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only Taeyeon.
just Taeyeon.


결혼기념일 축하해요!~
너만 볼게.....................~
소녀시대  파이팅~ :D

happy birthday tiffany~

choose your gift~ :D

soshi fighting~ :D




i wish for new chill music like this.lol

no ego-bloating or no emotional attachments

just pure chill rock music

from weed-loving band members

who chose to chill rather than inflate egos. lol

am i biased and just missing some good songs

or maybe just my mood after listening to a lot 

of classical music for work. lol

https://www.youtube....h?v=0fcRa5Z6LmU ~



sleep well everyone~  be well everyone~


another selca~

close up this time~ :D


sweaty selca from yesterday...

to cheer you up. lol. kidding :D

just finished an IKEA cabinet that time

i thought it's easy and no sweat..

but i got tired and all. lol

i thought just 30 minutes. took me hours. lol



if jessica jung does hyoyeon's dessert challenge, 

i might post a video of myself doing the dance

hehehehehe :P :D just messing~ princess sica fighting~ 

i think SY would do well in a talk show

she is witty, funny and loves to talk 

she made me laugh a lot of times

maknae seohyun fighting on your shooting~

tiffany we're all happy to know you are well~ fighting~



dont worry im not dating~ 

not in a relationship~

i can only look at pretty girls nowadays...

when im out and about...

in the past, i talk to them. lol

but because of corona, i cant. lol

maybe you are dating~ fighting~ :D

soshi fighting~ :D





soshi fighting!!!!~~

(you know who you all are~ :D )


elvis presley

michael crichton


beyond meat plant-based sausage


avocado, strawberry blueberry mango smoothie

https://ibb.co/QrY8Jqw  -- food. itadakimasu~ :D

rolex 1016 (frog foot)

first watch model to reach mt everest peak

same model worn by ian fleming

(author of james bond novels)



come here and i'll give you a good time everyday

lol. kidding aside, you'll probably be bored

because i spend a lot of my time alone :D

even in seoul, i spent a lot of time alone.lol

i miss seoul. seoul-ya, bogoshipda



dessert fighting!~

soshi-ya.... mwohae?!!! :P :D :D

i just finished taking a bath after driving from the hospital

i'll eat a little bit right now and then pray some novenas

and then take a nap or work a bit (whatever mood im in.lol)

and then exercise and then eat again (maybe cook)

and then rest then work a little bit and then take a bath

then  pray, then meditate then chant some mantras 

and then sleep and then wake up and then......





this popular local celebrity lives on a subdivision nearby

( i dont know her personally. dont worry. not really a fan too)

a lot of celebrities and politicians actually live nearby..

it's a 1- 2 minute walk if there are no walls that separate them.lol

so i need to walk 2- 3 minutes to go around

and enter the main guardhouse gate. i've been there.

as you see in the video, its a really nice place

i was planning to build a house there

but i gave away everything i had. lol

and shifted my focus on the spiritual

if i can only build a temple there :D maybe on the mountains nearby




good morning~ good afternoon~ good evening~


this song gives me a lot of emotions....

probably because it played during that moment...

which i thought would be the last time...

but i'm still here -___- lol. soshi, i can't exit T_T

i think i'll be a sone forever.... and support gg 4eva

whether soshi like it or not :D <3 soshi fighting~

this song also seem to give that feeling of a relationship...

that ended abruptly... without any closure...

i know that well.. because i didn't have proper closure

with an ex-girlfriend around 3 or 4 years ago. lol

we just drifted apart and moved on

sometimes, it is better that way.. to not have closure

as far as im concerned, i have moved on well

no feelings were left, not even bitterness, nothing

just wishing the other person well~ fighting~ :D


the ex is irrelevant. im  just referring to the feeling

also, it's the kind you feeling you get with soshi too right now.lol

but it's really okay~ soshi fighting~ :D




watch collection~ :D (with wish list)

i'd really want one of these very rare piece too :D

you're mine~ lol

this one too~ :D mine~

lol. a boy can dream~





mwohae? :P :D soshi fighting!~

soshi fighting!~

after exercising (then wiping)... for soshi:


it rained after i did that. lol

do you want me to sing more :P :D


special appearance~: 




happy birthday maknae seohyun~



soshi fighting~ your life/lives fighting~

soshi... all of you can really turn me on.

