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#4838377 [020312] A rash decision turned out to be the best decision ever ^^

Posted by VEVJ_Dane on 05 February 2012 - 03:47 PM

This is awesome, I happy for you that you got to meet them. Sometime the bad things that happens to you, there is always a great otucome to it, just don't know whens it's going to happen. Now this memory is with you till you reach the end of your life. Congrats on meeting them :D
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#4833084 [02.02.12] Wish Came True

Posted by VEVJ_Dane on 04 February 2012 - 10:22 AM

SNSD picked out 7 winners in the beginning and then the Soshified staff called out the winning names. They took the picture at the end of the Signing.

Here is the autographed album...

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#4829463 [02.02.12] Wish Came True

Posted by VEVJ_Dane on 03 February 2012 - 05:00 PM

Background check: Let's understand behind all of this before getting into the detail of my fan account. After finally being able to listen to Kpop after my parents strict rules about school work, why? Well I started listening to Kpop when I was in elementary school (LOL yes I'm quite young) and I found out about Girls' Generation in 2007 but didn't actually adapt the idea of my being a SONE or supporting fan till late 2008 and beginning of 2009, but when I started Junior High my parents wanted me to focus in school work so I stopped all my fanboying in till High School. That is what exactly happened, after my 3 year break from Kpop I found a great way to start off my Kpop craze which was Soshified's Super Fan Contest for SNSD's The Boy comeback promotion in NY and since I live in NY it was perfect! So I was like I need focus on my freshmen year and do good in school well completing my mission to see Girls' Generation and wish for my name to be picked from the raffle of the Super Fan Contest.

January 27th 2012 (3 Days till SNSD's Arrival): I was browsing through the internet to see what I can kick start my Kpop craze again, and then I stumble upon an article Soshified posted... I read the whole thing and I was so in luck, like it was a calling or something so immediately I ran up to my Dad and show him this article and ask him if he can drive me to all 4 events of the contest and the promotion. He said yes which I was completely shocked from, but he wasn't troll he actually meant it this time.

January 30th 2012 ( The first day of the event... JFK Airport): The first day was the arrival of the plane at JFK which was only a 15 minutes car ride from my house. Since the plane arrive at 10AM EST I woke up at 8AM to get dress and prepare my camera. Which later I left the house at 8:30AM, I arrived at the airport at 8:50ish AM and waited. Since it was my first time interacting with actual SONEs, I was nervous but I managed some courage up and talked a few that were already there. I also saw and met quite few notable SONEs (ssf) at the airport, which were giving out the stamp paper at 9AM. After about 1 hour of waiting in the front, all the SONEs were looking and checking the flight status on the board and then Girls' Generation 10AM flight status just turned into "Arrived". Everyone in the crowd started screaming and spazzing out! lol, but we all know the girls aren't gonna be coming out till an hour later due to security and immigration check up. So at around 11AMish, a guy wearing a suit which was in charge of airport security came out and started waving his hand, immediately I knew the girls are coming out of the door. Soon the whole crowd starting screaming and chanting, some were even doing GEE and The Boy dance in the crowd with the music blasting in the air. Now the glass door slides open and my heart stopped, first time seeing them and even though they are in airport fashion I was mesmerized by the Soshi Beauty! every sone were screaming their bias name out loud, as was I too " YoonA!!!!!, Jessica!!!!, Taeyeon- ahhhhH!!". After all the nine members pass us SONEs they headed to their bus, that was parked outside the arrival gate as soon they left the door. SONEs rushed to them to get a glimpse. I ran obviously but I got to stand near the bus window and Taeyeon was writing on her iPad, she later faced the iPad towards us and it said I believe if I recalled correctly " Annyeong!!!". The bus left after the bus driver got ready and the luggage safely loaded on to the bus.


January 31st 2012 (Letterman Show): Unfortunately this event was at 1PM and I was in school during that time, but when my school ended at 3:10 I rushed to my dad's car outside my school building which he was waiting there for 30 Minutes. We immediately drove down to Manhattan to the Ed Sullivan Theater, once we arrived I was too late for the stamps and the girls were already inside taping the show, but I was outside with few SONEs and we just chatted and waiting by the backstage door of the theater. At around 5PMish, David and Bill came out and did the kickoff event. Since I was also a fan of David and Bill I cheered for Bill and his kickoff for the football right outside, lol. Now 6PM is when they finished and the girls' bus parked right in front where the barricade were, and towards the end of 6PM around 6:40 to 6:50PMish. The doors out and the girls' walked out and headed into the bus, only Tiffany, Jessica, and Taeyeon waved to the crowd while walking into the bus. Now the crazy story behind this is that I met Soy, yes the founder of soshifed on that day. I didn't know who she was in till later on when I got home, but the way I met Soy was unexpected. I was standing in front and Soy asked the guy behind me to call me, I turned around and Soy asked me if I can take a few photo of the girls when they come out. I said sure, but the main concern I had was that her camera was a Canon FX formatted camera, so it's very expensive and if I drop it, well good game for me. lol But in the end it worked out, I don't know if I took good photos or not because Soy never showed me the photo.

