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In Topic: Happy 1st Birthday to Soshified.com

01 February 2009 - 12:05 AM

Happy 1st Birthday, soshified - the best international source for soshi !!
i greatly appeciate the staff's hard work....so please continue support our gals w all our love
its nearly a year since i joined this forum but becuz of my personality so i dont post much...everyday, when i turn on the computer, the first thing that i do is access to SSF. In SSF, you can find everything abt soshi and met other S♥NE.
i really proud to be a mem of SSF. This year will be our gals year !! *spazzing*
i love new layout...SSF jjang

In Topic: [MESSAGE] Chin Chin and our Girls

14 January 2009 - 03:16 AM

so touching !! It's tearing me up !!
Sooyoung's message.....they're like family....
i hope they'll be like this forever and continue to bring us great perfs !!

thanks for sharing !!