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2011: The Year of the SONE ~a memento of praise~

30 December 2011 - 09:30 PM

This is the full, unabridged and unedited version of the [FEATURE] recap written by myself, and the gathered contributors.
2011 was a special year for me, that can be spilled only with the truest of words.
With grace, I provide you the full story, and how it has impacted not only me, but those I call my fellow SONE.

One millennium, one decade, and a year; to most, it is cast aside as simply another year of their lives, filled with the unknown. To some, it will be remembered as a year of trouble, perhaps of heartbreak, something embittering, a year that will forever live in their hearts with spite. To others, it will be remembered as a year of great personal fortune, financially, socially, romantically, that will put a positive light upon it as they recall it somewhere down the line.
To SONE, to Soshified, it is the year of domination.
It is a year where we rejoiced, and celebrated our accomplishments, what has been set on the ground for us, what we have achieved, and now we are filled with thoughts of the joys that have passed us, and the joys that are guaranteed to come.

It seems like t’was simply yesterday that I took my first breath in the morning within the year of 2011, looking forward to 364 days and hours more of a year with much to accomplish. I had no idea what was in store, and being a SONE, it seemed as if the only thing to expect out of a new unknown year was more merchandise to purchase in support of the girls. Naturally, that prediction came true, but what came along with it became the ultimate surprise.

T’was only the next day that the announcement was made to me, among a small circle, that something was to happen on the 8th of January. I haggled around for more information, until I was given enlightenment on what was going on. Soshified would hold a mass meet-up, in Koreatown, Los Angeles, for SONE and by SONE. The concept of t’was blasphemous! With less than a week to prepare, everyone struggled... and when the news broke public, I began to worry if it would attract a decent outcome.

I arrived early morning to set everything up with friends, and by this point, only a humble thirty were around. Perhaps 8am is not the most comfortable time to wake up for people.

All my troubles were dispelled when the doors to the venue (CGV cinemas) were opened. Over five hundred people spilled out, when the theater itself could only hold less than three hundred. T’was a sight to behold, and though upsetting that a large amount of people had absolutely no ability to come in and experience the start of the Year of the SONE, t’was unforgettable.
I remember the laughter, the joy, the enthusiasm, the support, and the criticisms, the troubles, but the latter were naught for the positivity that fueled me for the rest of the year.
Whether t’was directing people to their seats, signaling all of the good people (from the well-traveled Andrew 1.0 from Georgia, to the legendary Sarahbot, Sekshi, and DJ Jennie from Texas), or feasting on an endless night of Korean Barbecue followed by a tipsy Karaoke with the volunteer crew, the start of the year automatically guaranteed to me…

…That whatever would come from this point forward, will only be bigger, better, and a greater spectacle than any other community could ever be blessed with.

Exit Los Angeles, enter Seoul…
Alongside the meetup at CGV, another was soon announced, one that would take our great international pink banners to the heart of the girls’ homeland: Seoul, South Korea.

Though I myself could not attend, as t’was too sudden an announcement, my companions Sarahbot and Bbzidane, along with our famed leader Soy, raised their hands and made the flight to hold and oversee the first Soshified Seoul Meetup.

“Sarahbot here, reporting to you from Texas. Just a few short days after the big LA meetup, me, Soy, and Bbzidane got on planes and jetted off from our scattered locales in the US to meet up at Incheon Airport for a Seoul adventure.

I knew I was in for something different, but I was not prepared for what an amazing experience the Seoul Soshified Meetup would be. We went in thinking only a few people would be able to come, maybe 10-15 people at the most, but attendance was enough to completely fill the coffee shop where it was held. ("앤타르트 (and tarte)" in Songpa-gu was our gracious host - what a cute place!)

Everyone excitedly gathered around to see the Visual Dreams video for the first time (and the second time, and the third time...), and we partied together SONE-style until the sun went down.

We then headed to the venue for the Intel showcase, where we were treated to an amazing show, with a jazz performance, celebrity Starcraft match, and finally, the girls! It was only my second time seeing them in person, and getting to see them perform Visual Dreams live was such a privilege. Most people have seen the videos - they seemed to really have fun with it onstage. It was also, of course, my first time watching a performance surrounded by K-SONEs. To my surprise, Sooyoung's famous shrieking fan was sitting right behind me! It was easy to recognize her once Sooyoung started singing, haha. What a strange and unexpected experience it was to see and hear her in person, really bringing to light the reality of the things we SSFers are always watching online.