im just like all other men and boys you turn on

you bring the boys out, remember? :D

tiffany: "we bring the boys out~ we bring the boys out~ yeah"

girls generation make me feel the heat

you can also bring the girls and gays out










just maintained weight. lol

ah, the effect of me cooking the food :P


under the sea

over the moon

inside the mines

and.. i have a bracelet too~ :D

i use it for feng shui

and because im dealing with spirits

and unseen entities

these are real gems and crystals and gold

i used to wear a lot more. lol

they're all at a temple for cleansing

i want to pass them on to those who need it

and hopefully help them too



so im going to share some of my prayers

and meditation chants~ :D

these are basic ones, i do more with rituals

i only know catholic and buddhist practices

im sure other religions have their own

the key is just pray hard and religiously ~ 


for the catholic prayers, it would be novenas

that one has to pray religiously for 9 days

 after 9 days, repeat it again

and again and again~ :D

have your rosary ready.

divine mercy novena: 


(make sure to include the divine mercy chaplet)

54 day rosary novena:


(dont miss a day)

novena for impossible requests:


(do this for 9 months without missing a day)

you can also pray the novenas

asking for saints' intercession

for healing, i recommend saint padre pio, 

st michael the archangel, and saint jude thaddeus



for buddhist practices, i recommend chants 

to Bodhisattva Vajrapani

for healing and general wellness, i recommend 

the Medicine Buddha

before chanting, be sure to be in deep meditation

you will know that you are deep enough

if you dont feel your surroundings anymore

if you're not aware of your surroundings anymore

there's a lot to chant but for healing:

take note of:

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Dharani (just the dharani)

Medicine Buddha Mantra ( i do tibetan)

chant them in this order under deep meditation:

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Dharani 108 times

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Medicine Buddha Mantra 108 times

Medicine Buddha Sutra

after you are finished, say this:

"I dedicate the merits of this deed to all human beings all over the world"

"especially for the complete healing and recovery of"

"all those afflicted by the corona virus and all other illnesses and diseases"

"and all other calamities and disasters"

"and for all human beings to be free from the threat" 

"of the corona virus and all other illnesses and diseases"

"and all other calamities and disasters"


basic stuff, no incense burning, blowing, etc. lol







my right leg is still hurting a bit when i stand or walk for a while...

some parts of my body also weirdly hurts...

i feel them when working out.. i get frustrated. lol

this started when i started with these rituals and prayers...

since march... i never stopped even if it seems to be not working

and im not planning to stop~ :D i'll carry on~ :D


天命を待ってる これがdestiny~


:D :D :D

don't worry~ haven't felt this alive in a long time...

sometimes i feel that i belong to the spiritual world...

and i do not belong in this physical world..

but i feel bad for people who might suffer in the physical world

i want to help in alleviating that, in ways i can


there's still another level higher... 

if  i do it between 6am- 9am religiously

first thing in the morning after taking a bath

but i should be awake much earlier

im having a hard time sticking to it. lol

i'll see what adjustments i can make





wow, i can see myself there^ 

(edit: my bad. i think im in a different area -__- )

my most recent pink ocean :D

photo credit: Im Yoona

smile soshi~ :D

soshi fighting~ 










Kenshin's master, Hiko Seijuro XIII could have defeated Shishio on his own

but he lets his apprentice, Kenshin, learn the lesson instead...

(Hiko removing his cloak before charging is symbolic)

(a master of the hiten mitsurugi dont really remove it)

(unless they intend to really kill someone)




speciesism... begets... racism

when people think they are above others...



what happens when you try to contain fire with fire?



Martin Luther King Jr advocated nonviolence....

peace and justice to all~




happy birthday yoona~ :D

지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대!  :D



makes sense... but of course capitalism disagrees

because profits




this quarantine thing.. 

is mostly normal life for me. lol

i can honestly live like this

ah yes... the hermit life  <3

but of course no man is an island

i still need to interact with others

with all sentient beings

hopefully in harmony. lol










hope everyone is well~ fighting~  soshi fighting~











your voice?

your voice refreshed my tired heart...

so sweet. thanks  :) :D


eating with friends~

playing with friends~









fits you well ice princess... :) *patpat*

sorry, and have a great life~ :D




*agrees* :D

"the fight against injustice.... the fight against the belief that....

 one species has the right to dominate, control and use and exploit

another with impunity"



kpop idols... and other celebrities. all of you

did you ever know that you are someone's hero? :D



And you say that you’re not worthy

You get hung up on your flaws

But in our eyes, you are perfect as you are

:D stay strong~

prayers for you. peace and light.




someone looking at me...

while pooping on the toilet



and browsing around the net about feng shui..

and got interested with my bazi chart "day master"...


bazi chart/paht chee/four pillars charts can be calculated here:





wow... was browsing at a feng shui site....

