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In Topic: [28.07.2013] How I met Tiffany in L.A

14 February 2016 - 03:45 AM

Wow! That is some great meeting of Tiffany there,  MeGustaSNSD. You should treasure that A LOT, it is ONCE a while meeting like that. Once in a long while that things run so right. Tiffany is one I would LOVE to meet if I could get the chance. Only Soshi could give Sones that little bit extra attention that both love so dear. I can been there myself, have not done it yet, a meeting like yours but Fanaccounts like this make me appreciate what it is like to meet Soshi or a Soshi member in this case.  Thank You, MeGustaSNSD for this. i appreciate it.  

In Topic: [OTHERS] SNSD are worried about SONE

05 February 2016 - 01:33 AM

Wow, this makes my day. I love reading about this. Well, hard to imagine, before the days of Instagram and its efficiency of communication. Doing UFO Replies? That seems like a relic from a long time ago. Hard to imagine it is just three years ago, much has changed in that short time.
      Okay, I love it how Soshi is concerned about Sones being concerned about Soshi. I think that shows the level of appreciation we have for each other. Well, in a SNSD/SONE, kind of way.   I hope, now, thta things are much improved. Today we have Instagram and Naver V Live APP, Twitter, Weibo and others that back then was not available or Soshi did not have accounts on them. Today it is far easier to communicate and share than it was before.

In Topic: [ARTICLE] Meet SNSD's another world

01 February 2016 - 11:17 PM

I know that i will get into trouble, or so, if I post something here but I cannot ignore it. :-) ... I just love reading about historic items and this Translated goodies, fits it quite well.
               I believe the colours the the girls are written in, well I do not know what its purpose was. Colour context would would be great if Soshi wore that colour clothing, back in 2007, although I cannot image that ever happening.  Anyway I liked reading the personality descriptions of each individual as well. Some like Jessica, arrogant Ice princess, is a little too direct a description to SoNyeoShiDae's smiling angle or should it say "Angel", Sunny, fits describing her back then very well. Although I would put in terms like brave and fearless from SNSD "Fashion Factory" and Bold from "infinite Youth" with the chickens, Alas, I digress, those terms in descibing Sunny, would come much later.
              As for the others as well Yoona's beautiful flower , is self evident to all who has seen her or at lease seen photos of her. Taeyeon, a young leader , is correct. Tiffany's A girl who shines like a jewel, does rhymes well with Brighter than Mushrooms, Fany, Fany Tiffany.  a long-legged model pose  For Sooyoung.  an outrageous energic dancing queen, describes Hyohoen very well, at least back then, She is more multi role today, Author, Dj among others. Lastly we have the last two, a long-lasting charming black pearl  for Yuri and finally overwhelming charming magnae  describes Seohyun very well. zIn summing up, i wonder what a description of soshi, written in this manner would describe them today?

           Anyway, Thanks for posting and translating this, ferdianap, I appreciate it

In Topic: [MESSAGE] Seohyun's Post on SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

01 February 2016 - 09:14 PM

Surprisingly no one has did a response to this since August 2015. I guess, I will then, giving Seohyun some love. I must admit, she does look great, the photo of her does. Oh that Catch GG phrase, is it a reference to that #catchgg contest where a funny video featuring elements from Catch Me if You Can mv, is given a reaction video, thing by Soshi? I think so. Anyway thanks for doing this,  redsunset, SoShi Subber.

In Topic: SoShified Timeline

17 January 2016 - 12:29 AM

    Soshified Daebak!!!

Indeed. Now at

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