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In Topic: 01 - I Got a Boy

02 January 2013 - 06:11 AM

so powerful!!
after watching the MV,repeat it for umpteenth times,read this lyric finally i can understand what it's about.

ah my english so bad so i just can say;

"proud for our girls. they bravely facing new style of dancing and music genre. they stand there,dancing and singing not only for US,SONE but for every people,antis and the other. as a SONE i feel so grateful for them."

from the deepest of my heart,thank you so much SoShi :)

In Topic: [MESSAGE] Tiffany's Message on Japanese Fansite

27 August 2012 - 02:57 AM

pink + tiffany = perfect :D
i wonder if tiffany bored of pink....
what would she do??? :D

In Topic: [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2012 - 08:28 AM

wow,it's already five years.
even it's just one year for me about became a SONE and loving them.
but,first of all i want to send them my deepest pleasure for being my idol.
nobody know how much SoShi affect me.
they just knew that i became a good guy,not a jerk like one year.
SoShi bring a new world to me,called SONE
there,now i pronounce it here,i can find happiness and warmth of love.
and now i want to say
"Happy Fifth Anniversary for Our Goddess Girls,Sonyuh Shidae"
Right now,from now on,forever SoNyuh ShiDae!!!!

In Topic: [MESSAGE][From. TIFFANY] HI~~^^♥

17 July 2012 - 10:51 PM

They're really supportive for each other...
Go hyoyeon nuna,hwaiting!
I hope she won't slip again :D

In Topic: [PICTURES] Soshi Travel Kit

30 June 2012 - 07:43 AM

wow,very cool gifts!!!
i love all of them...
i hope the girls will love too...
for me,the hoodie is the coolest gift.. :D