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Yay! I found the Soshified accounts of Girls Generation! ^_^v Updated 21 May · 4 comments

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wow... just saw the playground TY went to at the seoul forest.lol
will go later again before going to the night market
It may take time, but we're all here to help you with the process
Feel better Taeyeon. I hope your mental health gets better
We're all here to do anything to help you. fighting~ :D
sigh... fighting girls~ fighting soshi~ fighting all~ 
fighting tiffany, sunny, jess, hyoyeon, yuri, yoona, seohyun, sooyoung~ :D
fighting taeyeon~ feel better. feel well. please. 
wow... are you all okay?... fightiiiiing~ :D
지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도.. 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대! :D
Hyoyeon, Fany, Sunny, Yuri fightiiing~ :D cheer up. *throws you energy* lol
Seohyun, Yoona, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Jessica fightiiing~
just do what you want and need to do :D
please be well. fighting :D
feel better Taeyeon, please dont think too much
sleep well, eat well. fighting~ :D
 do what you want.. and enjoyyy~ fightiiing~ :D
fighting~  :D take all the energy you need~ :D
hmmm.. if it is what i think it is... then.. *huuugs* let it gooo~
please be well. please be fine. please. 
*huuuuuuuuuuuggggggssssssssssss* fightiiing~ :D
then dont die. 
how are you going to see and meet Purple more often :D
now and in the future. :D fightiiing~ :D
i kid you not.. when I say that...
...your smile is really my everything...
tried to distant heal your stomach... it should be better soon..
but it would be more effective if i touch it...
but you'll be fine. fighting~ :D
that smile... my everything... my reason...  my all....lol
have a great night~ fightiiiiiiing~ :D
have a great day tomorrow too :D
feel better. feel well. stay safe. be healthy. please.
love your smile... gave me a lot of energy. idk why.
im returning it to you.. take my love and energy~ :D
basic science (physics)..law of conservation of energy..  :D
energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
it can only be transferred or transformed
fighting~ :D
not just today... but today and in the future. until forever. please. :D
fightiiiiiing~ :D have a great weekend~ 
stay safe. be well. feel better. stay healthy. please. fighting~ :D
kookie greets you hbd [photo] me too [photo] :D lol
fightiiiiiing~ :D rest well~ sleep well~ fighting~ :D
sorry... aside from hangul/korean being a language im just learning...
and you being not a natural english user... 
you yourself is hard to understand. lol. but im trying. fightiiing~ :D
i'll do my best to stay and understand you... fightiiing~ :D
will try my best to be a good fan for you.. fightiiing~ :D
but your happiness is something you need to figure out on your own~ 
but we'll be helping and cheering you on. fightiing~ :D
so the new songs are going to be released...
while watching the concert... cant wait  :D
have a great day~ fightiiiiing~   :D 
please be safe. be healthy. be happy. be well. feel better. please.
good morning beautiful... fighting~ :D
have a great night~ fiiiightiiiiing~  :D 
please be well. feel better. be happy. stay safe. be healthy. please.
always take care of yourself. fightiiing~ :D
good morning~ have a great day today~ fightiiiiing~    :D 
please feel better. be well. be happy. stay safe. be healthy. please.
i like it all so much... fightiiing~ :D
i just want you to feel better and be well... im doing good at this, right? :D
im just doing this because... because.. because.143
hope you're having a great afternoon~ fightiiing~ :D
stay safe. be well. feel better. be healthy. feel happy. please.
i'll take care of you here at this page.. fightiiing~ :D 
have a great night tonight~ fightiiiiing~     :D 
be happy. feel well. feel better. stay healthy. stay safe. please.
i hope you inspire more people to care for other sentient beings. fightiiing~ :D
sleep well baby~ fighting~ :D
stay safe. be well. be healthy. feel better. be happy. please.
good night to the owner of my all (your smile.lol). fightiiing~ :D
have a great day~ fightiiing~   :D
please feel well. feel better. be safe. be healthy. be happy. please.
all my energy for you~  :D fightiiing~ :D
have a great night tonight~ fightiiing~    :D
please stay safe. feel better. be well. be happy. stay healthy. please
hope you enjoyed tonight's concert. fightiiing~ :D
have a great day~ fightiiing~    :D
please be well. be safe. stay healthy. be happy. feel better. please.
glad to see "my all" a lot of times last night. lol. fightiiing~ :D
hahahaha... have a great night~ fightiiing~     :D
please be safe. be healthy. stay happy. be better. be well. please.
....fightiiing~ :D
have a great day today... fightiiing~      :D
please feel better. be safe. stay happy. be healthy. be well. please.
could see your smile much better in the big screen...
your smile... my all... sigh... fightiiiing~ :D
i want to see it at point blank range... but dont mind me. fightiiing~ :D
*stares* sigh... :) *then looks at other direction*
When I first discovered SNSD, I really liked Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, and Seohyun

One of the things I like about a girl is.. their model height. like YoonYulSooSeo's height

Those four took turns on being my number one bias.... 

