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[12.09.11] ITNW Concert in Singapore - Taeyeon ambushed by the confetti ninja, & Yo...

15 December 2011 - 03:01 PM

*Due to picture limits per post, this fanaccount will be divided among 3 posts.*

My fanaccount doesn’t give you a detailed song-by-song description of what happened in the Singapore concert, but merely a compilation of fun, witty events that happened, and is spazzworthy enough to share. Like an interactive Cliffnotes, in a neat little slideshow. There are title topics for each & every "event" that I wrote about, so scroll through if you want to find something interesting that you've not read before, or just read through. These events aren’t arranged in any particular/chronological order, just whatever that pops in my head first.

I may compare this concert experience with my first concert experience back in Seoul this year with the Soshified members, but I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible. I will just use it as a point of reference if anything else, but no comparisons.

Due to lax security, I managed to find fancams for almost everything that I wrote down in this fanaccount. Thank god security was super cool that day :)

Certain witty captions and SNSD’s self-thoughts are entirely fictional, and are purely just for fun.

Sones, security, and Singaporean concert etiquette.

With the help of Soshified, I managed to buy tickets to the 2011 Girls’ Generation concert in Singapore, for the 1st night. So there were a group of Soshified members all seated together in blocks T37 and T38. Amongst the people I know were Cedge, Qazeopolia, and Shing. Qazeopolia and Shing were new Sones that I had just met the a moment ago. It was great meeting new Sones even right before the concert started. Despite initial doubts, our tickets were actually in the “prime” spot, only several seats away from the rails up front, which directly after that, is the concert stage platform itself. I was quite pleased with how it all turned out, and couldn’t wait to start.

Posted Image

Security today was pretty chill. It was no where near the intensity of security back in the Seoul concert, where if they spotted you filming, you would be pulled out of the concert, and never let back in. But it was surprisingly lax here. There were tales of security deleting videos/pictures from cameras, and giving 2-3 warning strikes, but so far no one had been pulled out. This was good, because that meant there would be more fancams and pictures taken tonight, and I would have recorded memories of this concert somewhere on Youtube to see. That explains why I could find a fancam for almost every moment that I wrote down in this fanaccount. Pretty awesome.

I was amazed at how disciplined our seating block was. The entire block would only stand if it was spazzworthy enough to do so, like a SNSD member walking up front. After which, everyone would simply seat themselves back. I was happy with the arrangement, after all, I did buy seated seats so that I wouldn’t have to stand, otherwise it would’ve defeated the purpose entirely. Stand when spazzing, seated when only slightly spazzing. Pretty awesome etiquette.

The Official MC; Stephanie Hwang.

Tiffany did all the talking tonight. In true MC form, Fany took the reins and pretty much talked and translated everything. She Music-Cored (MC-ed) the concert tonight (Sorry, I couldn't resist :) ). Although there was a translator backstage, everybody was content that Fany was hosting tonight. Concert AND Fany MC? A delightful treat for everybody. I was so happy that I finally got to understand the “Talk” portions of the concert, without laughing hesitantly to what I thought was suppose to be funny. The thing about a SNSD concert is that it’s like a stage play, there are certain parts of the concert that were designed to make you feel a certain way, only to change your expectations at the very end.

(I don’t see any need for this, but since I’m cutting straight to the end of the concert, I guess it counts as a spoiler, not that reading this fanaccount isn’t a spoiler in itself)

So basically, at the “fake” end of the concert, the girls are suppose to tell the audience that their next song is their final song, and that this would be the end. Of course, as most Sones would know by now, this is just part of the “story” and that we would chant and cheer for an encore, and the girls would pop back out to perform even more songs.

*Spoilers end*

Now see, I didn’t know that was happening. During my first concert in Seoul, I felt the mood of the ending, but I never understood it was happening verbally.
With full English comprehension throughout 90% of the concert, this was by far my most comprehensive SNSD concert experience to date. And this time around, I had to actually listen carefully to what they said, through all the shouting and screaming, AND watch their little antics. It was sensory overload, and I loved it.


This was essentially my audio range for the night; SNSD’s voices, and deafening screams.