The most important experience on this trip was meeting some of the greatest Soshified users from abroad, and some new friends from Seoul as well. Even though they wouldn't want to be named, I want to say how incredibly thankful I am to those K-SONEs who are friendly to Soshified and basically put on the meetup, from setup, to paying for the food & drinks, to driving us around, to arranging for us to see the showcase. It is so touching to remember their hospitality. It's proof to me that, around the world, SONEs are the best.

Leaving Seoul behind after just a few days was tough, but little did I know, we'd be back just a few months later...”

Perhaps this has been a relatively humble start to the year, both of the events so far hadn’t included the girls, but regardless, the year at this point was still young, and all of us somehow knew more wonderful things were to come.

As most K-pop fans know, the Hallyu wave has spread feverishly over the past year, but the market for business has been relatively contained within the borders of Asia, and occasionally populated niches in the United States.
Despite this however, SM Entertainment took a great stride and soon announced their famously revived SM Town concert package to the denizens of the European continent.
Paris was to be the point of attack.
The venue, Le Zenith, would become ground zero.

"Tickets were bought, finally the countdown to the concert day has started! As the days came nearer, I became more nervous. Finally, I could meet people who share the same interest, passion and the love for Girls’ Generation as me: SONEs! It was everything I’ve imagined! SONEs everywhere, dressed in pink Soshified shirts and holding the pink foam heart in one hand and a pink light stick in the other. A proud feeling came over me, proud to be a part of this beautiful fandom and proud to be a SONE.

A three hour concert filled with different stages from different artists and with highlight (for me): Girls’ Generation. Every time it was their turn, I screamed and jumped like every other crazy fan girl would do. The girls are breathtakingly beautiful in real life and all smaller then I thought ^^’.

After seeing them Live, I’ve become even a bigger SONE then I was before cause I realize that THEY give me hope on days when I’m having a hard time, THEY make a smile on my face appear when I’m sad and THEY brighten me up when I’m having a bad day. It is like having a bottle with 9 energy/vitamin pills. Each and every one of them have their own charm and power and together….THEY make MY world COMPLETE!!!"

The niche market in Europe is among the lowest for K-pop in the world, but the population is growing, and more and more fans are rising out of their shells within the historically-rich nations of the continent.
As all things are, they were never perfect. Sure the event had a bit of drama deep inside the inner workings, but at the end of it all, the concert happened still, and the fans got what they desired. Those SONES in Europe, having taken many breaths long and short, finally had their chance.

After viewing Girls' Generation perform in person, that anticipation and craving to see the girls perform once is now replaced with a want of more. With that, they join many of us who wax and wane in wait for the next chance to see our girls perform for us again.

Living in Southern California as a SONE is a blessing in disguise.
Perhaps I should blame the way we have all come to gather, or perhaps I should blame Dee (d1ana) for gathering us together through her captivating and frequent meetups...
Regardless, the SONES of SoCal have formed a bond that have, more often than not, led to our extreme benefit.

The fellowship was raw but comfortable, and friends were made with every meet that came.
I fondly remember the June meetup I had the honor of attending. We were graced with the presence of a few out-of-state SONES including the valiant RyanE117 (student in Georgia) and the musical Gotjackie (a fan from Texas).
The simple joy of watching the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat live for the NBA Champions Title, playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with both friends and strangers alike, endless towers of pizza boxes cast aside in our hunger-induced trance... was an irreplaceable simplicity that came hand-in-hand along being tight-knit with such a seemingly simple fandom.

What I learn each and every day, is that the gifts of being SONE... and being Soshified, are limitless and unexpectedly surprising.

With information from a few people who wish to remain private, I found out that one-hundred people from the United States (and apparently, other parts of the world) would be given a first-come-first-serve chance at going to Seoul and learning more about the city, the culture of Korea, and to top it all off, a pristine ticket to attend one of the famed Girls’ Generation solo concerts ever-so-coveted and desired by fans from foreign nations.

