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#6653592 [SONG] Heart Road - Jessica

Posted by harlons on 12 October 2014 - 12:07 PM



In the faraway sky, there is only one sun

As it rides in the clouds, my heart's way is only one as well


What do you think about that 2 intro line lyrics before the  song verse start ?  When i first time heard it + seeing the lyric, for me it's very deep and powerful intro, beside the instrument harmoniously sync and our Jessica voice start to echoing.... ah......... speechless


It's a ballad song, which have a rich asian melody from the beginning to the end, the chorus contain grand and powerful effect. Anyway idk how to put it, i don't  know about music, i just write what i feel, however this song is about a dream, vision, love & firmness


And the last, the great king's dream itself is a historical drama, and this song is composed by Kim junbum & Lee Changhee who worked together previously for Taeyeon's first ost "if"


I Love this song very much (9/10)


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