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In Topic: [COMIC] A Genuine Cartoon of an Anti-Soonkyu becoming a Fan

17 June 2010 - 07:32 PM

Wow!This comic is really awesome!I wonder the person who wrote this will write more of this types.It's nice how an anti became a fan.BTW,is this real?Thanks for translating!

In Topic: Twitter Trends (1)

19 March 2010 - 11:41 PM

Yeah!We are going to unite and protect our girls! #SONEforSNSD is the BEST!Go!SNSD Hwaiting!

In Topic: [TAEYEON] Taeyeon visits Soshified !

18 March 2010 - 06:40 AM

Ah!You all sure are lucky people!I wish i am going to be online the next time a member comes online!I really envy you guys!!!!!AiGoo....How could i miss!Taengoo!

In Topic: [COMIC] New school semester with Taeyeon n Sica P2

07 March 2010 - 12:25 AM

Omg Taeyeon is so persistant!

No matter what Ice Princess Sica says....

This is the Taengoo i know....

The "Ah..." part is damn funny.