There was an official translator hiding backstage, translating on the fly what the girls were saying in Korean. Or at least tried to. The girls were most of the time having their usual banter, bouncing of each other faster than the translator could keep up with, hahah. When I first heard the translator’s voice, I was trying to see if any of the girls, besides Tiffany, were translating it by looking at their mouths because I didn’t know about the official translator just yet, hahaa XD

Foreign languages? Me, Me!

SooYoung was probably the most enthusiastic about talking in English, apart from Tiffany. At every opportunity she got, she would speak to the audience in English. And in true SooYoung fashion, she made it hilarious. During the first “talk” sequences where all the girls would introduce themselves, SooYoung let out a low, sexy “Hello, Singapore~!” . Hahaa, she was just cringing with laughter after that. Her grasp on English was surprisingly good, her accent was clear, her pronunciation was accurate. It was really nice to hear her speak.


1.23 – SooYoung: “Hello, Singapore~~

Yuri showed off her Chinese language chops and did her introduction in Chinese. Seohyun topped Yuri off by doing her introduction in Chinese and English. It truly was an international concert.

SooYoung’s random bits of hilarity don’t stop there. At the end of the concert, just as the girls were about to walk off-stage, SooYoung granted the audience her patented aegyo kisses, with the other girls following suit as well. And just as she is about to go backstage, she belts out “Singapore, you guys are so Osam! (Awesome)”.


2.17 - Mighty kisses.
2.40 - SooYoung: “You guys are so Osam!”

Fany got stuck?

At the very start of “Naengmyun”, the girls would pop-out from all corners of the stage and go directly into the song. Naturally all eyes would be on the main stage where the first few girls appear. Only after a few seconds, if not minutes, would you realize that the other girls have already appeared on the center stage. And if your eyes were fast enough, you would turn your attention to the center stage, and what looks like Tiffany getting stuck in the hidden trapdoor, presumably due to faulty elevator equiptment/rig. I couldn’t find a fancam for the 1st day, but I did manage to find one from the 2nd day.


0.28 – Hyoyeon: “Trapdoor Oppa, sing with me!”

It is in fact, not a faulty elevator rig, as you can see. The girls were meant to “pop-out-of-nowhere”, where Hyoyeon and Yoona would use the side stairs, and Fany would use the trapdoor in the floor. This presumption of equipment failure may have arisen from previous fancams of the Japanese Arena Tour, which may or may not have been the case. However, for this leg of the concert, S.M. seemed to have eliminated the elevator rig entirely, and simply opted for a regular stair option, where Fany would simply just climb out of the trap door. Although, the fact that one would most likely shift their attention from the main stage to the center stage, catching Fany whilst climbing out the trap door, did make it seem as though she was stuck, lol. It was pretty amusing at the time :D

Confetti for Sunny, and a wand for Fany.

After the girls disembarked from their boat halves during “My Child”, they went through their usual routine and marched around the boat. Then, as they circled back to the front of the stage, 4 big white balloons floated to the top, and with a pop, confetti rained down onto the stage. As the girls were climbing back onto the boat, I spotted Taeyeon walking up to the edge of the stage. At first, It looked asthough she was receiving something from an off-stage staff. Upon closer inspection, she seemed to be picking something up from the edge of the stage. After a few seconds, she stood up and casually walked back to the boat. All of a sudden, she throws her hand up in the air, and confetti comes raining down on Sunny. Sunny was surprised and the fans screamed even louder. Taengoo, with her awesome Ninja skills, snuck up to Sunny and did an encore confetti celebration. It was hilarious, Taeyeon was such a dork, and we all loved it. I was so happy that I managed to get a glimpse of that little moment with so many other things going on.


0.18 – Confetti bomb.


0.05 – Taeyeon gathering confetti.

Before the boat started moving, Tiffany borrowed Seohyun’s wand and wanted to cast the wand forward to get the boat moving. Unfortunately, her timing was off, and after a few failed spells, she gave up, and only then did the boat move, hahaa . It was hilarious to just see them spontaneously change the usual routine and just go with the flow. Maknae got back her magic wand eventually, lol.

Posted Image

Posted Image


2.39 – Seohyun: “Unnie…..the wand obeys my voice alone.”