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[OTHERS] Yuri, Sunny, Yoona, & Sooyoung included in SUJU's 3rd Album Thank Yous

15 March 2009 - 09:46 AM

In the 'Thank You' section of the new 'Sorry Sorry' album from Super Junior, Heechul & Sungmin both thanked a few SNSD members.

From Heechul's Notes

"봐, 흐흐흐흐~ 웃기만하는 썬팅빛깔 탕약칼라 권유뤼, 너의 애교는 나의 이단옆차기를 부르지.. 귀염둥이 호빗순규, 딱밤때리기 딱 좋은 이마를 가지고있는 새벽의 저주.. 윤아"

"See, hehehe~ The ever-laughing, sun tint color, herbal tea color Kwon Yuri, your aegyo (acting cute) makes me want to sidekick you.. Cutie hobbit Soonkyu, and the one that has a forehead perfect for flicking, the Saebyuk (early morning) curse.. Yoona"

From Sungmin's Notes

"여동생 수영이! 써니!"

"Little sister Sooyoung! Sunny!"

credit: aseo @ soshified.com
source: alice @ sj-world.net <-- thank you