The demands were quick, and the payment was no laughing matter.
Eventually however, those one hundred that were ready with hand and foot to pack their things, spend their money, and go, were chosen. People came from a myriad of places, from the devoted in Boston to the dedicated in California, cultural barriers between states and countries were quickly displaced as soon as they stepped into San Francisco International Airport under the great pink flag calling them to a world beyond their borders.

The flight was on.
10 or so hours of flight over the Pacific, and one-hundred proud international SONES stepped on the streets of South Korea, whether t’was their first time or not. They brought their passion, their smile, and caught the country by storm, eager to see the effect of their mighty Hallyu within nations that are, in retrospect, much different in taste than they presumed.
Many of us were hounded by the media, upstart or veteran Korean journalists eager to grab a word from an english-speaking SNSD fan.
Our name made their papers, their news, and caught the attention of their hearts.
Soshified was now, more than ever, on the rise to becoming a true worldwide name.

As I looked from afar at the pictures taken by the attending SONES, I was suddenly filled with an urge to further prove myself among the community, and bring the name of “Soshified” forward. Excited to serve under its colors, and to charge forth with sword and shield in its defense, and its honor.
Each of us within Soshified have our goals in this community and this fandom, each of us desire to bring Girls’ Generation to our countries of residence, within distance of our reach, and each of us have an inner capability to make this happen.

I saw my friends during this field trip in Korea smile, and I smiled with them from afar.
Perhaps they desired my presence there, or not, it didn’t matter. The joy of being a SONE is the gift of empathy. To feel the happiness regardless of our absence. We feel it through the experiences of others, and in doing so, somehow gain a form of peace. Where there is one of us, there is all of us.

Excerpts from the South Korea field trip:

“If someone told me at the start of 2011 that I would spend a week in Korea with people I had never met I would have called them crazy. But, because of the power of Girls’ Generation to draw you directly to them, I took a chance and hopped on a plane and had the time of my life in Korea.

Soshified members were literally treated like celebrities as we arrived at Incheon International Airport. A large group of people were waving and holding signs welcoming us, and the media pounced on us with cameras and interviews. Even the next day, when we went to downtown Seoul to the Korea Tourism Organization, media was there to greet us for more interviews as they followed us around the beautiful Cheonggye Stream.

The day of the Girls’ Generation concert, we lined up early in the morning to buy goods, and of course, the media was there for more interviews. We cheered for Girls’ Generation, sang their songs, and did the fanchants as we waited in line alongside K-SONEs. Once inside the arena, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed by KBS in the standing pit, almost yelling into the mic because of how loud the cheers were for Girls’ Generation members’ UFOs being displayed on the screens. Soshified made its presence known in Korea, and we made it known how important Girls’ Generation was to us and how they brought us to the country.

The concert itself was mind-blowing. One thing since that concert I’ve been saying to fellow SONEs is “I didn’t think it was possible to love the girls more, but once you see them live, you will.” It’s true. The girls are masters of fan service, and they noticed Soshified members in the crowd wearing the grey shirts made especially for the trip and holding our pink towels. i-SONEs and K-SONEs stood together as one group, SONE, cheering as loud as we could for Girls’ Generation. When the nine girls lined up for “Into the New World” nearly everyone around me was in tears. It really is something that can’t quite be explained words, the feeling of seeing Girls’ Generation’s passion and performance on stage in person. They are truly unique in their love of their craft and their fans.

The trip as a whole was, simply put, amazing. We ate delicious food. We shopped in incredible markets. We bought every Vita500 bottle we saw. Coming from America, Seoul was such a unique and interesting place, but what really made the entire experience amazing was meeting fellow SONEs. People from all walks of life came together as one through our collective love of Girls’ Generation. These are people that I now consider real friends. Soshified accomplished something truly special with the field trip to Korea.”

I trekked around various nations of Southeast Asia as all of this happened, constantly proud to show family, friends, and those around me the exploits of the one-hundred Soshified SONES who made that flight out.
Interviews, gatherings, dinners... t’was all incredible, but I did not experience a single second of it.
I lived through the word of another’s voice, and t’was empowering.
I desired more than anything to see the girls again, and perhaps even more than that... the excuse to see those friends from around the globe who I have been granted the honor of company and acquaintance.

