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[12.09.2011] Whole Concert Story / 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Singapore

20 December 2011 - 06:55 AM

The north entrance opened at 5pm, so we entered the stadium holding our light sticks, banners, fan sign boards, while hiding video cameras. There are official merchandise being sold inside the stadium such as albums, posters, light sticks as well, etc. So we looked around then sat on our designated seats while waiting for the concert to begin. The show started at 8pm.

And the show has begun!
As the stadium light shut down, SONES turned on their light sticks and BOOOM! Seriously I cannot believe my eyes seeing the famous “PINK OCEAN” and I felt like tearing up to the fact that finally I’m a part of a “Pink Ocean.” There’s this “diamond-shaped metal hatch” at the stage where the girls were supposed to appear for the intro.

At first, an intro video started to play at the big screen. Me and my fellow SONES were screaming due to excitement. The first song was “Tell Me Your Wish” or commonly known as “Genie.” The hatch opened with smoke effects which made the intro so epic and finally, “Girls’ Generation” in front of my eyes.

I’m seeing them for real and I felt like my heart was going to explode due to happiness, mixed emotions; finally my dreams came true. The stadium sounds and lights made the concert so much fun which in turn made me dance on my seat. The synchronization of swaying light sticks was so wonderful and fanchants were so loud that it can literally “bring the house down”.

I’m a Taeyeon fan so I was screaming her name like there’s no tomorrow. I jumped out of my seat for every Taeyeon part like when she’s the one who was singing and when her face was on the big screen. Too bad I couldn’t literally take photos and fancams because there were like 3-4 securities on our area.

The next song was “You- aholic” followed by “Mr. Taxi”. I love the you-aholic dance, especially the dance-break part wherein they rode a metal fence which was lifted. The fireworks were so awesome at Mr. Taxi’s Intro!

Fanchants were so loud at “SEOUL-DO TOKYO LONDON NEW YORK!” as they sung the Korean version. I was shouting TAXI TAXI TAXI! Especially at Taeyeon’s part “don’t wanna say goodbye” again, I jumped out of my seat while shouting her name! I also danced to Mr. Taxi on the isle.

Next was “I’m in Love with the Hero”
I love the choreography for this one too especially the saluting dance step, I was laughing on my seat. And of course I love the part when Yoona, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon started to being lifted by a metal cable, while Taeyeon Tiffany and Jessica were on the center of the stage wearing curtains which looked like wings.

Next was Let It Rain, and it was my first time to hear the Korean Version of the song.
I loved the green lasers at the intro for this song! Everyone were swinging their lighticks and feeling the slow music as it entered into our hearts. Taeyeon’s “Oh no no no no~” made me cry.
Next was Kissing you, I loved the intro of the Kissing You which was like a remixed version, and the fanchants for this song was so epic and loud too. Again I jumped out of my seat while holding Taeyeon’s favorite stuffed toy peas (popularly known as the 3 peas in pod stuffed toy from the movie Toy Story 3) at Taeyeon’s high part. So after crying, I felt hyper again. The best moment in the concert is when your emotions go high then down then high; then down again. It’s so wonderful all of my emotions were mixed lol.

Next was Oh! Before the song started, there was this siren sound and the girls were running to the center of the stage. It was like a transition from one song to the other, and then fireworks starts to pop again and Oh! started. We were chanting: OH OH OH OH! AH AH AH AH!. Especially the famous Oh! raging fanchant “Jigeumeun SNSD Apeurodo SNSD Yongwonhi SNSD, SNSD Saranghae OH!” All SONES stood up while shouting the chant and doing the hand step movement of the song. It was also one of the best fanchant of the night.

After Oh!, the girl’s introduction and greetings started. “Annyeong Haseyo sonyeoshidae imnida!” and as soon we heard their voices, everyone at the stadium stood up, screamed, shouted, and waved at the girls. Then they introduced themselves one by one. Tiffany and Sooyoung spoke in English, Seriously, Sooyoung is so good in English that everyone clapped their hands. Seohyun also spoke in English and even Chinese so the crowd was really grateful toward her. Taeyeon was so funny as she spoke in Korean, so the crowd even screamed and shouted like hell! Sunny did Aegyeo and seriously all of us DIED!

After they introduced themselves they sung Snowy Wish! And this time, Soshi began roaming the stage, and finally we had the chance and moment to see them super close. I was standing making a big heart sign and Hyoyeon saw it, and she did a big heart sign for me too.

After Snowy wish a video played again on the big screen as a transition while the girls were changing outfits.

Then suddenly we heard “Please Don’t Stop the music!” and OMG its Hyoyeon dancing so swag on the stage. She was the first to perform on their solo performance followed by Jessica’s Almost. Jessica played the piano while singing and her voice was so calm that the lightsticks swayed slowly. Next was Sunny’s Three! Again, it was party-party time! So we were standing and dancing on our seats.