you: https://ibb.co/0sMnJHg

you: https://ibb.co/Qf8XJr2

you: https://ibb.co/hVdRsjc

me: https://ibb.co/j6H3kP9







friday the 13th... lol
temporary fix...
before friday the 13th happened...
and since i see a lot of people with this greeting...
happy?... chuseok :D
(9-14) 오늘 - 오늘 - 어제 - lol. :D
yay....... yay.......
one - two - three :D

my phone's home screen is glowing~ :D
you are~~ so pretty

i miss you.
Taengu.................................................................... t.c.c.i.c.
love this playlist: https://www.youtube....h?v=ckMIqhN20_w :D
we love you~
always did. always do. always will.
only you.


fighting girls~ fighting soshi~ fighting all~
지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도.. 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대! :D


then dont die.
how are you going to see and meet Purple more often :D
now and in the future. :D fightiiing~ :D
i kid you not.. when I say that...
...your smile is really my everything...

not just today... but today and in the future. until forever. please. :D
fightiiiiiing~ :D have a great weekend~
stay safe. be well. feel better. stay healthy. please. fighting~ :D
kookie greets you hbd [photo] me too [photo] :D lol
fightiiiiiing~ :D rest well~ sleep well~ fighting~ :D

have a great day~ fightiiing~ :D
be well. feel happy. be better. stay safe. be healthy. please.
be fine. feel fine. youré fine. lol
fightiiing~ :D
it's beautiful... just like you. :P

have a great night~ fightiiing~ :D
stay safe. be healthy. be happy. feel better. feel well. please.
for me, this is the best part of the concert.... :) fightiiing~ :D

have a great day... fightiiing~ :D
be well. feel better. be healthy. be happy. stay safe. please.
good luck later... fighting :D
if you do that in front of me, i'll kiss you passionately :P

are you okay? *hugs* mwah... fighting
copying someone's pose... lol

have a great night~ fightiiing~ :D
stay safe. be well. be healthy. feel better. be happy. please.
sleep well and rest well.. fighting :D
safe trip... safe flight...
smiiile :D hahaha...
feel better baby..... fighting



good morning beautiful... *forehead kiss*          :D have a great day... fightiiing~       :D 
hope you slept well... be well. feel better. be healthy. be happy. stay safe. please.
hope you're well... i love you... :* only you. fightaeng 4eva~ ~ ~ ilysm~.

매우 예쁘다....
*forehead kiss* :D

hello beautiful~           :D have a great night~ fightiiing~            :D :* ....

stay safe. be well. be healthy. feel better. be happy. please. rest well, eat well, sleep well..

t.c.c.i.c.... i.l.y... only you.  <3 zero fighting~ i like you a lot and want you~.



good morning beautiful... *forehead kiss*              :D have a great day... fightiiing~           :D 
hope you slept well... be well. feel better. be healthy. be happy. stay safe. please.
hope you're well... i love you... :* only you. fightaeng 4eva~ ~ ~ ilysm~.   :o  :o 

mwah :*

mwah mwah mwah mwah~ 

mwah  mwah  mwah~ :D

have a nice day~ 

fighting :D



hello beautiful~            :D have a great night~ fightiiing~             :D :* ....

stay safe. be well. be healthy. feel better. be happy. please. rest well, eat well, sleep well..

t.c.c.i.c.... i.l.y... only you.  <3 zero fighting~ i like you a lot and want you~.




good morning beautiful... *forehead kiss*      :D have a great day... fightiiing~      :D 
hope you slept well... be well. feel better. be healthy. be happy. stay safe. please.
hope you're well... i love you... :* only you. fightaeng 4eva~ ~ ~ 



himnae~ fighting~



hello beautiful~                    :D have a great night~ fightiiing~                     :D :* ....

stay safe. be well. be healthy. feel better. be happy. please. rest well, eat well, sleep well..

t.c.c.i.c.... i.l.y... only you.  <3 zero fighting~ i like you a lot and want you~. 

kim taenggu...............................

did you miss me?  :P missed you.... love you...
but just take your time~ himnae~ fighting~






good morning beautiful... *forehead kiss*                     :D have a great day... fightiiing~                     :D 
hope you slept well... be well. feel better. be healthy. be happy. stay safe. please.
hope you're well... i love you... :* only you. fightaeng 4eva~ ~ ~ 

*mwahugspat*              :D :*

himnae~ fighting~ :*

hope you're fine~

mwah~ healing kiss~ lol

:D lol.. anyway,

hope you're well. sleep well~

*excited* lol

are you okay. *mwahugs*

please cheer up and give energy

to soshi members who need it

soshi fighting~ :D

sleep well~

zero fighting~ taenggu fighting~ :D

taenggu..... mwah! sleep well~

beautiful... have a great night~

sleep well later babe~ :*

hello beautiful~ sleep well~

hope you're sleeping well~

have a great day~




When I first discovered SNSD, I really liked Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, and Seohyun

