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In Topic: [INTERVIEW] What They Did During Their Break

25 August 2010 - 10:38 PM

haha TaeNy! texts and pics huh? obvious lol and dang it! I knew Sooyoungie was in NY the same weekend i was,,
i was hoping that was n't true TT-TT, but leave it up to shikshin to think of her members while eating food haha‹3
Hyo deffinetly did exactly what i would have,but poor Yul ending up studying
i think its cute irony that Sunny went to Circus Of The Sun (cirque du soliel), gosh only if i took the job over to travel with them i could have prob ran into her too TT-TT
Yoon lucky i still havent seen Europe, im sure she loved it

Sica prob did the same thing Hyo did, more with the sleeping though XD and Seo probably ended studying too D:

Glad they got vacation time finally,.Thanks for translating