo we got her at the airport and Sooyoung like jacked it from her and played with it. All the girls basically stole like hats from Sunny and then gave them back to her eventually. I think the benefit of getting them so much stuff was that because they didnâ??t have room they had to wear some of the gifts back to Korea haha like right away. Look in the support area to see what all was spotted. The girls really wanted to take back all the gifts so that was cute.

Haha we also saw more Korean artists before they were leaving. I really wanted to see Lena Park T-T but too bad I didn't even get a chance to see her once. I kept on calling Kimbum's appa handsome in Korean and he kept laughing. Then we saw one of the hot Korean pilots that sang at HB and I asked if I could take a picture with him and he agreed. Gah he was soooo tall and cute, haha his female attendants were giving him a hard time though. He was super shy and just surprised that we were fangirling over him.

Anyways as I was staying back, I realized that Sica didnâ??t leave with the rest of the girls. So I just assumed she was staying back. Right when I was about to leave the hotel and head out for LAX and go home, I saw this cute girl in green with short hair near the front desk. And screamed â??OMG itâ??s Jessicaâ?. She looked tired but still greeted us. I was like â??Did you like the gifts we got you?â? and she was like â??Oh Thank You!â? I asked her to sign my booklet for me to Soshified and she did. She put a heart and everything by it. Then Lynn asked her to sign her poster for her and Sica like stared at the poster for a bit, and then we asked her if she liked how pretty she looked on the poster and she like covered it and went â??Nooooooâ? cutely and talked about how much she hated that picture. I swear Sica got asked to sign the weirdest things. Drew asked her to sign his shoe and she went â??Are you serious?â? and covered her nose but signed it regardless of how strange it was. I thought she was cool for doing that. Then she was like â??You guys are so lucky my managers arenâ??t hereâ?. Then of course we had to try and get Longâ??s style book signed because of how much hard work he put into getting the gifts organized and driving all the way up to Cali. He like just picked a page in the book and she went â??Eww, I hate this pictureâ?¦â? and I was like â??What picture do you like thenâ?¦ or do you hate all your picturesâ? haha and she like laughed and flipped through the book to the picture with her and silver hat. She said that it was her favorite picture and also the photographerâ??s and signed it with a few hearts by his name. Then someone was like â??Oh I know what your favorite picture is and pointed to the picture on the back of the â??Gee Albumâ? and that she had previously said she hated and she was like â??I hate that pictureâ?. Then I was like â??Itâ??s now time for the big question that all the fans want to knowâ?¦.â? And Sica was like â??What is it?â? and I said â??Is it Yulsic or JeNy?â? And then another fan went â??Or Taengsicâ? and everyone starting laughing and Sica just smiled and didnâ??t answer. She was really sweet. I asked her if she went to Downtown Disney with the rest of the girls and she said yes. People kept on telling her to eat more, poor girl. And she said she was staying behind again for a bit. ^^ And we said Soshified loves you before she left and she was like â??I love you guys tooâ? and then like we shouted GorJess as she was leaving hahaha. We kept telling her to logon anytime she wants as well. Wait for Jonah & Alexâ??s fan account to hear how awesome Sica is~

On a side note, I really hope SNSD comes back next year for the 2010 KMF because it was a blast not only being able to meet up them but as well as the many supportive SSF members in general. You guys were great and made my trip worth it. Hopefully we can do this again â?¦ SNSD fans are jjang. On a side note as I was going back, my first flight I was surrounded by these 4 Korean guys that apparently just came from Seoul, so I asked them in Korean if they liked SNSD, and haha they like chuckled and said they liked them after I showed them the â??Geeâ?? CD. I was also kind of shocked with the amount of people that called me Soy haha but it was cool.

Pictures of my signatures for now (yes I got 2 sigs from Jessi)

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PS. Honestly you guys have to see Sica in like an environment with a lot of people, just the way she interacts on a social level cracks me up. Her and Tiffany are like the complete opposite when they're meeting people but she's sooo funny to watch. While Fany is sweet and caring, Sica is really blunt and honest haha. Also I guess it really was the language barrier but I felt the most comfortable with Sica & Fany. Talking to Fany was like talking to a close friend or something our conversation was constantly moving with no dull moments and she was just a complete sweetheart. Sica ... I swear was sleeping most of the trip because we always saw the other girls like leaving and entering the hotel but rofl I never saw Sica leaving it. Those two alone made my trip worth it, the experience was amazing. Tiffany is amazing, I really want to become friends with her after getting a chance to talk to her, she seems so friendly and open.
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camiiseta camiiseta
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:31 PM

Hahaha, I cannot wait for this epic fan account! I hope there will be excruciatingly detailed stories in here. Don't leave out any tiny bit!!! Running into Fany RANDOMLY must have been 230985020945x more exciting than waiting and searching for them, huh? Hehhehe..

Soy! I don't know if you'll read all the replies to your fanacct cuz I'm sure there are going to be a billion, but I just really want to genuinely say thanks. There were a lot of us who weren't able to make it, and your fan account really made us feel like you were there! I totally spazzed out while reading it, and you totally deserve that conversation with Fany! From the shoutbox, I'm sorry to hear that Soyuri isn't as strong as it was before, but the other members totally made it up for you right?? Hehe.. thanks again Soy, and hopefully they're at KMF'10 and I'll be there rooting with ya! Hopefully I'll be a much better forum member by then. :D
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ndg ndg
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:36 PM

soy really!!!!! spill all!!! oh by the way that poster of your can be found in alot of fan cam hahah
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bananarice bananarice
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:38 PM

okay i'm gonna keep checking if you update LOL
Fany hugged you.. and you had alone time with her, now that's epic win =)
i'm happy for you!

----------------- edit*
wowww... your experience with snsd made me speechless...
ESPECIALLY the tiffany part! next year i hope they come back... and this time i'm DEFINITELY going to book the same hotel as them even though i live here lol. thanks so much for the long fanaccount ^^ you seriously deserved the hug from tiffany soy haha :]

Edited by bananarice, 11 May 2009 - 03:18 PM.

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cheesinator cheesinator
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:39 PM

I can't believe I missed that. Stupid breakfast... I shouldn't have ate. Lol.
Anyway, gah Soy you're extremely lucky haha. But you definitely deserve your awesome experience with Fany.
Just, don't be mad at Yul. Rotfl.

Will edit when you edit. ^^

ROTFLLLL Soy, your fanaccount made me laugh. I remember most of what happened (except for the Tiffany parts T_T), but yea, Jessica is really something in person huh? She is so funny even when she's not trying to be and she's extremely blunt. The part about Drew's shoe and how she held her nose. ROTFL, Ice Princess indeed. xDD I freaken love this girl now... well not that I didn't love her before, but I love her even more now. ^^ That goes for all the girls as well cause they were honestly very nice... if you catch them at the right time, without their manager oppas. Hmm since cookie manager was nice to you guys, I shouldn't be so harsh towards him... (for pushing me and jessica! lol). I'm really glad that the girls are using our gifts already.. even if they are just trying to lessen their luggage load ($15 dollars per bag is pretty darn expensive!). I hope the girls come again next year as well... I really ought to get Tiffany's signature and complete my 'Gee' album haha. Oh and Yoona's as well. ^^ It was really nice meeting you and all of the SSF members. Our little trip to the Korean market was seriously hilarious.. you and your fail Korean. Rotfl. The ajumma was totally weirded out, but she was still nice. ^^
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anneth jung anneth jung
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:40 PM

SOY !im excited with your story i wanna read it NOW hahaha...
SPILL ALL soy! hahaha...
i will wait for your UPDATE you just make me more EXCITED with this.. lol
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skim skim
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:41 PM

Ditto.. can't wait for this fan account... so freakin' jealous of your alone time with tiffany... and luckily soy, you're a chick.. cuz if it's a dude, she might have said no to the hug... gahhh! to be hugged by SNSD...
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zuerin zuerin
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:42 PM

u're so0o0o lucky!!!!
tiffany is so sweet to meet for...
hehe :)
surely memeorable to u 4 the hugging time...
aisssh....want to meet her too!!!
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YJLovesTaeYeon YJLovesTaeYeon
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:44 PM

OMGGG HOW I WISH IM AT US NOW!!! ahaha dat is so lucky of u!!! ahhh so jealous!!!

faster tell us more!! hahaha, did u record any videos?
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amyrella amyrella
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:48 PM

omg soy. i cannot wait.
spill it quick!

its fany we're talking about woots!

i saw the fany fancam when she was signing autographs.
you were quite prominent there. (:

omg soy. you know what? as i was reading your fan account, i wasnt the least bit jealous.
all because, out of the thousand over ppl in ssf, you're the 1 person who deserve whatever you got from hb.
because w/o u, there wont be ssf. and w/o ssf, there wont be that awesome support for hb.

it was a blast reading your fanaccount. and im happy that after so much that you went through for the forum, you gained all those over 1 weekend. (:

Edited by amyrella, 13 May 2009 - 04:59 AM.

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nadyoung nadyoung
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:54 PM

Omg Soy edit edit! Haha, man, I randomly met a famous person too after I exited the bathroom. (L4O ftw, Amy, ahaha!) OMG you sat with her. gahh fany is so so sweet.

Edit please Soy, haha. Take your timee ;)
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roffinromp roffinromp
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Posted 10 May 2009 - 11:55 PM

holy CRAP dude this is my first post i can't believe what happened to you adasdfsdfasdfs please tell me more about it
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adrian adrian
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:02 AM

omg soy you are so lucky to actually chat with fany!
cant wait for the rest of the epic fan account!

thanks for the long and detailed fan account.
seriously these girls are amazing!
how i wished i can meet them in person..

Edited by adrian, 11 May 2009 - 05:09 PM.

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gloopip gloopip
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:05 AM

you're soooooooo lucky! oh my gawd i can't wait to read the whole details! i'm so jealous at you soy! i wish i could talk to her too...
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whoamax whoamax
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:06 AM

I'm glad you had a good time at HB. A little heart to hear with Tiffany would probably make my day.
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lovesnsd lovesnsd
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:47 AM

omg how the hell!? omg how the hell!? how is it tat im nv this lucky! quick post it up! i wanna read the full thing! u met her at the hotel?
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rozeng122 rozeng122
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:50 AM

omg !!! i can't wait to read what happened.
so far tiffany seems really cool as a friend. man. i wish i went.
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aldrin_only aldrin_only
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:56 AM

Coolness... I can't wait for the whole story... I wish Fany hugged me also... That would make me uber happy... After that I think I can die... ROFL...
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Kanto Kanto
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:59 AM

Honestly Soy, if you weren't so dang awesome I would really hate you T.T (Jealousy is a *beep*)
Hurry and don't forget to tell us EVERYTHING!

I still can't believe you got to see SNSD in person!
Plus, you got to talk to Tiffany @.@
I mean really....... You guys are so lucky!
I'm glad to know that many Sones were there :D
Great fan account!
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melissalee melissalee
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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:01 AM

u're so awosome!
FFANY is so nice right?!
she was talking to u~~and how about ur feeling~~
u're so lucky!!
thank u so much for sharing ur highlight!
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