Girls¡¯ Generation got the first 3 times by ¡°Kissing You¡±

Girls¡¯ Generation¡¯s continuing song ¡°Kissing You¡± is popular in many music websites in Korea. This properly shows the girls¡¯ special charm. At the same time, , and all become popular and made the 3 champions. When the Kicking Dance, Cute Dance, Lollies Dance become popular, it also tells us that Girls¡¯ Generation really got great popularity.
not only got prize in the MutizenSong on Feb. 3rd in SBS INKIGAYO but also be the champion in the One-Day Ranking (Feb.11th) and One-Week Ranking (Feb.4th-Feb.10th) of the DOSHILAK online music website. Besides, the song also got the second place in, third in Melon Chart, third in CY (all on the Feb.11th). In addition, as the One-Week statistic of Hanteo, Girls¡¯ Generation¡¯s first album sales only less than got the second so that the girls are getting more and more popularities.
The OST of (KBS¡¯s drama) also becomes very popular which Girls¡¯ Generation took part in. Taeyeon¡¯s first solo song ¡°IF¡± used to get the first in the searching ranking, first in CY music ranking, third in, forth in DOSHILAK (all on the Feb.11th). All these things are called the ¡°Effect of Girls¡¯ Generation¡±.

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