That excuse would come in a flash.
Followed by an array of gleaming lights sparkled by the imagination and the heart.

Eventually, the news came through, and the prophecy given by Taeyeon within the song “Mr. Taxi” grew more and more realistic. 2011’s flagship SM Town concert was announced to hit New York City, the long-awaited sequel for 2010’s first ever SM Town in the United States, previously Los Angeles.

At first, I brought myself to focus on going, as t’was not something that any one of us could miss. Regardless, the logical option for me was to stay within the borders of my own California, but the legacy would be imprinted and chronicled by each and every attendee that packed their bags and went.

“So I registered on SSF. It took me a while to make my 10 non-spam posts so I could join the Sbox, but once I did I never looked back. This awesome community had already given me so much; it was time to give back. My name is now Pink. These awesome SoshiSubs and fan accounts have me reeling- wondering when it will be my turn. I yearn for a deeper connection. My SONE is showing, and I am not afraid...

2011 has been good to me. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually see the Girls in concert; Then the announcement is made. There was going to be another SM Town Live in America. My shackles are impatiently waiting for the day that SMT NYC tickets go on sale. I show up to work about an hour early and make my way up to the workstation in the lunch room, spamming refresh on the Ticketmaster website. A few clicks, and it was done, I would finally be going! Section 117, Row 14, Seat 14; directly out from the Y of the stage at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden. I get to see our Angels in person, surrounded by other SONE! At long last, a group of people who share this passion of mine and are just as excited as I am.

New York. My birthplace, my home, the city that I remember so fondly from my college days... I am finally here, ready for this to happen, waiting for my buddies to show up outside of the subway, my pink hair attracting random strangers' attention. If you had asked me in January, I would never have imagined being able to attend this kind of event. Arriving in New York was only the beginning, though- there were still 2 epic days to come...”

“How did I feel? Well if you asked me before the music started I would have said, "I shouldn't have worn these shoes... they are killing me." ,but I didn't want to sit down; I didn't want to miss a thing. 29 years old and I never wanted to go to a concert until I saw Girls’ Generation and then, there I was, standing amidst the screaming fanboy/girls and the stage, right up close. As it started I actually got slight tears of joy... I had been anticipating it so much that when the lights dimmed my heart jumped and made me tear up a bit. The Girls were beautiful... I can see why fans go crazy when they come to the edge of the stage. You really want to grab their attention, to make them acknowledge you alone, and as a guy who would very well ask one of them out if I had the chance, show them your feelings as they look at you. Reality sets in too fast though, and you realize that everyone wants to be acknowledged- not just you. So, I settled for singing along and watching them dance, from the same spot that I was standing in all through the concert. When it was all over, all I could do was smile, a twisted/confused smile. Sad that it was over, Glad that it had happened, and hoping for a chance to see them live again. Then, content; They were as Beautiful, as Talented, as amazing as I had hoped, and I was happy to support them and be their fan.”
-Sweet T

“Like I said when I went to the Seoul concert with Soshified, you can’t help but love these girls even more after seeing them live. When I heard they were coming to New York for SMTOWN, I made sure I was going to see them in my own country. I love all the SM artists, and in fact the concert as a whole was absolutely incredible, from SHINee’s insane wolverine claws with lazers to TVXQ’s sheer charisma on stage, SMTOWN was an awesome show. Of course, I was there to see Girls’ Generation first and foremost, and standing right up front at the barrier next to the stage, I got to see my girls up close. The queens of fan service didn’t hold back, and Sooyoung recognized the grey Soshified Global Generation shirt I was wearing, the same that we Soshified members wore from the Seoul Concert. She made it a point to stop, point, wave, and nod. As amazing as that felt, nothing quite compares to Sunny reaching out to me as I tossed the Soshified pink foam heart to her. Looking back at all the fancams and pictures of the concert and seeing Sunny hold Soshified’s heart, my heart, that I gave to her...I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fan meeting took the entire weekend to the next level. The girls were exhausted, but they still performed for us. I was right up front again, so I was pretty much in heaven. The fan meet was filled with incredible moments like Hyoyeon’s trademark dancing, Jessica yelling “Stress!”, Sunny’s aegyo(“bbuing bbuing!”), and Taeyeon’s sheer emotion when she started crying as she listened to SONEs dedication to the group. It was an unforgettable experience.

