Groups SNSD and 2PM will meet to do a uniform CF for â??Eliteâ??.

The two groups finished shooting the â??having fun on a dateâ?? concept Elite CF which will take effect from December. 2PMâ??s members Nichkhun and Hwang Chansung have had an experience of shooting with SNSD first last August for a fall pictorial. This time, in addition to 2PMâ??s previous members, they were chosen to shoot this new CF.

One of the people who was involved with the CF said â??SNSDâ??s 9 girls and 2PMâ??s 7 guys in total make up 16 people but they were very harmonious. It might have been because the two teams were similiar in age, but they matched so well with no difficultiesâ?.

For the past year, SNSD has been the models for Elite uniforms and during that time, they have been working with Cho Shinsung. This time they hope to show a different side with 2PM as they shoot their winter uniform style. This is the first time since their debut that 2PM has been a CF model so this will be their first CF shooting

SNSD is currently being working as fashions magazine editors on the cable channel Mnetâ??s . 2PM is also busy promoting their single .

source: gomdoriii
credit: Yahoo Korea News