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[ARTICLE] Yoona, the star with the hottest hairstyle

09 December 2009 - 07:53 PM

Yoona, the star with the hottest hairstyle

Hair clinic LeeMun has given out a survey to 345 of its patients asking who they thought was the celebrity with the hottest hairstyle. The results came out as follows: Yoona took 1st place with 54.4% of the vote. Han Chae Young and Jun Ji Hyun came in 2nd and 3rd respectively with 27.2% and 21.1% of the votes.

The director of the hair clinic commented, "This survey shows that a healthy and radiant hair is crucial in expressing one's style while enhancing his or her attractiveness."

He also claimed that nowadays, instead of people with scalp problems, men and women in their 20s and 30s who have healthy but thin hair are more prominent among patients. Women especially ask to have hair like Yoona's when they talk to the hair specialists. The director of LeeMun clinic suggests keeping a balanced diet while taking plenty of rest at night besides receiving a specialized treatment in order to have healthy hair and scalp.

Crew members who have worked with her during filming have stated, "Yoona has a healthy head full of hair that can be styled in many ways, allowing her to fit well in many different roles."

source: here
translated by: ShcMad@yooniverse

[ARTICLE] Yoona: "I felt the happiest when Lee Seung Gi picked me as his ideal

07 December 2009 - 09:48 AM

Yoona: "I felt the happiest when Lee Seung Gi picked me as his ideal"

SNSD's member Yoona has claimed: "I felt the happiest when Lee Seung Gi picked me as his ideal."

In the most recent filming of KBS2's Sang Sang Plus, Yoona has also revealed that "Lee Seung Gi was always SNSD members' ideal guy."

Yoona said that Jo Kwon picking her as his ideal surprised her quite a bit.

"Even though Jo Kwon and I saw each other lots of times due to filming, he didn't show any interest in me," said Yoona. Also, she remarked that "All the guys who claim me to be their ideal don't show any signs of interest whenever we meet," bewildering other guests.

In this episode of Sang Sang Plus, Sunny and Tiffany also appear beside Yoona. Minho, Onew, and Key from Shinee are also guests. This episode featuring SNSD and Shinee is set to be aired on the 8th at 11:05PM.

source: http://spn.edaily.co...DirCode=0010301
translated by: ShcMad@yooniverse

[UFO] YoonA UFO reply 11.20.09

20 November 2009 - 07:33 AM

yoonA's new UFO reply
yoonA is really active on UFO lately.. her replies are always funny yet cute lol

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credit to: [email protected]

it's good to see her replies alot on UFO.. it mean she has quite enough spare time beside SNSD's 1st concert preparation, rite? :)

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thx to: TenCents@soshified for sharing and tranlating

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