Just like Seoul, meeting SONEs was awesome. However, many of the SONEs I met in Seoul, the ones I became close with since then, also came to New York. The entire weekend was awesome getting to hang out with my SONE friends in Manhattan. We met in Seoul, and we became even closer in New York. One thing is for sure, Soshified is a family. SONE is a family.”

“There was something special about the whole New York experience, not just for myself, but for any attendee. It was the first time SM Town as a whole had made the journey to the East Coast, the first time any K-pop artist had performed at the legendary Madison Square Garden, and the first time SNSD held a fanmeet outside of Asia. This was a sign that it really was turning into a Global Generation

The concert itself was as astounding as the one I attended in LA, with everybody being on the top of their game, be it SHINee adding a dance flourish in ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Super Junior KRY bringing the house down vocally with ‘Sorry Sorry Answer’ and the ‘Rising Gods of the East’, DBSK, taking the stage to a reaction like no other. SNSD were no slouch either, delivering their usual set with extra flair and oozing charisma and looking for a excuse to give fanservice whenever they got the chance. The highlight of course was “The Boys” being performed for the first time live in English, but anytime SNSD steps on stage can be counted as a highlight for most SONE’s.

The fanmeet was something out of a dream. Not only would it be SNSD interacting with their fans, it would be something done in conjunction with Soshified, and something I was privileged to work at. No doubt, it was not an easy task, with the behind-the-scenes crew of select Soshified Staff working furiously to ready the venue and “script” the event. For anybody who only witnessed the fanmeet via YouTube, the atmosphere was one you had to be there to remember or even comprehend from the time the girls stepped on-stage to perform “The Boys” to the curtain call at the end, the energy was clearly bursting at the seams, and while it was sad to see the girls leave, it was the beginning of another chapter in SONE and SNSD history: The entry into the US market.

I could not possibly end without speaking about not only the concert, and the fanmeet, but the people I met with and who were with me at the time. Be it first time people I met while distributing bundles, or SoCal SONE’s who had made the trip out and who I’d known for a year, everybody contributed something to my experience, with not a hint of negativity. The highpoint for me was not the concert, not the fanmeet, not even the hug from Tiffany, but the people I met and the experience we had together in the Big Apple. If nothing else, while I will always look forward to seeing SNSD again, the thought of seeing my friends, Soshified and SONE alike, even more.”
- SNSDave

The joys of New York were well reaped by the loyal fans of the United States... but across the world, other SONES were gearing for their own chance at the girls. Despite not being an SM Town concert, one could argue a Girls’ Generation solo concert is a more-than-beneficial trade-off to a pure SONE.

Enter Singapore. Land of the Merlion. A small city-state that houses some of the most legendary SONES alongside South Korea itself. Where technology and urbanization blends in alongside its sub-tropical climate, where water works with concrete, and where cultures mix similarly to the United States, and other places such as Hong Kong.

Two days, two concerts. Nine girls, and thousands and thousands of fans.

I had been in Singapore during the summertime, a trip I’d have gladly traded in for a ticket to have gone to these two concerts. The city to say the least, was beautiful, a tad expensive but nonetheless worthwhile.
Again, I would be forced to experience the sights of the girls live through the eyes of others.

The reactions however, were nevertheless spectacular. As expected, of course.
It always astonishes me to hear the stories of the SONES that have seen them live for the first time in their lives. Their reactions, their zeal, the very chilling gesture of their mind being claimed for four hours by nine angels as their hands wave in the air holding a glowing mechanism of pink. It takes the older SONES back to their first days, and they don’t hate it. They miss it. They love it.

Though I’ve missed events that was truly memorable, the words of all the SONES that spewed forth after the concert and the fanmeet made me feel as if there was nothing truly missed. No matter where one of us stands, we are all there, and we are all one. SONE.

