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Photobucket Issue

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Request for help in re-uploading Audio Downloads

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Soshified @ KCON 2015

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Factory Girl Walking Tour - last post by takenine

Finished Projects

Finalized Projects, that required tons of hard work and dedication from the fans.

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[DONATE] 7th Anniversary Ch... - last post by ohteewhy

Soshified Sowon Foundation

The foundation of Soshified is to give back not only to our members but those in need! Follow this section as we host charity drives throughout the year to show that we can make a difference through unity and kind hearts! As a global community, SONEs not only support the girls, but we support each other.

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[SOSHI] Soshified & Charities - last post by maritashae

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@  yoonashidae2 (04:40:13 AM)

hope the new album have some nostalgic snsd vibe, not just some generic music :D last album was great tho

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:51 AM)

@Kumakun yea but not much unique users xD

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:32 AM)

@ReD_TaeYeon yup

@  Kumakun (07:50:57 PM)

cool there are still people here

@  ReD_TaeYeon (04:15:23 PM) whoa new album this year
@  yoonashidae2 (04:37:39 AM)

and badass

@  yoonashidae2 (04:37:35 AM)

not a fan of edm but hyo's deep is quite catchy

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:32 AM)


@  Keitaro88 (10:33:00 PM) hand on butt kekeke https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  Keitaro88 (09:58:37 PM) @Kumakun not many but still some here
@  Keitaro88 (09:58:15 PM) @yoonashidae2 cool :)
@  Keitaro88 (02:08:44 PM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  yoonashidae2 (09:39:20 AM)

@cinderella@yoona ayy

@  yoonashidae2 (09:39:00 AM)

@Kumakun not much i guess

@  yoonashidae2 (09:38:47 AM)

@Keitaro88 i alr found a seller thanks:D

@  Kumakun (08:17:32 AM)

does this forum still have active user?

@  Kumakun (08:17:03 AM)


@  cinderella@y... (09:31:19 PM) oh yeah snsd are back
@  Keitaro88 (08:08:42 PM) shops*
@  Keitaro88 (08:08:35 PM) prob ebay, dont think shop has 2000 stuff
@  yoonashidae2 (03:35:06 AM)

1st gens k stuff quite rare I guess, or I'm just not good at searching

@  yoonashidae2 (03:34:21 AM)

@Keitaro88 yup yup

@  Keitaro88 (04:39:03 PM) wait u need physical. prob only on ebay or korean shops
@  yoonashidae2 (08:12:47 PM)

i alr found it but I need more album.. bcs the shipping fees are just too high for ordering only 2 CDs xD

@  yoonashidae2 (08:07:11 PM)

@Keitaro88 what's JPS?

@  kidrobot (05:21:44 AM) my dress up darling
@  Keitaro88 (11:13:42 PM) @yoonashidae2 have u tried JPS?
@  Keitaro88 (11:13:20 PM) @korniceman3000 hehe
@  korniceman3000 (12:53:14 PM) Twitter is already overly saturated with trolls and online bullying, no need for it to be owned and controlled by another...
@  korniceman3000 (12:51:34 PM) There are doubts about Musk being able to pull off twitter buy due to sinking stock value of Tesla which Musk is using as collateral to borrow money for the purchase. I hope this deal sinks. No single person should be allowed to control twitter, especially someone as reprehensible as Musk who uses tweets from the riches man in the world to manipulate and dictate everything in the financial sector ranging from the stock market, bitcoin to 1st amendment disputes...
@  yoonashidae2 (06:52:44 AM)

can't find Fin.K.L physical album anywhere sigh

@  Keitaro88 (09:20:29 PM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium