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#4902874 [120218] YoonHyunFany in 2012 F/W Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show

Posted by Nichole on 25 February 2012 - 11:48 AM

Finally, SNSD came to London, although it’s just Tiffany, YoonA and SeoHyun, its good enough to make UK Sone happy.

Me and a few UK SONE went to see YoonA arrive in the airport. We waited for a few hours only to see her for a few minutes but it was all worth it. It gave us motivation. The next day, we decided to go to Selfridges in the hopes of bumping into her. We were wandering around and finally we saw her with two managers. One of my friends(Jhoana) is a YoonA bias and she froze at the first sight of her Goddess but she was able to come forward and ask for YoonA’s autograph. Yoona looked at us and smiled so sweetly. YoonA patiently signed for 3 of us but she got stopped by her manager because they were rushing to another place. She was really nice and sweet. She said ‘Spell your name please’ to me in a very soft and sweet voice. I was like OMG, this is too cute but I have to tell her my name.

After YoonA left with her manager, we stayed and kept wandering around the area. We got tired but guess what?! We met Tiffany!!! She was with the her manager. We’re not sure but we were all grateful she went to Selfridges too! We didn’t even know she landed in London already, she is like a ninja. It was Sunday, the store closed at 6:30pm. For those not knowing what Selfridges is, it’s one of the most famous department stores for Luxury Brands in UK. This time all of us got an autograph from her.

At first we were all quite cautious of approaching Tiffany. But 2 of my friends approached her first welcoming her to UK with gifts. Tiffany looked shocked at first, I don’t think she was expecting to have fans around. She thanked my friends and even offered to shake their hands. (They said Tiffany’s hands were really soft!) We asked if she’s enjoying her shopping, (she already had a lot of bags with her!)

My friend showed her Soshified wristband that we were all wearing and Tiffany said it was nice to see the UK-side (UK representatives) of Soshified. She was really nice and we did chat a little. I said to her ‘Do you remember Oniontaker? He got me an autograph from you in Paris’. She was like Oh, nice meeting you in person. She said Hi to Oniontaker and said something else about him. LOL Before she left, I quietly talked to her saying ‘Do you think it’s possible to get a picture with you’. She heard me and was like HEHEHE We are not allowed to. It’s funny on the way she said it. They left and we decided to go for dinner.

It’s funny that I think Tiffany it’s not used to the British accent; she couldn’t really get what my friends said. She was confused with the spelling of names as well because I think there are differences between UK and US.

At first Tiffany didn’t understand Carol, she said she’s not used to the British accent so we tried to say Carol’s name in an American accent so it was easier for her to understand. Tiffany was extremely nice she was smiling the whole time, even the manager unnies seem really chilled out. At one point the managers were looking at our Mr Taxi albums, giggled to themselves and said something to Tiffany in Korean. Not sure what they were talking about, but they seemed impressed we all had albums with us. Just before Tiffany left, my friend gave Tiffany gifts. A bag for Tiffany, a bag for Sooyoung (for her birthday) and another bag for Taeyeon (her birthday coming up) Tiffany looked a bit hectic with all the bags thrown at her, so the manager unnies had to take a few bags away from her. After we said our goodbyes, we could see Tiffany looking at her gifts, maybe she was pleased with the matching TaeNy t-shirts. Tiffany was really nice, smiling and waving at us the entire time.

Carol who is from central of UK had to catch a train later that night so we decided to go to eat in a restaurant before she leave. LOL It was all just luck. We met SeoHyun’s family and the cute manager in the restaurant. There was about 9 of us we went up to them, said Annyeonghaseyo and 90degrees at the same time. Her parents saw us and they looked extremely impressed. They must have thought it was a special service from the restaurant as I don’t think they knew we were fans at first. We manage to get SeoHyun’s autographs. At first, manager oppa tried to stop her from signing for us but SeoHyun said to him “ Oppa, please” in Korean and he let her sign. It was the sweetest thing ever. She was so nice and patiently signed for all of us. I spelled my name Nichole with a H in between. She paused a bit and continued to write what I spelled. Then I told her to write London. She was confused, and looked at me. My friends were confused as well, why London. They were all looking at me. I was like Yeah just write London. Haha. She probably thought that why my name is Nichole London. LOL She wrote it though and added an exclamation mark at the end. I went to one side and saw her mom. I said SeoHyun Omma? She was so shy and smile. I said Hi in Korean to her. End of conversation because I can’t speak Korean. Then I turned back to SeoHyun and said 소녀시대 come to London, UK SONE had been waiting. She looked at me and smiled. So gorgeous.

We also found Seohyun had a little trouble with our British accent aswell. My friend Lorraine was trying to spell her name for Seohyun. She kept saying “R” but Seohyun froze and hesitated. She looked at us with this cutest confused look. We kept repeating “R” but the manager oppa kept telling her its “A.” She wrote A at first, but then we started to roll our R in a more American accent, and she finally understood. We highly recommend you guys to write your name on a sticky note to make things easier for them next time. It was just the cutest moment.
While we were all spazzing about meeting SeoHyun, my sister was like OMG that manager is cute. So she went and get a picture with him. He was so shy. I asked what you think about London. He said something in Korean then quickly said First time in London (English). LOL so cute. I want a picture with him too. Sigh.

Finally, it’s the fashion show. We went to the venue 30 mins before the show and there were so many fans already. We waited a while before the girls walked down from the car. The fans started to shout crazily for them. YoonHyunFany were so nice. They started waving at the fans and people around them were wondering who these girls are. They got interview for quite a long time by local press. I was so impressed and touched by it. Then, they walked to the photo booth where all the big cameras are. They took group pictures, then individual pictures of each girl. We waited about 30 minutes before the girls walked out again. They were waiting in the cold for their cars. During that time, quite a few people went and took picture with them. They were waving and smiling to the fans. Tiffany said Thanks For Coming.

At this point you can see the crowd was shifting around wherever the girls were moving to. It just happens they were standing by the exit, so all the crazy fangirls were trying to push themselves through security while the guests were trying to get out. Was abit crazy at first, as you can see the girls laughing. All the fangirls were telling the guest “move out of the way” lol. The girls were talking pictures with their manager unnies, cordy unnie and their manager oppa. My friends found the manager oppa cute so screamed “manager oppa….mashida!” I think my friend was trying to say he was good looking in Korean, but accidently said he was “tasty!” We could see Tiffany, Yoona’s famous alligator laugh, the manager oppa blushed and his face went all red. Seohyun looked confused as I don’t think she heard.

There was alot of fan service. The girls kept waving at us, Seohyun even made a cute heart gesture that made the crowd scream. Just before they were about to go, the girls walked forward towards the crowd so we could take a closer look at them. Everyone was screaming. They really were so pretty up close. Actually it’s our first time to see Seohyun giving more fanservice compared to Yoona and Tiffany. Seohyun is abit awkward at times, she knows it and tries to improve herself .After our meeting it really shows Seohyun did a great job, she’s able capture your heart when she smiles and waves at you."

Really happy that UK SONE really supported them well.
That’s all from my fan account. Hope to see SNSD more in London.

PS : Friends (UK SONE) that were with me are @kangaroo1002 (Lorraine), @Peachuki (Jhoana), @ym830 (Kim), @cazc414 (Carol), @ZaZaKu84 and my sister @wanwan0903. ME @nicholechai
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#3975441 [20110609-13] SMTOWN Live in Paris + Press Con

Posted by Nichole on 14 June 2011 - 03:16 AM

09 June 2011

Me and Vin arrived Paris really early in the morning and have to wait till 12pm before I can actually checked in to the hotel. I was so excited about this trip since it will be my first time seeing the girls. After settling down and sightseeing a bit (hoping to see the girls), I went to Etap Partin to find Micha for our bundles and collect the lightsticks from her. I was really happy to see so many SONEs and decided to hang out a bit until I saw UK SONEs came to collect the bundles. We decided to walk around the concert venue and went to the back of the hall. Some sones saw TaeYeon and Sunny ran into the backstage from their car. I think they waved at the fans? Not quite sure. I was so sad that I missed it. We waited for 4 hours hoping to see the girls leave the place after the rehearsal. Finally, the girls came out. We were waving our pink foam crazily up the road to have a better view of the girls. The girls waved back as well. The girls went into their car but the car didn’t move. So, we decided to run to the other side of the road so that we can waved at them when their cars passed by. We waited and finally saw their cars moved. We were waving crazily at them. Jessica, Hyoyeon, Yuri and SooYoung were in the first car with tinted windows. We can’t really see who is waving but we saw lights from mobiles waving. TaeYeon, YoonA and Sunny were in the second car. Sunny turned and talked to YoonA. She saw us and was shocked, she quickly waved back. OMG!! So cute. SeoHyun left with Shinee because she has to rehearse on her duet with Kyuhyun. I didn’t see her walked into the car and Tiffany left alone in a different car. We were too busy spazzing about the girls that’s why all of us missed Tiffany and didn’t see her walked into the car.  First day in Paris!! LOL

10th June 2011

Finally it’s the concert; I was so excited about it. We went to the Le Zenith at around 3pm for the soundcheck. There were a few SONEs with me. It was kind of lame that we paid so much just for a 30 minutes soundcheck. Anyway, still enjoy seeing the girls on stage. I was screaming and singing along while the girls were performing. Such a hectic night. Nearly lose my voice.. LOL

11th June 2011

Press Conference fanaccount will be the same as Micha’s so just refer to hers. LOL Too lazy to type it out.


I can’t keep my eyes away from the girls during the press con. I was just looking at them and taking pictures. Have to act professional before they start kicking us out. LOL. I saw Jessica and Sunny were whispering to each other and start smiling and looked at my direction??? I smiled back and was too shy I quickly looked down and they start laughing. Well, probably they are just looking or talking about something else but I think they are looking at me?? LOL

Lol finally its the concert. I was busy taking pictures for soshified. Took like 1000+++ pictures. Gotta sort out all my pictures and hopefully could post in ssf soon. I enjoyed the first night and I think I should do something for others lol.

Don’t call me a stalker please.

I went to their hotel right after the concert with my sisters. I was waiting for them with some fans at the lobby till around 3am?? Then I saw Yuri and HyoYeon walked into the lift. I don’t remember whether I see Sunny or not. Everything happened so quickly. I waited a while, then I saw YoonA walking back alone from the front. When she walked pass me I shouted, SOSHIFIED IS HERE! Then she was like turned and waved and smiled at me. OMG she is so gorgeous. I died at that time and forgot that I have to take pictures. LOL At about 4am, Tiffany, Jessica and SooYoung came back together from the backdoor. Tiffany was saying THANKS FOR COMING. Jessica saw us and quickly put on her cap and started to wave at us. SooYoung waved at us as well. OMG LOL best night ever. I didn’t see TaeYeon, SeoHyun and Sunny(??) probably they were too tired and didn’t go to the party.


The concert is over, most of the fans thought they will be leaving today. Lots of fans were waiting to see their artists leave the hotel at the lobby. 7 SNSD members came out at around 1.30pm in a group to a restaurant at the back of their hotel. I was at the backdoor of the hotel looking at F(x). LOL got distracted because Luna and Amber are really nice. They signed fans album and even bring their album back into the car so the other members can signed it.
A SONE I met in the hotel came to me and said SNSD just walked out the hotel from the front, so I quickly ran to the front and walked behind them. I saw TaeYeon, Tiffany and Sooyoung were walking together at the back. While TaeYeon, Tiffany and SooYoung were crossing the road, there's a car coming. I quickly shouted THERE's A CAR!! LOL they looked and started running a bit. Sunny, HyoYeon, SeoHyun, YoonA were walking in the front. The staff and manager are strict so I can’t get any autograph. They went into this freaking expensive restaurant. 42 euros per meal!! I was hesitating should I go in or not?? Anyway, I decided to go in, since one of my main things to do in Paris is to have a typical French meal. I picked a place which is right at the corner and can see a few of the girls. I tried not to look at them since I don’t want them to feel disturbed. I was with a friend, so weird, she is an ELF. LOL I wrote a note and told the waiter to pass it to the girls. My friend said SooYoung was reading it. OMG. I know it’s weird but when you see the girls you will do anything for them.
Basically, I didn’t know what I had eaten during the meal. I just remember stuffing some food into my mouth and swallow it. There goes my 42 euros. LOL Anyway, it’s worth it. I decided to leave before the girls, and decided to go to the washroom first before paying for my bills. The toilet was actually right in front the girls’ table. I didn’t know that so I just walked passed their table and stand at the other end of their table. I didn’t dare to look at them as I was looking for the toilet. I was so lost and blank standing there for like 10-20 seconds because I couldn’t see any sign of the toilet. It was all tables and wall right in front of me. I walked a bit and moved back a bit and was wondering where the toilet is. The girls must have been thinking what I am doing standing there so lost. I turned back and saw a waiter. I quickly grabbed him and shouted Excuse me, where’s the toilet? I bet Tiffany must have heard me. He told me it was just right behind me where I was standing lost. LOL OMG.. This is so embarrassing. The girls must have been laughing from the inside. Such an embarrassing moment. My face was so hot and red at that moment. I quickly paid and walked out and waited for the girls to come out. They came out but I tried to leave some spaces by not following too close. While we were at the restaurant, someone said Jessica just left the hotel with her mom and got kicked out from the first taxi before going into the next one.
Tiffany and SooYoung went into a black car. Tiffany was shouting Thanks for coming before walking into the black car. If I’m not wrong, I saw TaeYeon argued with the manager before walking off with Sunny, YoonA and HyoYeon. Go TAEYEON!!! LOL the manager and staff faces were blank. I think they were waiting for TaeYeon and others to come back so their car waited there for like 10 to 20 minutes. I and a few SONEs tried to ask for autographs but the managers and staff were too strict. So we stand outside the cars and whenever we see the car’s door opened we will like wave and say HI. Tiffany said SORRY because she couldn’t give us autographs (can’t really hear what she was saying). When the door opened again, I saw Kwon Yuri sitting at the back. We started to wave and she waved back at us before the staff closed the door.
SeoHyun was hesitating which car to get in she was like going back and for. Finally, she went in alone to the white car and sat there with a girl. HyoYeon came back and started to talk to the manager about the other 3 who just walked off and didn’t know what to do. Manager was confused as well and so the black car (Tiffany, SooYoung and Yuri) left first. Before we left, I saw SeoHyun writing something in her diary (I guess). SeoHyun was waving at us as well and quickly get back to her book. LOL so cute. Sadly all the other SONEs have to catch a train back to UK so they had to go. I was left alone.
I decided to go to the Lovre Museum to have a walk and called Micha if she wants to join me. She agreed to come and meet me and bring me around since she is a French SONE. Well, our main reason is to spot for SNSD. LOL
She said she will be at that place in about 30 minutes, so I walked to the stairs and waited there for like 45 minutes? LOL anyway it doesn’t matter. Finally she told me she is coming I quickly walked to the entrance and waited for her. While I was looking around waiting for her, I saw this Asian girl besides me looks like Jessica. I wasn’t 100% sure about it. So, I looked at her and looked away a few times until she spoke. I was like that definitely is Jessica. OMG She was with her mom. Taking turns by taking pictures of each other. There were only 2 of them.
I approached them slowly and asked, Are you Jessica?!? She was like Yea? I asked again, Can I have an autograph please? She was like yea and the mom said: “In return can you help us to take pictures after that?” I was like” Of Course! I can take like 100+ pictures for the both of you.” Jessica saw my new Japanese album photobook and was flipping through it. The mom was like is this new? Did you get it or stuff like that to Jessica, Jessica said something like not yet or no. I can’t understand Korean LOL Well they had a short mom and daughter conversation. While Jessica was signing my album, the mom talked to me.
She was asking Where am I from? I was like “I’m from London, UK. Actually I’m from Malaysia but I’m currently studying in London. The mom asked again “Did you go to the concerts?” I was “Yea, I went both nights and it was really great. SONEs were trying their best to cheer for the girls since there weren’t many SONEs at the first night.” I think I asked Is she your mom or something like that. Jessica was like YEA.. I said it’s really nice to have your mom here and have a vacation together. LOL I asked how long are you going to be in Paris. The mom said couple more days. I know I shouldn’t have asked that but I just want to act normal. Jessica was listening to the whole conversation while signing my album. She looked up once a while and asked for my name. She wrote IN PARIS <3 too.. OMG.. so cute.. haha.. Finally I took 3 pictures of her and her mom in front of the place. They started to walk away that’s when the other fans started to ask for autographs from her. I felt bad for them since I was the first one doing it and said sorry to her mom for the mess. She said it’s okay. LOL I didn’t want to destroy their vacations. I was besides her mom most of the time and her mom is so cute. I kept telling her Sorry for the mess. She was busy taking pictures at the side when Jessica was giving out autographs. Sooooooooo NICE and cute. I asked the mom can I actually take a picture with Jessica? She was like Of course. My heart stopped for seconds. I couldn’t believe my ears. Micha was besides me, we were like waiting for her to finish signing. Then when Jessica was about to leave with the mom, the mom told her that girl (ME!!!) wants to take a picture with you. She stopped and looked back so I walked to her and quickly gave the camera to Jessica’s mom. Her mom was so cute. She said I don’t know how to use it, I said just look into the hole and press the button. LOL Me and Micha took a picture with Jessica and the picture was taken by Jessica’s MOM. OMG!!! I can’t stop spazzing about it. I keep telling Micha I’m going to die soon. LOL
Sorry I can't post the picture here as I don't want Sica to get into trouble. LOL

(Micha’s Twitter)
Micha => Gave Jessica my Soshified Bracelet also : "Do you have it ?" "No", "Do you want it ?" (already pushing it in her hand ) "umhh...sure =)"

It’s really a great experience for the both of us. We are so crazy about it. OMG. My heart just stopped at that moment.
I still can’t stop spazzing about it the whole day. We decided to go back to the hotel and waited for the girls. We were sitting at the lobby and were chilling out. Suddenly we saw a girl walked in, and I was like Is that YoonA? Micha was like Go check it out?? I quickly ran over and said Hi YoonA, can I sign?? I don’t even know what I was talking about. I was so nervous. CAN I SIGN?? (what is that) And I didn’t have my album with me so I was like doing the movement sign on my hand. She was scared or shy I think. She smiled and walked into the lift. Didn’t get an autograph. Well it’s okay.

We then decided to wait outside the hotel. We saw Tiffany, SooYoung and Yuri walked into the hotel real quick. We waited a while and all of us went home. Such a crazy day.

I was kind of sad because I saw all 8 girls but not Jessica’s in the afternoon but later I got her autograph and PICTURE.. OMG!!!! That’s the best moment in my life now.

13th June 2011

Last day in Paris for me. Me and Vin went to the hotel around 10am but I decided I should go do some shopping since it’s my last day. So I left the hotel and went back at around 1.30pm?? I was wondering around the hotel because I felt bored and don’t think the girls are there. We left at around 3pm to Lovre Museum again to meet with Micha and some French sones. We had a chat and walked to Champs Eleyssee hoping to see the girls there. Before we decided to go back to our hotel to get our luggage, me and Vin walked to the girls’ hotel hoping to see them one last time and it’s not that far as well. We got lost a bit finally we reached the Metro outside the hotel. I saw a staff that was with SNSD earlier. I wanted to hide my face because I don’t want the staff to think that I’m a stalker. LOL. But then I realized the girl next to him looked so familiar. I shouted YURI!! She turned and looked at me. I was like OMG!! My heart stopped again. I asked can I get an autograph. She was like Sure. The staff wanted to stop her but she used a bit of her aegyo and the staff just let her. I said I’m from London, UK and is going to leave tonight. She was trying to say something in English but she couldn’t say it. I thought she was asking when am I leaving so I said Tonight in Korean 오늘밤. LOL my sooo failed Korean. I got that word from Big Bang’s song. Hahahaha. She was saying some 3 letters Korean. She was laughing I guess. Then I said 한국어 몰라. Lol our weird conversation. I said can you put my name there. She was waiting for me to tell my name. I said Nichole. She was like AH!! N-I-C-O-L-E while writing down and looked at me to make sure it’s correct. I was like Yea. Well actually it’s NICHOLE but I don’t care yo. Hahahaha She wrote Thank U at the end as well. OMG. First Jessica wrote In Paris <3 Yuri wrote Thank U. Yulsic is the best yo..

I forgot to give my fanletter though anyway it’s fine. Haha. That’s the best few days in my life ever since I was born.

Really the girls have the best fans service among all SM artists. They are the best!!!

Really nice to meet so many sones from all around the world. Without them this trip wont be that fun. It doesn't matter whether we are from different forums we are all still SONES. Language is not a barrier. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. Really appreciate it.

@nicholechai (Twitter)

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