One of the things I like about a girl is.. their model height. like YoonYulSooSeo's height
Those four took turns on being my number one bias....
But all in all, all of SNSD really helped me through some rough patches in life
In turn, I became really determined in life.. I had a lot of work.. and had some businesses.
I sometimes work 48 straight hours to get some job done... I was hungry for success...
thousands and the millions were coming in... me and my business partners were targetting billions.. lol

Then.. my dad got sick with stage 4 cancer.. i still continued what im doing but taking care of him demanded a lot of time... since all of us three siblings were hungry for success, we often fought with each other on whose turn it is to take the load... it was toxic.. but there was SNSD. :D .. so it lightened up a bit... but we are all still hungry for money and success so the toxic environment continued... and as i was trying to make more money in the stock market, i realized i needed some luck... i wanted more money.. more girls and more materials things. lol. so i talked to some feng shui practitioners for guidance.. and this one feng shui practitioner had a guru lama... they helped me spiritually on tough times... and then i just had a change of heart... i realized my definition of success is flawed... that money and material things are not everything... so i began doing things for my soul... i helped people... i gave away all money and sold all collections i had (which i regret now, but more about it later). i liked collecting things that increase in value. my basketball cards collection alone costs millions already... then i gave up my businesses (one of them is not earning much anyway lol). then cut down some of my work... this would make me hit 2 birds with one stone. have more time for prayers, meditations and helping others, and, have more time to take care of my dad.

as the eldest of the three siblings, i knew i had to make that sacrifice and stop the chaos and bickering among us on who would take care of our dad... but then again.. my family is rich, even if i give up everything, im lucky enough to still live a comfortable life. my sister has all your branded bags and shoes, probably more. lol. my brother gambled but now that he has his own family, i think he handles his money more responsibly... but for me, all those material things doesnt matter anymore. other people matter more. i didnt mind having less friends too. in fact, i can stay alone and meditate for days and still be happy about it... and i dont mind not having things.. they're just things.. i just want to live a simple life... (but i am sometimes tempted to try out some luxuries too.lol) and with the help im getting from the gurus, i actually had no idea that im being tested or something.. they taught me how to vanquish demons, negative entities and heal people... i actually do it away from the possessed and prefer it that way...because who wants their body to be smacked and pushed by evil spirits possessing a body??? lol. but sometimes, i have to perform emeregency exorcisms.. because my back is always targeted... if you vanquish evil spirits, they will continually try to avenge themselves... i am also not that comfortable yet in openly healing people... so i do it if someone asks or if i encounter people who needs it...

amidst all this, one thing was constant.. my growing love for Taeyeon... i had plans to meet them all snsd, but it wasnt that intense.. but then something happened, i fell in love.. but how could i purse the person i love now. lol. with all my money gone, how would i be able to protect her??? lol. she will be judged and hated for it... life is so ironic and funny......but im reopening some businesses and finding more work. so money should come in soon :D im just also looking for the right timing even if money isnt coming in yet... maybe im just being paranoid too. i dont know how it got to this. lol. the plans i was talking about was settling with a simple life with my own family.. or going to the mountains or other places and help people.. but now i have to make new plans. lol. this is insane. i have to include all....

aaannnd i havent properly introduced my name. My first name is Louis Paulo
Louis - few people call me by this name... its just like.. something added to my name...
Paulo- most people call me by this name. Hi.

im sorry for withholding some information. i just dont want to worry you or anything. but it seems like, its the opposite that happened.. sorry.. but i hope this gives you peace... just do whatever you want... meet you at the right time.. this is too long but i hope you understand.. be at peace

Not possesed. lol
(8++ year old female lhasa apso.. she had puppies already... still looks like a puppy though.lol)




There can be miracles when you believe~

- Still a Stock Trader and Investor
- Writer
- Web developer and programmer
- Volunteer/Philanthropist for Charitable Groups
- Demon/Negative Entities Vanquisher
- Faith healer
- Soshi fanboi :D

  • Stock Trader and Aspiring Hinete at PSE
  • Owner/Manager of Game Dev and Mobile App Dev Company
  • Owner/Manager of Call Center and BPO Company
  • Volunteer/Helper at Various Missionaries and NGOs
  • Freelance Academic and Content Writer
  • Part Time Family Driver
  • Full Time Lover.... mwah.

You got me smoking cigarettes. Im in stress baby

But a little bit of drama is alright with me. but only if it's real and spins you round and around and around

The darker the night, the more you shine for me. You're my bling star

When autumn passes and winter comes, with the warmth from our hands, we walk together - how great is your love

You You You Only for You You You

:D ilu


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