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About Me

I am a HARDCORE SONE and will forever be one. I am also an old school SONE and by that i mean i have been an SNSD fan since their debut days with 'into the new world'in 2007.
SNSD in my view is by far one of the best girl groups out there and is really on a level of their own. We can surely see this when they appear on guest shows, interviews, radio shows it is even stated by the hosts and MCs.
SNSD are a group of completely grounded girls which is what i LOVE and they are halariously dorky, smart, intelligent, beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, kind, caring, gentle but tough and strong girls and together with THE POWER OF NINE. I believe they can achieve WORLD DOMINATION!


I have now started to ship TaengSic... :D


The following is my post on a forum topic about SNSD's disbandment and how i feel becuase i am sick and tired of reading posts saying SNSD is going to disband, because i feel that they won't so here it is:

I actually don't think SNSD will ever disband. Yes some of you may think i am a delusional SONE in denial but for me SNSD is truly amazing and they have overcome so many hurdles together that i really don't see disbanding as a future for them but as an fantasy to all thoes antis. SNSD has faced black oceans and STAND and have survived thus far and i think they will continue doing so. SNSD in my opinion won't disband but rather in future years become a little less active but they won't disband.
The girls said so themselves that they wished to emulate Shinwa in that they could in the future come together everynow and then and perform as GIRLS' GENERATION! They said that they wished to perform together on stage as all nine forever, that no matter what they want to remain as SNSD even when they are old and above their thirties although it would be strange for them to be known as GIRLS' GENERATION thats what they wanted and if thats what they want i see nothing taking that away from them. SNSD has survived till their fifth anniversary without losing or swapping any of the members a feat in the kpop industry and you want to know why? Its because of the undeniable Soshi bond, yes other artists are close, yes they all have special bonds but for me when i see the girls together i feel like i am witnessing more special than a familial bond but a friendship that transcends the boundaries of aquantinces. For me this is the factor that fuels my belief that SNSD will forever continue. I mean of course eventually they will pursue their individual careers but every once in a while they will come together and release and album and for me as a SONE that is ebough but that doesn't mean they have disbanded it means they are less active. I mean i am sure one day SNSD will hold their last concert and when that day comes i will probably cry and so will the girls but i know they will still see eachother and they will still be SNSD because SNSD wil NEVER disband.
SONEs to thoes of you who believe they will i really can't think of you as a fellow SONE but just as a fan, i know i can't define what a SONE truly is but that is my true opinion, i do not want to dispute this with anyone but rather express what i think and feel and for me SNSD will never disband because after that last concert SNSD is still SNSD and us SONEs will see it through with them with all nine girls together. And i like to think that you SONEs are with me becuase i hope to always here one of my most favourite fanchants in the world! :D

This is a link to the topic: In What Year Do You Think The Girls Will DIsband?

As for me i ship:
TaeNy (as suggested by my username), YulSic, YoonYul, TaeSic, 2Ny and Sunny and Hyomin!
The most adorable cartoon about TaeNy and abit of YulSic:
Episode 1: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=r3apQjlfJk4
Episode 2: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=pA0xpU9h0IQ
Episode 3: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=2whfPLmH3IY
Episode 4: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=sO3KPrucExA
Episode 5: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=UyhR_vcsijM
These videos could probably go on some threads but they're so awesome i thought i might as well share it on my about me page :D

A STORY THAT EVERY FANYTASTIC HAS TO KNOW ^^ : http://snsdkorean.co...se-image-heavy/

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