“The day has finally come, December 9th. The fateful day where Singaporean SONEs will unite as one, in one location, in one voice, to support Girls’ Generation. When we all were about to move into the stadium, all I felt was, anticipation, excitement, all I’m thinking of was, “I’m finally going to see them!” When I entered the stadium, the atmosphere wasn’t as high as I thought it would be as there the stadium wasn’t filled up fully yet. When the stadium was filled, and when the concert was about to start, the lights were doused and I could finally witness and be part of it. The “Pink Ocean”. The legendary “Pink Ocean” which I can only see through pictures taken from other concerts, now, I get to be part of it. The fanchants for all the songs that Girls’ Generation performed the entire night was deafening, the cheers. Then came the song “Into The New World”. Girls’ Generation’s debut song. I dare say that “Into The New World” holds a really significant and special place in all of SONEs’ hearts, as it is the song, THE song, that kicked off Girls’ Generation start and all of the other achievements that was soon to come.

Seeing SONEs gather together, despite all the racial differences and language barriers that we might have, we all have one common thing, our never-ending love for Girls’ Generation. This has somehow connected all the differences we may have, and we all come together as one. One SONE.”

“Girls’ Generation’s stop in the cozy island of Singapore, my homeland, was something I had been looking forward to ever since the girls held their first ever solo concert back in 2009. The emotions that were experienced and which I tried to understand through fancams, fan accounts and various interviews from the girls themselves, made me a tad envious. I wanted to feel the way the Korean fans did at that point of time. Alas this came true and I managed to attend the first of their two day stage at our very own Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Although this was not the first time I had seen them in concert, I predicted that it would be VERY different from anything else I had experienced from the girls. In the two weeks leading up to the concert, I thought a great deal about what objectives I hoped to achieve and can list them in the following manner, from highest to lowest priority:

1. Meet more SSF members & staff

2. Attempt to take quality photos (at an event where it was more or less not allowed)

3. Be mesmerized by the girls’ talents

I spent a good 13 hours queuing on day of the concert itself, and thought about those very objectives. I had already made what I thought was a good base of friends, after helping out twice for distribution of the SSF bundles to fellow concert-goers. I consider myself lucky, to know fellow SONEs who were more or less sane. I am very particular about straying away from the fanatic types.

I only had time to process what had happened and how I felt about the concert and it was only after a few days, that my mind managed to fully process the fact that I had attended what was one of the best concert experiences ever. It took me that long because immediately after it, I had felt a great deal of irritation and frustration mixed in with plenty of other positive emotions due to incidents that occurred during the concert itself.
A week after the concert had passed, I began to remember details about the concert more clearly. I had gotten over the initial frustrations rather quickly, as there was no point in staying mad at anything really. I began to go through the flow of the concert and could salvage plenty of good moments, which more or less settled my final objective. I relived the concert in my head, and by listening to their songs again and overwhelmed myself with a whole lot more positive feelings. While some performances I found okay, some I especially looked forward to. I clearly remember being in awe when they performed The Great Escape followed by BAD GIRL, two of my favourite live songs of theirs in recent times. Days after, and I suddenly thought to myself, “WOW, I saw that arm flailing dance - Bad Girl - in person”, and just remained mind-blown for a few minutes. Such is the impact the girls can impress upon us fans, in their many ways.

It was this minor form of an epiphany, that then got me analyzing the concert further. I realized that there were actually quite a fair bit of performances that I really enjoyed. I define enjoyment here as me just standing there smiling like a blithering village idiot (which is a good thing in this case), and actually soaking in the atmosphere for songs like Kissing You and Oh!. In the end, the good outweighed the bad, and I realized I had truly enjoyed the concert.

Overall, I would say this has been a very good experience from me. One can only tell so much from the screens of our computers, how wonderfully talented, and hardworking our girls are. To experience them for such a duration of time, has left me even more impressed than I have ever been at past events I have attended, where they have been in attendance. Their beauty, professionalism, playfulness and skill, all mashed together into a spectacular concert event will definitely leave a positive mark on me, even if certain other human factors sought to sour my experience.

I have experienced the concert from the point of view of a regular fan, and would hope to do so again, with, hopefully, more friends, and none of the bad points.”

December 9th and 10th, would be two days SONES of Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world, can never erase from their hearts.

