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In Topic: [ARTICLE] Tips to Use Eco Handkerchief with Yoona

08 September 2010 - 02:51 PM

Okay, now I want one XD It seems to be a great idea and as long as you keep the handkerchief clean after using it, it'll stay clean that way. Argh! Why is Yoona so beautiful XD /faints from magazine photos
I just love Yoona and her link with Innisfree so much XD And she really does have great skin and of course, mesmerizing beauty, so it's like.. perfect for her XD And I still spazz about her song every time I hear it LOL

Thanks for translating so much! It was a pleasure to read everything and learn more ways to use an eco handkerchief keke, I want! *_*

In Topic: [FAN ACCT] Japanese Celebrity Blogs - SNSD's Showcase Concert Fan Accounts

25 August 2010 - 01:11 PM

This is sooooo cute AIGOOO xD I feel so.. idk, happy and proud even (LOL) reading these blog posts Xd
It's so great to see how much SNSD is loved in Japan *_* Hwaitingg!

Thanks for translating so much! ^^


24 July 2009 - 12:51 PM

She logged in on my birthdayyy! GYAH *going crazy

Even though I wasn't online to witness this and 'be in her presence' LOL I'm still so glad she came on my birthday!
(Of course this birthday would've stood out SO MUCH if I had seen her online at the same time @ SSF, but still! This is so jjang!)

Truly, only SNSD can provide this kind of fanservice.
Well said Soy! <3


lol :D<3

In Topic: 2009 Happy Birthday Soy and Tiffany

13 April 2009 - 01:52 PM


To Soy, Happy Birthday!
Wow I don't even know where to start. It's really an amazing thing, to start the first international forum for SNSD, and look how popular it is now! It must've been a long journey for you, constantly keeping things in track, organized, updated and fun for us Soshified members aka SONE!
We get to participate in the wonderful projects for the 9 girls and our love for them grows every single day coming here haha! Its your 18th birthday Soy! Although I've never talked to you, I know you are an amazing person because look at your beautiful masterpiece, this forum! HAHA XP Dedicated, generous, and ever so loving to all the members of Soshified and of course, SNSD (especially Yuri of course LOL) Thank you so much for making this forum because I've found the best place to express my support and love for SNSD ^_^
I wish you good health, happiness, success, luck and love!
Thank you for being who you are and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

To Tiffany, Happy Birthday!
Although I've never talked to you also, I wish you a happy birthday! Thank you so much for contributing to Soshified when it was just a baby (haha you know what I mean) and making the amazing Ninebow layout! That layout is one of my favorite layouts of Soshified. I kept using it for a long time haha ^_^
I hope you will one day come back to Soshified so we can have another great person here to make Soshified an even better place, not that it isnt already:P
I wish you good health, happiness, success, luck and love!
Thank you for doing so much for Soshified and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

In Topic: Happy 1st Birthday to Soshified.com

01 February 2009 - 12:27 PM

Yes! I am so happy that this day has finally come, marking the first year of the successful international source of SNSD -- SOSHIFIED!
Although I have not done much for the forum (one day to become a Soshified Donator! yes!), I am so proud to be a member of Soshified. So much has changed since the day I registered to be a part of Soshified. When I first learned of SNSD, I discovered this site, and had clicked into it with much interest. I was so amazed by the whole site! The amazing layout, how organized and detailed everything was, the friendliness of everyone towards each other, and the love everyone showed for SNSD. I immediately wanted to join in the fun and show my support and my love for SNSD as well! I began to continuosly log in to Soshified and noticed new changes that made the forum even better than it already was. Now we even have 7 beautiful layouts to choose from! I really have to thank Soy for making Soshified forums..if not, I wouldn't know so much about SNSD and my love for SNSD may not have grown to what it is today because I wouldn't be able to read so much about each member of the group and know the latest news of SNSD! Well basically, we wouldn't even have a forum here for fans all over the world to talk about SNSD! I think it is really great how this forum is international because I'm not korean, which makes it quite difficult to learn and relate about SNSD. This is also thanks to the many subbers of Soshified! To all the Soshi Subbers, Tech Admins, Administrators, VIP Members, Soshi Uploaders, Graphic Designers, Moderators, Soshified Police, Super Moderators, Soshified Donators and Soshified members!:Thank You all for working so hard to make Soshified the way it is now and lets keep Soshified as the best international SNSD forum! AJA AJA HWAITING!!
Thanks to SNSD and SOSHIFIED, I am ever so proud to be a member of the Soshified forums and a part of S♥ne!!
Thank You!
I will stay forever a member of Soshified forums and Sne.