Sunny’s performance was about to end then suddenly I saw this familiar looking silhouette on the end of the right side of the stadium like she’s the next to perform. And OH MY FRIKKIN FRAKIIN FREAKIN GOD! It’s Kim Taeyeon wearing the Blue Lolita outfit so sexily that I jumped out of my seat screaming the hell out and still Sunny is performing on stage. I think Tiffany was under the stage and was going to be lifted up when the song started. So Sunny’s performance finally ended and I was like OH MY GOD here it comes! For real!

Then the snapping of fingers finally started and the whole stadium were like RAGING, SCREAMING, AND SHOUTING TIFFANY AND TAEYEON’S NAME. And now they were really performing Lady Marmalade. First was Tiffany’s turn and so back up dancers appear. Then suddenly Taeyeon appeared on- stage and seriously I was on “taengasm” mode that I shouted her name for like 300 times or more on that performance. It was the hottest performance of the night. Seriously I nearly died. Taeyeon was so milky white especially when the light beams on her she’s so perfect and flawless. And she was so sexy when I saw her milky mini abs. The outfit made her much sexier. Her voice was so powerful that it made me jump and scream from start to the end. We were singing to “GITCHI GITCHI YAYA DADA” MOCHA CHOCOLATA YAYA”.

After Lady Marmalde, they began to perform the 2<sup>nd</sup> batch of their songs.

First was The Great Escape, Seriously I love the hard beats of this song. The fanchants were so loud to “WE GOTTA ESCAPE WE GOTTA ESCAPE YEAHH”. Again we go party-party on our area!

Followed by Bad Girl! OMG
I was anticipating this song the most, cause I’ve watched so many fancams of Bad Girl on their concerts especially their Japan Tours.

Before the “The Great Escape” ended, they formed a straight line and from a choreographer’s point of view who dances to SNSD songs, then I knew that the next song is Bad Girl! So I didn’t waste the chance to feel and enjoy the song while standing up.

At first, Soshi was covered, so only the silhouettes of nine girls were seen as they danced one by one. And as soon as I heard the intro I was like OMG THIS IS IT!
Then it finally started Bad Girl! Oh yeah~ OH OH OH OH OH Kanpeki na bad girl! Everyone on the stadium dance to the beat especially when the Large Disco Ball activates! The Large Disco Ball made the performance so EPIC that we went partying on our area also SONES started to dance and scream, and the synchronization of the light sticks is so freaking epic.

Then a video transition played. After the video, Taeyeon was the last to appear at the screen. So I was like OMG could this be??!!

And then suddenly, I heard this guitar intro sounds familiar. Then blazing fire effects starts to appear AND OH MY FRIKKIN FRAKKIN FREAKIN GOD IT’S “THY DEVIL TAEYEON” ON THE STAGE!!! It’s My Devils Cry!!
Then she shouted: “RUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!” I couldn’t help myself this time so I didn’t stand up out of my seat only but I went to isle and start jumping, screaming, shouting her name, and head banging. KIM TAEYEON WAS ROCKING AND RULING THE STADIUM!. So she sang the first part and then on the chorus part, everyone in the stadium was like jumping, rocking especially on “run devil run, run devil run” I’m head banging like what the backup dancers did. And then she screamed “RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN” twice and seriously Taeyeon rocked the house down, my feeling was like I’m being possessed by a rock demon so I did so many headbangs, screams, and shouts on that performance that I got headache after.

Next was the Run Devil Run remix (sounded like Twinkling of Paradise) we were shouting ”NAN JEMI EOBSSEO MANNEO EBSSEO!” I was tweeting by that time when Taeyeon sang “NI HANDEUPHONE” So I raise my phone up LOL! There is also a dance break and as what I said they dance the Twinkling of Paradise.

Next was the Beautiful Stranger, and again the blazing fire effects was so cool! Everyone was so hot in that performance especially the breaking glass part where they holding this “black mini baseball bats” then start hitting this luminous plastic or fiber glass.
All of us were anticipating Hoot, but then they performed The Boys English Version!
The fanchants were so loud that it can bring the stadium down especially the “GG!!” at the first part, then “Bring the boys out! Jigeumeun SNSD Apeurodo SNSD Yongwonhi SNSD!” Then it was Taeyeon’s part and my headache went away after seeing her again ad hearing her voice! Again, I think that was my 100<sup>th</sup> time jumping out of my seat while shouting her name holding the peas! I love the fanchant in this song the most. SONES were shouting “BRING THE BOYS OUT!” and “GIRLS’ GENERATION MAKE ‘EM FEEL THE HEAT” And when Taeyeon’s high part” MY HEAAAARRRRTTTT!!~~” I was like hitting my friends due to overspazz, taengasm!

Then next was the anticipated Hoot remix version, Again the fanchants we were like Jigeumeun SNSD Apeurodo SNSD Yongwonhi SNSD! GO GO GO! Then KIM TAEYEOOOONNN!! Everyone at the stadium shouted “TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE” “ SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT” “ HOOT HOOT HOOT”. Again there was this part when the song suddenly became rock, and I knew! Taeyeon is being possessed again by the rock demon so “Thy Devil Taeyeon” is in the center of the stage once again while the others are being lifted up by the cables. And again she’s doing baddass movements there that I went crazy like hell!
After Hoot, was the 2<sup>nd</sup> batch of solo performances
So it was Yuri’s turn to perform If, She’s so cool on stage wearing shades while performing, I enjoyed the performance and it was so hot.

