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In Topic: [SOSHI] At Bangkok acknowledging the Soshified fanboards :D

11 February 2009 - 10:12 AM

First off, i'd like to thank the sones in Thailand who helped us sooo much. Without them, we might be stranded in some unknown place in Bangkok. Thanks to the admins in sosifanclub. Thanks to the thai sones who understood english and helped us along the way.

Next, i am thankful i am singaporean, rofl. Without that Singaporean blood in you, you wouldn't have cared to queue for 10 hours straight. You wouldn't have brought a umbrella to shield everyone from the angry sun that day ( Thanks, wenting ), you wouldn't have brought along gambling cards to play poker with, ( Thanks Joel aka fanyuri ).

Right now at home, i'm looking at my hands and i'm scolding myself about not bringing sunblock to shield my poor pair of hands. T_T But who cares? I've looked at the girls. I've fulfilled my dreams! ( or rather, just part 1 of the dream ). I'm not as fit as the other guys who went for smtown, since well, i'm overweight, and i thought to myself that i might not have as much energy to stand up during the whole concert for 5 whole hours. That's when i was wrong. When it came to the girls, you had all the energy in you. Sometimes, when wenting screamt at us to start running to the front/extended stage, i think i'm usually infront. -_-

I also wanna apologize for not 'making' Sunny pick up our board when i threw it near to her. I was afraid if my aim was spot-on, it might have hit her. -_- But i'm pretty positive she looked at it. Even when Heechul/Siwon came to our side of the stage, i still kept waving our boards, and that might be why Heechul gave me a cute cute smirk when he saw it, he was probably, ' Hmmph, why soshi, and not me? '

During some performances, i always stood behind our group even though i'm the shortest one, ._., because i set my mind on always jumping to make sure they notice us. During babybaby, whenever soshi's faces were in our direction, i started jumping, and i am certain that there are always thai fans looking at me. -_- But i didn't care, and i almost flew to heaven when maknae saw my obsessive jumping and waved at me. <3

After the concert, we were practically flushed out. Our bladders were spoiling, our feet were giving away, our faces showed all of that with one expression. Thanks to the thai fans who arranged for the van to pick us up a distance away from the concert venue, we could sit in a comfy van and shared our fancams with the thai sones! On the way to airport, we were too tired, and many of us started to nap in the van, and when we reached the airport, we put on our 'him nae' face, and got ready our cameras to take more soshi pics. After waiting for a while, we were informed that the girls have already checked in. We were already to tired to frown, so we just headed back to the van to go back to the hotel and got ready to have one day of minor shopping and to get ready to leave Bangkok. We all miss smtown dearly.

That wasn't really a fanaccount, but i hope i 'described' some of the parts in bangkok more detailed. :x Expect more from us, if there ever is an smtown concert in SEA. <3 SSF!

In Topic: [SOSHI] - SNSD wears Lollipop necklaces~

02 August 2008 - 02:39 AM

I love it, so that i have not missed her now. <3

소원 FTW.

and thanks, wenting, for calling me to tell me. x)

In Topic: SOSHIFIED on Singapore Radio

21 June 2008 - 05:47 PM

It was already hard for us to keep up with the pace.

THe DJ said to not be rushing, to be natural. And look at our script, it practically slews twice the size of a bigbang or wondergirls' scripts with almost twice the members.

So we had to do it that way. And nervousness was another thing, like HOW many people at the gathering was on the radio for the first time? I'd said most of us.

In Topic: SOSHIFIED on Singapore Radio

21 June 2008 - 05:04 AM

Wahaha, can't wait to see the poses of us doing the individual girls' poses. -.-

The fanboys really enjoyed it LOL!.

supper and emilyn s-lines FTW! : D

In Topic: SOSHIFIED on Singapore Radio

20 June 2008 - 09:24 PM

Now it's just a way of getting the girls to know we did this. :S Wahaha.

Get them an mp3, and put this inside it. And write a note to listen! : D