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Kai Saeko

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Kai SaekoFany

May your bright mushroom eyesmiles keep their beautiful shining smiles :P
Aug 01 2010 11:04 AM

Kai Saekosangchu.

hey, sorry for the super-late pm reply lol ... i guess i never checked pm mails much!
SOrry! =P
Jul 30 2010 06:01 PM

Bjorn AlexisKai Saeko

yeah i havent heard about that country
but thanks to you now i have
so why did you move to the US?
Jul 21 2010 06:28 AM

♥snsd17♥Kai Saeko

ur not in myanmar? but atleast ur still callin urself a burmese.. i dun even wanna live here. so where are u now?
Jul 21 2010 12:26 AM

TrinaKai Saeko

haha, im from the states as well.
im 17 years old. you?
Jul 18 2010 09:04 PM

Kai SaekoTrina

Trina, where do u live? loli'm in states XD and how old r u? lol ^^
Jul 18 2010 09:02 PM

Kai SaekoBjorn Alexis

moved from a country called "Burma" a.k.a "Myanmar" ... i dun expect you to have heard of it or anything ... lol ppl dun know about it much, it's in souh east asia. Thanks! i guess i'll get used to it soon and then have fun! ^^
Jul 18 2010 09:01 PM

Bjorn AlexisKai Saeko

well maybe as you get used to little rock
youll find out where the fun stuff to do is
and then your next birthday will be awesome
although a birthday spent with soshie is still a good one
where did you just move from?
Jul 18 2010 05:49 AM

Boboy321Kai Saeko

Hi there dongsaeng!
Yeah connect is looking great!I'm loving it there so far ^^
Jul 18 2010 02:08 AM

TrinaKai Saeko

haha it depends on where you live ;)
besides, i'm taking the course again this fall and since im experience i get to make even more at a faster pace. muaha! :P
Jul 18 2010 12:58 AM