Followed by Sooyoung’s Sway, Seriously OMG Sooyoung’s voice is so chilly maybe because the song was a bit jazzy, especially in the instrumental trumpet part, we were like a happy fiesta! Her sway made us weak!

Next was Seohyun’s Stuff Like That, Her English OMG! She can be a lead performer on a musical. And the tap dance, It’s so swag!

Next was everyone’s anticipated 4 Minute by YoonA, We were like HOSHAAT here it comes! Fancams are everywhere. And the famous Pole Dance, everyone was like “ Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!~~” She dances so swiftly and swag on the stage.

Then another video transition, and we knew that the next song is Danny Boy.
The Danny Boy performance made the girls and SONES rest for a while. Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun Jessica Sunny singing on the stage while sitting on the ladder platform, wearing the Pirate outfit,

Followed by Complete where other soshi members joined the other five on the stage and sang together and then; they were really complete. After Jessica’s solo part a 4-5 second pause was made then all of them stood up and walked together while singing. It was like; I was in heaven in that moment.

Next was one of my favorite Soshi song ever “My Child”. Finally the soshi boat, soshi pirates, and captain Taeyeon. I know the song lyrics so well. I really enjoy this song especially the “HANA PUNI” we were pointing at them with lightsticks. Then the walking part begun, Taeyeon was so adorable and dorkily cute walking while others were following her. They walked around the soshi boat. And then they formed a straight line at the front of the soshi boat then saluted while confetti popped and fell on them. THIS WAS WHEN TAEYEON’S DORKY MIND AC TIVATED! AS THE OTHER MEMBERS WENT BACK TO THE SOSHI BOAT, SHE PICKED UP SOME CONFETTI AND SPLASHED IT TO OTHER MEMBER’S FACES LOL, WE SHOUTED WOOOO!! DORKY TAEYEONNN!! WE WERE DYING ON OUR SEAT LAUGHING. Then the soshi boat came near to our area and we experienced a massive amount of fan service. Sunny and Taeyeon did a heart sign and waved at us. Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Tiffany waved too.
Then another video transition, The next song they performed was Naengmyun. This time they were wearing sailor suits. The fanchants were so loud on this song too “NAENGMYUN! NAENGMYUN! NAENGMYUN!” “HEY YA HEY YA FAYA MMM AGASH”. I had an eargasm at Taeyeon’s 1<sup>st</sup> part. Such an angelic voice!

Next song was HaHaHa, The song that everyone got recharged again. One of the best fanchants ever. “AH 1! AH 2! AH 123 GO! *FIREWORKS*. By this time, everyone on the stadium was standing up, dancing, shouting, and screaming. We were really having a good time.

Next song was the famous “Gee!”
*my angel and my girls my sunshine” “SO NYEO SHI DAE!” I got goose bumps hearing this song and watching them performing it live. The “GEE GEE GEE GEE” was so epic especially the “BABO!!”. No doubt it is Soshi’s no.1 song. They looked so hilarious at the stage wearing the sailor outfit performing it and they all looked so squishy. The fanchants were so cool and became the loudest fanchant of the night.

Next song was “Forever”, seriously the part of the concert where I became emotional. This is the part where Kim Taeyeon went in our area and she was singing and standing in front of my eyes like 3 meters away for like 3 minutes. It was the best moment of my life, She waved at us and did a heart sign, we went crazy! I cried due to the fact that finally, I experienced Taeyeon’s fanservice for real.

Then they started bowing and saying goodbye to us that made us even more emotional.
So I was like seriously over? Where is the INTW? .So Soshi are really gone on stage. The 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour logo appeared on big screen so we though its already finished. Then all of us were shouting “ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!” Then the stadium lights suddenly turned on and off as if they were synchronized with our shouts.

Then Soshi finally appeared on stage once again and they performed their Debut song “Into the New World”. Again, my heart was going to explode! This time they were wearing the Indian suits, lol the tattered white clothes with feathers on their hair. Seriously that was my moment, cause I’ve been supporting Girls’ Generation since 2007, I did watch their debut stage on Ingikayo way back then. So I was like finally seeing them performing Into the New World right in front of my eyes. I cried again. I gave my loudest scream, shout, and spazz at Taeyeon’s high note ” Modeun naui tteolrim jeonhalrae!!~~~” then fireworks and confetti pops, the whole stadium is raining with confetti. We cheered them up, up to the last.

Next song was Himnae(Way To Go), the song where the SONES had this fan event called the “Kallang Wave”. Starting from the left side of the audience going to the right and around the stadium, we were going to make a wave on every chorus part of Himnae. It was fun making the Kallang Wave. The girls were roaming and running on the stage waving and doing fan service. Sones started to throw gifts too.

So the concert ended with their last song called “It’s fantastic”. For the last time the girls waved at us and we also waved at them. And by that time I cried to the fact that we had to say goodbye to them for real.

So the concert finally ended. SONES come out of the stadium with big smiles on their faces. It was the happiest and memorable moment of my life.<