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Hello and thank you for liking my works! I have sent you the PDF of my first story! Please enjoy! :D
May 03 2010 01:58 AM
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    Goodness Gracious GreenRed, Can I PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR AND TOP HAVE ALL OF YOUR GLORIOUS PDF FILES OF FICS. <3 =) if you need an e-mail it's gracie320@yahoo.com

    if you send it I'll send you funny cat videos that I have in my bookmarked collection of cat videos. because cats are pretty funny now a days.
    Mar 05 2012 06:55 PM


Hi greenred. I'm oneof your readers and I read your Q&A (I feel like a stalker >.<) and I noticed that you had a few older stories. I enjoy your style of writing so I was wondering if you could send me your older stories. My email is koneko89_07@hotmail.com Thank you in advance.
Apr 29 2010 10:49 PM


Thanks for the comment! 89ers!
Dec 03 2009 08:02 AM