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In Topic: Most users online

17 March 2010 - 07:55 AM

Edited: Please refer to the newer thread: http://soshified.com...rs-online-2029/

Seeing that no one has started a thread for one of the most significant moments Soshified experienced this day over the years, am now creating this topic.
SNSD's MV, "Run Devil Run" has just been released on this very day and many forum members have gathered with very much anticipation to get the first glimpse of the new MV.
Posted Image
Soshified has grown a lot more since the last record of 1625 users being online on 5th March 2010.
Keep on going Soshified!

Well, I missed the whole thing because I was a little busy back then.
Anyways, please do share any more screenshots you might have taken with respect to this topic. ^_^

Soshified Hwaiting~!

In Topic: [PICS] Good & Bad Examples of Sunny

06 February 2010 - 10:10 PM

Lol. Thanks for sharing these tonnes of entertaining translated goodies! Really made me laugh. :P The one about the good and bad example of a duet is kind of mean though :( Anyways, thanks for sharing these wonderful goodies! Hope to see more coming. :D Cheers~ ;)

In Topic: [PICS] Good & Bad Examples of SNSD

04 February 2010 - 03:08 AM

Lol. Love these pics. Sunny was really funny placing the headphone across her eye! :D Kudos to whoever posted up these pics! Thanks for sharing! Cheers~ ;)

In Topic: 07 - 카라멜 커피 (Talk To Me)

28 January 2010 - 09:36 PM

O_O I just realised that the staffs are already done translating most of the songs from the second full album, "Oh!". I really didn't expect the translation job to be done so soon. Was intending to check out the meaning of each song few more days later. Well, I clicked onto "New Topics" and I saw this thread and so here I am commenting on this. Thank you guys so much for your hard work done! Cheers~~~~ ;)

In Topic: [17.01.2010] Encountering SNSD at SM Building! *updated with pic*

17 January 2010 - 05:02 AM

Nice fan account. Lol. 'yeah i think so. i thought it would be pink'. Its rather sad that you missed the chance to speak to them just because you were too stunned. Haha. I would have reacted the same way if I were you. The girls must be practicing hard for their Asia tour/album. Thanks for sharing this interesting account of yours! Cheers~