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Did you use textures for these banners? I couldn't find it on the livejournal. Did you use brushes on these?
Here's the banners you made: http://i34.tinypic.com/2uoqfk6.jpg
Oct 30 2009 03:06 PM


hi ! thanks you for love my aw xD i'm not using bursh often . i used texxture . you can down it from Livejournal.
This is my LJ . Please kick " Garlic's lover " and you can serach more textures in here xD have fun . Nice to meet you
Oct 29 2009 08:33 PM


Hi! I saw your artwork. It's so amazing. I love all your icons and banner. I like how colorful and soft the brushes looked. I was wondering were did you download the brush from?
Oct 28 2009 06:11 PM


your siggy is just so ♥ ~
Oct 23 2009 03:54 AM


of course :X Cuz you'rea Yulsic's shipper and Yultaek's shipper ekeke . If i make it for you . can you promiseyou'll write more Yulsic fanfic for me xD keke. Please send me stock , text and more notes . i'll make it fast for you . this is my new posters for fanfics. i think you should see them TT.TT sorry cuz they're really bad . http://upanh.com/uploads/22-Aug-2009/21gawgv
Aug 21 2009 08:51 PM


i can request for her, and said yes and agreed to use it in her fanfic. so if you have time can you do a poster for me? please? i'll use it also as a cover since i'm kinda doing it as a book. the fanfic is starring by Yuri and Jaebum (2pm). it already has 11 chapters too. so may i?
Thanks for your time reading my message! i tried to pm you but inbox is full
Aug 21 2009 03:23 PM


Hi i saw your artwork thread
The last pocter is so adorable[i]!!![/i] i really really love it[i]!![/i]
mnn. . .anyways, can i ask a favor from you? i recently addicted to this fanfic and seeing your posters made me want to request poster from you. i actually request from soompi but unfortunately the person taking request ditch her thread. i already ask the author if i
Aug 21 2009 03:21 PM


ss Tỏi ơi... dạo này ss im ắng thế? ss ko dịnh ds theme cho soshivn à :(( để thế này trông forum hơi tẻ T_T
Aug 04 2009 03:57 AM

anneth jungchi

thanks a lot~
Jul 09 2009 09:41 PM