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[HYOYEON] Pink Fuji Instax Camera

28 June 2011 - 04:18 AM

Caught 3 seconds of this in the glorious teaser. I'm glad to see that even after so many years, the girls still go back to their old Soshified gifts. Go HYOYEON!

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[RESULTS!] 2010 Subber's 2nd Anniversary Contests

03 March 2010 - 10:30 PM

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Ladies and gents, the time to announce the winners for the Soshiolympics Subathlon has finally come! (We apologize for the delay but some last minute problems came up. As usual...if I'm part of it. Anywho....) :YESS:

Before we get to actual name-announcing part, the contest team would like to say THANK YOU to all who took interest and participated! Really, all of the entries for both the video translation contest and logo contest were so awesome. The winners were so close and everybody had a hard time voting!

Also, a word from the subbing contest team on the voting procedure for these contests. For contest #1, our contest team had to make the raws cuts, time, encode, and upload each and every one of the entries. Minimal edits were made on these videos to ensure the translation's authenticity. The entries were then opened for all Staff members to be voted on. Everyone had to vote for their Top 3 favorite videos.

Contest #2 followed the same procedures. Staff members had to vote for their top favorite logo design. The team had no influence in the results.

We tried our best to make sure the votes for both contests were not biased as we posted the entries anonymously and without changing the entries' contents in any way. Seriously, though, all these entries were so awesome, and all the staff had a really hard time choosing their favourites! For the logo entry, we were sad to have been able to pick only one winner as there were SO many creative, funny, and overall really nice designs that were submitted.

PLEASE NOTE! We apologize but there will be a slight alteration to the prizes for the 1st place winner. :( For the first place prize set, the pick of 1 tour T-shirt has been removed. We are very regretful but they have been sold out. Instead, we will be including a set of cellphone charms of SNSD's First Asia tour. An example of the set can be viewed here : CLICK

ANYWAY, no more boring talk. Here are your 2010 Second Anniversary Soshiolympics Subathlon winners! Drumroll please... :trumpet: ...and trumpet.

Here is winning entry for the Logo Contest!
Prize can be viewed here: CLICK

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This design is encoded on all three winning clips for Contest #1!

Now the Funny Translation podium entries!
Prizes can be viewed here:CLICK

In 3rd PLACE, we have ChefBartender's entry, which I
affectionately titled as "Our Leader is Jealous"

In 2nd PLACE, we have gracehpq's entry, which
I affectionately titled as "You Can't Have Too Many Pairings" :wewt:

And in 1st PLACE... the funniest and most creative video...goes to....
well go watch it first. ;)

Congratulations to Vince57 for your video submission, which the team dubbed as "Pillow Talk"!

Again, congratulations to all the winners. You will be contacted by us soon. :) Everyone, thank you for all the entries you've submitted.
This contest and of course Soshisubs would not be here without you all. :D
Hope to see you all at the next year's anniversary contests! ;)

2010's SoshiSubs' 2nd Anniversary Contest Team (krnpoprocks, invisibelle, taengbear, TheFly, tonypizzle, and simplyiris)

[SOSHI] T&C Anchor Necklace

05 September 2009 - 08:30 AM


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Only added this one because it is such a great picture of her:
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[SUNNY] TeNo YuKoN Zodiac Bracelet

27 August 2009 - 04:42 PM

From the way that bracelet is faced, this looks very much like the bracelet we gave her for the Second Anniversary.
Take a look for yourself and be the judge. ^_^

TeNo YuKoN Zodiac Bracelet

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[YURI] T&C Anchor Necklace

18 July 2009 - 06:18 AM

I knew this episode was going to be amazing. YoonYul is :rocker: I am extremely jealous of that kid. He got to witness YoonYul in a pool. -_-

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