But all in all, all of SNSD really helped me through some rough patches in life

In turn, I became really determined in life.. I had a lot of work.. and had some businesses..

I sometimes work 48 straight hours to get some job done... I was hungry for success...

thousands and the millions were coming in... me and my business partners were targetting billions..  lol



Then.. my dad got sick with stage 4 cancer.. i still continued what im doing but taking care of him demanded a lot of time... since all of us three siblings were hungry for success, we often fought with each other on whose turn it is to take the load... it was toxic.. but there was SNSD. :D .. so it lightened up a bit... but we are all still hungry for money and success so the toxic environment continued... and as i was trying to make more money in the stock market, i realized i needed some luck... i wanted more money.. more girls and more materials things. lol. so i talked to some feng shui practitioners for guidance.. and this one feng shui practitioner had a guru lama... they helped me spiritually on tough times... and then i just had a change of heart... i realized my definition of success is flawed... that money and material things are not everything... so i began doing things for my soul... i helped people... i gave away all money and sold all collections i had (which i regret now, but more about it later). i liked collecting things that increase in value. my basketball cards collection alone costs millions already... then i gave up my businesses (one of them is not earning much anyway  lol). then cut down some of my work... this would make me hit 2 birds with one stone. have more time for prayers, meditations and helping others, and, have more time to take care of my dad. 



as the eldest of the three siblings, i knew i had to make that sacrifice and stop the chaos and bickering among us on who would take care of our dad... but then again.. my family is rich, even if i give  up everything, im lucky enough to still live a comfortable life. my sister has all your branded bags and shoes, probably more. lol. my brother gambled but now that he has his own family, i think he handles his money more responsibly... but for me, all those material things doesnt matter anymore. other people matter more. i didnt mind having less friends too. in fact, i can stay alone and meditate for days and still be happy about it... and i dont mind not having things.. they're just things..  i just want to live a simple life... (but i am sometimes tempted to try out some luxuries too.lol) and with the help im getting from the gurus, i actually had no idea that im being tested or something..  they taught me how to vanquish demons, negative entities and heal people... i actually do it away from the possessed and prefer it that way...because who wants their body to be smacked and pushed by evil spirits possessing a body??? lol. but sometimes, i have to perform emeregency exorcisms.. because my back is always targeted... if you vanquish evil spirits, they will continually try to avenge themselves... i am also not that comfortable yet in openly healing people... so i do it if someone asks or if i encounter people who needs it... 



amidst all this, one thing was constant..  my growing love for Taeyeon... i had plans to meet them all snsd, but it wasnt that intense.. but then something happened, i fell in love.. but how could i purse the person i love now. lol.  with all my money gone, how would i be able to protect her??? lol. she will be judged and hated for it... life is so ironic and funny......but im reopening some businesses and finding more work. so money should come in soon :D im just also looking for the right timing even if money isnt coming in yet... maybe im just being paranoid too. i dont know how it got to this. lol. the plans i was talking about was settling with a simple life with my own family.. or going to the mountains or other places and help people.. but now i have to make new plans. lol. this is insane. i have to include all....



aaannnd i havent properly introduced my name. My first name is Louis Paulo

Louis - few people call me by this name... its just like.. something added to my name...

Paulo-  most people call me by this name. Hi.


im sorry for withholding some information. i just dont want to worry you or anything. but it seems like, its the opposite that happened.. sorry..  but i hope this gives you peace... just do whatever you want... meet you at the right time.. this is too long but i hope you understand.. be at peace



Not possesed. lol

(8++ year old female lhasa apso.. she had puppies already... still looks like a puppy though.lol)





There  can be miracles when you believe~ 



- Still a Stock Trader and Investor

- Writer
- Web developer and programmer
- Volunteer/Philanthropist for Charitable Groups
- Demon/Negative Entities Vanquisher
- Faith healer
- Soshi fanboi :D

  • Stock Trader and Aspiring Hinete at PSE
  • Owner/Manager of Game Dev and Mobile App Dev Company
  • Owner/Manager of Call Center and BPO Company
  • Volunteer/Helper at Various Missionaries and NGOs
  • Freelance Academic and Content Writer
  • Part Time Family Driver
  • Full Time Lover.... mwah.

You got me smoking cigarettes. Im in stress baby
But a little bit of drama is alright with me. but only if it's real and spins you round and around and around
The darker the night, the more you shine for me. You're my bling star
When autumn passes and winter comes, with the warmth from our hands, we walk together - how great is your love
You You You Only for You You You
:D ilu

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