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My Mind is always playing this:Pyeororong~~ Jeon Hwawasseoyo~ 5,6,7,8 Bad-ara Bad-ara Bad-ara Bad-ara Neo Reul Yongseohaji anh jett-da Tchuk Tchuk Tchuk Tchuk Tchuk Tchuk Tchuk... Updated 14 Apr · 0 comments

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Oh No! My profile being cleaned?? Okay...Reconstruct back~~

Update. . .update. . .update [26.08.2013]

I dreaming Jessica Yesterday! >.<

(i) I saw YoonA (28 April 2012)

with white outfit (I think outfit when they at Malaysia 1st concert) ... Shake my hand like greeting ... but the weird is it happens while I'm at my friends house o.o

(ii) I saw SeoHyun (
28 April 2012) when she sits on the bench with nice dress somewhere in apartment area (the park maybe?) ... I just only saw her and greets her like neighbor lol ... and then, the weird is I continue play around >.<


(iii) Hmm, another one I met Taeyeon, Sunny, and Sooyoung...Near the place where my college is, i greet Kid Leader at the "half dark" place...shaking hands...then they go to a event nearby, some sore of fanmeeting or showcase...becoz the place event is small...


(iv) This one is epic, Tiffany Fany time...sitting outside the house on the sofa...well not just sit but lay down as well!!! She treat me like her little brother...with her shorts...ommo I see her white legs so close!!! Well me just neutral, not going to attack her HAHA...Yeah She's my sister on dreamland...why need to...?


(v) Taeyeon once again popped out, and its on her "Birthday" . . .I sleep on my dorm at University, saw Taeyeon face...but i don't know what actually happen...Aigoo I should type everything here THAT TIME!!! T_T


(vi) Jessica (29.5.13) . . . on my dream, i sit somewhere on Centre Point where i live...When I say "My Name is Jessica" ROFL!!! Then she popped her face somewhere, and smile + laugh at me...my reaction, super shy and cover my face with my hands...LOL sweet memories


(vii) Oneun (3.6.13) . . . Oh man, TaeYeon once again appear on my dreamland...this time more better...i dream her throwing signed balls at some people...me luckily get one of it...but strange she throw many times...I got 3 balls o_o i also can see clearly on the ball it is Taeng signature ommo2...


(viii) 25 June 13...okay another bias appears again...this time is YoonSic moment...somewhere in cinema (maybe wanna watching movie) At first I saw them, thought wanna show them my phone wallpaper...but suddenly they sit from back to my side (seat) . . .Sica sit really next to me while Yoong sit next to Sica with a lane between. The funny part is another few soshi sit next to my other side. Sooyoung is the obvious i can remember. After that, i took out a handkerchief...with her face and name on it, she saw it and said "yah, that's me" . . . Oops she saw that lol and i sometimes said in Malay and English lolol. . .Sica just smiling there >.< Thought on asking signature but instead she give me her personal black pen (rare figure too) lol...so no signature has been made . . . After the movie, me and Sica going to another shop (food maybe?) . . .though wondering where YoonA and the others already, gone for sure lol...Here's another funny part I asked her "Hmm did you ever do autograph on pics (i mean many pics) to distribute on store? Her answer, i dun remember == maybe yes is the answer...then i explain to her about fakes one...i think she understands that...after that i try to go somewhere a while and left her there, after going back . . . She's gone . . . sad . . .then i woke up and open this acc and write about this story . . .the end lol


pst: this is the phone wallpaper i using it . . .


- 6 July...this time dream about all members at once, playing some sort a game...maybe a board game...just can't remember it >< i'm really late typing this story, kinda forgotten some part. . . . After some time, i'm on the bus with YoonSic + Yul...me sit right next to YoonA ommo finally lol...sitting like normally nothing happen...when the bus stop me and Yoong go to the back (the bus back door) , while I saw Sica's phone there...i tell her "your phone (something like that) " then she noticed...after that...can't remember lol...


pst: not sure what purpose riding on bus together, dream sometimes can weird until we not understand it when awake...maybe to SM Building? It's not bus but a "van" ? Curious . . .


- 26 Aug, it's been a while dreaming about them...Well this time is about a game...Firstly, illogical part...it's game which using token, where I will go inside a tunnel...Need to guess the correct answer from the question given, if wrong I will electified! Secondly, best part...2nd round game, I given a question to guess a song played...need to sing along too...SUDDENLY, I heard "Dear Mom" . . .Looking above, errr...it's Soshi...lol...BUT the song doesn't look like Dear Mom to me...okay, I just sing it...After that, they replayed my voice...I just running away to hide and sing Gee song to cover my ears from hearing my worst singing just now...Well Soshi must heard it already...and LAUGH o.o ...then the game ends, SNSD also going down and meet me...YoonA just waving at me with smile...ommo...handshake (just like in Eid Day) with Tae...and a short talk to Fany, I said to her "I never listened Dear Mom for long time, so I can't sing it well" . . . Fany answered "no worries, hey you from month of February (where I born) right?" Me... "How do you know?" Fany..."Well, (looked at Soonkyu)" Then I'm like err okay~ After that, I wish to take selca with them...But they just rejected me...they worried about Sone been mad again...LOL okay~ Finally, they had to go by bus...when they left, they all waving at me...me too~~ that's not all, what the...on a sudden my friend is with them waving too at me...okay, that's weird...So, I feel kinda jealous already...sad life...and yeah dream can be weird right?...The End . . .


pst: my dream is relate to K-Variety show...soshi as Guest, myself a Contestant need to guess, review my singing after answering...it's similar o.o

History of Kpopers...

How I get into these kpop? There is a history about it...

1.Begin back to year 2007...yeah the year SNSD debuted...but actually I'm not officially a sone's yet...But I firstly listen to Korean song Full House drama by Rain + Never Say Goodbye on My Girl drama...

2.Then after that, some my chingu suggest me a drama Witch Yoo Hee where I heard the song You Are My Destiny - Lee Dong Wook [ okay don't confuse on You're My Destiny - f(x) ]

3.Okay year 2009...the year that going to change my life forever...Since I'm 17 years old that time...During the history presentation on my school...At the end of the slideshow, my friend play a MV which kinda make me interesting...After that I ask my friend "what video is that just now?" He said Gee - Girls' Generation . . . If u know that MV is already change me a lot!!! From a person who just like love song [maybe if keep listening it...I never move on] to a more better...kpop song which make me moved...lol...

4.Well that changes is the biggest change in my life...

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