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In Topic: [MESSAGE] SNSD's Paper Airplane Letter Translations~

20 December 2009 - 07:30 AM

Thanks for translating! :)
This is a touching letter from them even if they just wrote it in a small piece of paper this letter of them will be a great treasure for us SONES.
The girls really put all their best in the concert... I hope they can rest after their concerts.
Too bad maknae's letter was not there it would be good if all 9 letters are complete...
Tiffany's letter is short but it is nice and sweet because she wrote a bible verse on it. Love you Tiffany! :)

I'm so disappointed that I can't go to their concert. I hope someday I can meet them in person.

SNSD Good Luck to your first concert! Love yah girls! SNSD JJANG! :)