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In Topic: Happy Third Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2010 - 12:51 AM

although i am late to the SNSD party (started listening to them in december). i personally feel like they left the biggest impression amongst ALL k-pop groups. and now because of them, I am a full k-pop fan. SNSD has gone through a lot over the past 3 years, from ITNW, the first album, Kissing you, Gee, Genie, Oh!, RDR, they have gone through it all and has proved that by far they are the number 1 group in k-pop history, for sure. I am proud of all the girls:

Kim Taeyeon: for being one hell of a leader with your incredible singing and your quirkiness.

Jeung Sooyeon: for having an incredible voice and one unique personality

Lee Soonkyu: for showing the girls fun side with your aegyo. but don't let the aegyo overshadow your Amazing singing ability.

Hwang Miyoung: for proving that the language boundary means nothing when singing.

Kim Hyoyeon: for showing that Dancing is as important as singing. you are for sure the Dancing Queen

Kwon Yuri: for being one of the more quirky characters and having a nice balance of singing and dancing

Choi Sooyoung: for standing out amongst your fellow members as one hell of a dancer. and one hell of a loud person

Im Yoona: for showing a different side of yourself in your dramas

Seo Joohyun: for staying innocent and showing your spectacular singing abilities.

You nine are an inspiration to us all and will continue to be...

Forever 9!!!