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About Me

I am Heather but my friends call me DeeJea. I was born in '89. I am in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. I enjoy music and am a new SONE.

50 things to know before you talk to me....

1. I don't care what you think of me because personally its really none of my business. (yes I said that right)

2. I am a self proclaimed Genius but have proof to back it up (i.e. 3.)

3. I belong to Mensa and HIQS

4. Chances are you will think I am stuck up and snobby when you meet me.

5. I am stuck up and snobby, as well as self centered and selfish, the difference between me and others though is that I admit it.

6. I look at life differently after knowing what its like to not have one.

7. You don't know me so don't assume you do.

8. I am introverted and shy unless you know me.

9. I may look weak but I can take you to the ground in 2.5 seconds.

10. I am gay

11. I love music, and art (but most Gay people do)

12. I don't listen to music from the US.

13. I don't repeat myself because I get annoyed by my own voice.

14. I was a trouble maker in school and chances are my teachers still remember me and my tantrums

15. Bowling is amazing.

16. Alcohol sucks

17. I don't watch TV, its a waste of money

18. Chinese is my favorite food.

19. I can eat a whole pizza and want more.

20. Don't think I like you until I say I do.

21. I have a BIG family.

22. My grandma can kick my butt. (imagine a short Mexican chasing after you with a broom stick)

23. My grandma could kick your butt.

24. I don't have and Biological Father, he would be called the unknown sperm donor.

25. I do have a Daddy :D

26. I am a Daddy's girl

27. My moms cooking is better than your moms.

28. I can't cook. Unless you count cereal

29. I have frequent flier numbers from 78.9 percent of all American based airlines

30. I hate flying

31. Water is my second biggest phobia

32. I like to shower with the lights off ( So I can't see the water)

33. I can't swim and that's OK, gives me an excuse to stay away from water.

34. I hate the sun, its burns

35. I will not leave my house unless I have my iPhone

36. I will ignore your call and text you to see what you want before I answer.

37. I attend church every Sunday ( yes Gay people can do that)

38. My girlfriend is amazing

39. I hate people who make them self sound ignorant and cause me to call them ignorant.

40. I don't like to use the word Ignorant.

41. I contradict myself all the time, but that's OK cause its myself.

42. I would be lying if I said I don't judge the book by the cover. ( you would be lying too...Liars)

43. I was asked to go to the Jr. Olympics twice.

44. I am the clumsiest person I know.

45. I have no patience

46. I don't want kids but for some reason I happen to be good with them.

47. I am superficial and I can admit it.

48. I do not like dirty things.....Ew...

49. I never have a smile on my face but its not cause I am not happy, Its because I don't like to show emotion.

50. I think its funny I get kicked out of female latrines

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