This was it, the year was coming to a close. To me in the United States, these were the days...
The days when students would come home to the eyes and arms of their parents.
When man’s best friend would leap from the backyard straight to the smiles of those returning home.
When the summer sun would be traded in for a warm hearth, cozy against the throat of winter.
When the black and orange would be discarded for red and green, or the thirteen candles, or different sights for anyone else.
365 days had been reduced to just under 31.
To the rest of the world, perhaps somewhat similar, but nevertheless, the year was nearing its end. The constellations and the months that represented them had flown by, ready to bring it right back along again.
2011 is near its end, and somehow our spirits still live within the number.
Each year passes, and as much as we long for the future, the SONE also yearns for the past.
The joys that have been given to us through the workings of a businessman and his creation.
His creation, yet also his dream.
This dream is what feeds us all today.
It is what keeps some of our pockets dedicated to the purchase of whatever these nine girls decide to unleash upon us.
It is what keeps us all together.
Their bond is our bond.

Our bond...

I was left feeling empty however, that I couldn’t see everyones’ faces again. Those faces from California and elsewhere; it seems as though every meet-up is too short, and every situation can continuously be better, but regardless we must all accept that we do have bonds between us as fans with common interests but different personalities. We must strive to strengthen our bonds, be loyal to them, and to Girls’ Generation. The day-old fan has as much of a voice as those there since the beginning, that’s the joy of it all, and somehow, I can’t ask for anything better.

We’ve all had the feeling that perhaps, we’ve missed something...
We’ve all had the feeling which, somehow, you’ll never forget this particular moment.
2012 will be the year, that we try to make the latter happen.
2012, will be the year in which we further our strength, our numbers, and our abilities.
2012, is when SONE, take what we have already gained, what we have already experienced, and magnify that ninefold.
2012, is when memories will be made with each day that passes, that makes you wonder why you’re here, followed by a quick retort towards yourself that says you have no reason to question why.
It just is, and you’d have it no other way.
That you are SONE! That you are a part of this nation! That under the mighty standard of a pink colour that stands in the middle of all the mayhem that is represented in any way possible...
...You are proud, you are empowered, and you’ll have it no other way.
I am proud to call you all SONE... proud to call you all Soshified... and furthermore honored, that I can spend another 365 days with all of you, and forward beyond!

...and finally, thank you to all of the people that helped to make this year a great one for me, and for Soshified in general. Thanks to everyone that’s been alongside me as true friends under one, great, pink banner we call this forum!

Thank you first and foremost, Soy. You are the fearless leader behind all of our rising force, the one that has raised support from beyond the borders of Korea to the highest degree.
I have nothing but utmost respect and dedication to you, and your cause. Thank you. :)

Thank you SooYoona, YoJessa, SpaceLion, 1.0, taeyeonsheart, SNSDave, wes4x, sarahbot, chubbaymoo, WillC!
You guys have been there, and it didn’t matter when or where I’ve met you, you’ve been with me through thick and thin, hope we can make 2012 end with our names as bright as this year!

Also special thanks to d1ana, Ghost, Jerzideva, hyoyeonce, sekshi, DivineWings, NeonCyro, gotjackie, JeTified, camiiseta, aces, RyanE117, startoonhero, doe, ninja kriss, Debora BANG, kapanak, VeeCh, tifferini, tern, Mazik Shroomie, mirzapan, jeddicris21, SeraphKY, Dandan87, Srbski-Kralj, MoonSoshi9, LetsGo, spiceshoe, oniontaker, loturtlelvr, HyperionZ, Jennifer Kwak, GPTX, bbzidane, Procrastinatoress, michaelroni, residentbenchwarmer, Noble, recca, NL2, MLX, jbenvenga, lefanybutt, roovette12, chelupa, Shermyyy, JimmyDean23, Logginurkeyz, JessicaBro, timmyleelee, Shiney, YuriFan21, a-flirt, and Trancis.

...also, a special thanks to those of the future, the people I haven’t met quite yet, you are the ones that will too shine a light, one of pink, ever bright towards the sky. Onwards we march... One millenium, one decade, and two years... It awaits us all.

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[04.09.10] SM Town Los Angeles (The Tale)

05 September 2010 - 11:51 AM

Thanks for reading this, those of you that did, if you still want access to this tale, feel free to PM me :P

GorJess fans are often the most uncanny, dangerous, nicest, coolest, and somewhat, strangest people out there. :P
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