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In Topic: [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2012 - 10:09 AM

Happy 5th anniversary to SNSD! It feel as though I have just joined the SNSD family yesterday! Thinking back all those memories of being jealous of rumors about SNSD being attached, watching their cute antics on variety shows, trying to figure out who is singing which verse in the song to going after the one that I really love, it's been a amazing journey! And all these are very fond memories in my heart.

I started to know about SNSD in the year 2009! That's when you girls just started out with the Genie promotion. I really miss those days!! You girls make my life complete in a certain way. Because of you girls, I know more friends, because of you girls, I get to talked to some friends that I have lost contact in the past!

At certain period of my life, new album came rolling out and whenever I listen to them now, they allow me to re-live those moments again. Like whenever I listen to Gee and Genie, it reminds me of those days where I will camp in front of the computer and keep on posting on soshified in order to get access to the soshisub forum. The days where I got my first iPhone and I would convert all my fav soshisub episode and put it inside.

You girls also make me go through my two years of army with ease. Even though sometime I don't listen to SNSD, whenever I need to find strength, your song always gives me strength! Song like run devil run, Oh!, echo, dear mom, way to go, Gee, Genie, Forever , Day by day, Into the new world all brings me strength and make my two years of army seem to pass faster.

You girls also taught me that music is a form of universal language regardless of where you are from! I'm always touched by songs like Dear mom, mistake, how great is your love, complete and many more!

BUT the song that always touches me especially now will be into the new world, listening to the song, always makes me think back of those videos I saw of you guys working SO HARD to get to where you are now! Listening to that song, made me realize how successful you guys are! That songs remind me of how you guys have grown so much over the years and all the hard work you have put into it! You guys have break not only into the hearts of Asians! But also into the heart of people from other continent!

I have a few first with SNSD! They are the first idol that I have ever started star-chasing for so long! They are the first to make me join a forum to get more news about them! They are the first for me to collect all of their album! They are the first that I announced to my parent that this is my favorite group! They are the first that makes me have goosebumps with their singing! They are the first that never fails to touch me in the heart whenever they sing! They are also the first that makes me go for their CONCERT!

THANKS YOU for making me enjoy the process and everything! ! ! I wonder what will I do without SNSD now! Regardless of all the rumors or criticizing how fake you guys are, you girls in my heart are always so real and I will be a SONE forever! That's a PROMISE!

And I will like to post a VERY BIG THANK YOU to SOY the soshified founder for keeping us update about the girls! Allowing us to interact with other fan from all over the world! AND FOR ALLOWING US TO BE ABLE TO WATCH AND UNDERSTAND SNSD VARIETY SHOW ALL YEAR ROUND! Thank you!

Jigeumeun So Nyu Shi Dae!

Apurodo So Nyu Shi Dae!!

Yeongwonhi So Nyu Shi Dae!!!

In Topic: Fanacc of SNSD concert on 10/12/11 in Singapore!

11 December 2011 - 07:28 AM

i am still feeling the post concert feeling!! AHHH!! I really hope to see them again... The starting is the best!

In Topic: [121011] SNSD Concert in Singapore~!

10 December 2011 - 08:50 PM

yup.. it was really a great night..till now i can still feel the highness within me.. I just can't get enough of them..... Wish they will come again!!! And the part where Tiffany is making her speech and all the other 8 members all give her their mic.. That's like so cute :D

What I am most happy of it the concert is to see their carefree smile..Especially Tiffany.

In Topic: [12.09.11] & [12.10.11] SNSD in Singapore, the good and bad

10 December 2011 - 09:10 AM

I was there too! Mine is the balcony area and there is this couple beside me that's super stone.. I really have no idea why they came in the first place.. that been said, there's two fan girl in front of me that's very crazy!! And though i didn't see them up close, i really feel the "heat" in the stadium. I like the way they started Genie!

Personal experience, i hope no one kill me for this.. but when they are singing the Japanese song, i was really dead~ because i only listen to their korean album..... Even though i didn't really wave my lightstick very hard, my body is shaking to the beats of all the song! Genie, The boys, Oh!, and Gee are the best! I shouted the fan chant freaking loud at the end of GEE. The people in my area didn't even know the fan chant except for the two girls in front of me. So i was quite sad that there is no one in my area that know the fan chant! But I really really enjoy myself with the encore. Don't know is it me or what, but the crowd was very high during the encore rather than the main part(aside from those hit tracks)... So during the encore, i was like a total fanboy! And i hope to relive it again!!!

But getting to see Jessica and Taeyeon is really good enough! Taeyeon is so adorable!!!!!! And Taeyeon solo is the epic moment!! And and and, i felt touch when they sing forever. And also into the new world. Today concert really make me proud of SNSD(speaking of which, during the encore, it wasn't as loud but it's on and off! I had my joy of shouting it!)because I have been following SNSD for close to 3 years now and getting to see them perform in LIVE for the first time, I am really proud of them!

Really hope they can have another concert soon in Singapore. What a way to end 2011~ I am still high~

In Topic: [UFO] Jessica's UFO Messages

07 February 2011 - 06:27 AM

OMG!! She totally own that person!!!

And, she's not such a ice princess afterall!! I love her sense of humour!! hahaha..