[The girls did do signing in the beginning on that day, just that I wasn't there lol T^T]


February 1st 2012 (Live with Kelly): This part of the event starts really early and I my class starts at 11AM, so I have to be in queens by 11AM so I won't be late for class. Problem is that it was Wednesday! and I have to Army Uniform that day, so I can't be in my casual clothes. But I woke up at 2AM that day to get ready for school and the event, so at around 3AM I left the house but I didn't get there till around 3:40AM due to the directions given on the stamp sheet, but my dad found it anyways due to the help of sones texting me on the way. So I got off the car and there were already people there, waiting on line so I was like the 20th person on line and my friend was in the front, but I got to meet few new SONEs well waiting in the back. We converted an American Pop loving fan into a GG fan after those long conversation lol, we waited for 4 Hours while we were waiting it started to drizzle and my uniform was getting soaked and I didn't have a umbrella so I went under a fellow sone's umbrella. At 7AM they started giving the stamps for the sheet and tickets for the LIve with Kelly show, unfortunately my luck didn't work today so I was outside instead. Time went by fast and it was already 10AM and they girls were performing The Boys, people were dancing outside!


February 2nd 2012 (Final Day, Fansign and Contest Result!): There were people waiting at Best Buy already at 6PM the day before, so I knew I had to go there early in order to get the album and the wristband. There were only 300 wrist bands and only 300 were allowed to enter Best Buy to buy the album, I woke up at 2AM and got ready and drove down to 5th Ave in Manhattan and arrived at Best Buy around 2:35AM. There were already people in line and the line stretched to the end of the street, I was in luck because I called earlier to a friend of mine that was also a SONEs that I met at the airport to save a spot for me on line in case I get delayed on the highway, he said sure! By the time I got there, it was too late to get the 300th place, I had to find my friend which he was all the way in the front. I knew if I just swoop in there, SONEs are gonna talk trash and try to get me out of the line, so I tried a different tactic. Which was standing at to my friends chatting and then one of the best buy workers pushed me into the line. (Yes, I know cutting the line was not a moral thing to do and so didn't expect to win the contest anyways, but somehow luck played on my side. Please understand...) I was like yes! so happy, but I almost had a heart attack as well. As they were counting so make sure the 300 people go in, when they came up to me and I thought I was gonna get cut off. The worker was like "295, 296, 297, 298!" I was like O_O OMG i'm the 298th person in line. But the since the Best Buy event was so hectic that people were getting on and off the line, the workers miscounted the amount of people. The workers cutoff at 300 and some SONEs were upset and left but the ones that were positive minded and stay around, were in luck since the workers miscounted. There were extra 30 more people were allowed to get the wristband, so lucky them! Now waited for 5 Hours in line, at 7AM the doors open and they let every 20th person in the building to wait in line for the album which will start selling at 8AM, so basically an hour waiting inside Best Buy, which was relaxing since outside was freezing and we had to stand. I finished buying my album at 9AM, I called my dad to let him know I was finished so he can drive to the DR across the street to pick me up. As I was waiting, a US ARMY serviceman that just came back from Iraq, asked me to e-mail him some photos of the girls later on in the afternoon. I asked him why, he said that he have a friend currently deployed in Iraq and he is a huge SNSD fan, and he listen to Gee and Genie over in Iraq as power music when training and in combat. I was like woah that is so cool, I agreed. I finally arrived at my school and all day as I was in school, I was thinking about the event. As soon as the bell rang and it was 3:10PM I dashed out of the school into my dad's car like always 30 minutes before the bell, we drove down to 5th ave Best Buy and let me tell you. It was so crowded that cops had to come and barricade the roads to keep the SONEs contained, some went to buy food and some stay and did a little party outside before going inside. We did stuff like dance, sing, chant, and shared/ boast about their soshi merchandises. I met few new people on that day, 2 college students, 3 high school freshmen, and 1 highschool senior. Now comes the big event, it was 4:30PM and they opened the door for the best buy, only people that had the wristband could go in, so we did. I went with the SONEs I just met and we sat down on the floor inside, but the girls weren't here yet. I had to wait around 2 to 3 hours before the line actually moved. As I was in line, I met one Soshified Radio DJ which was Michelle. I didn't know in till I became a SSF member and tuned into her shows. So finally it was time to hand it the raffle to see who wins the chance to take a picture with SNSD. I handed mine in but had no intention to expect my name to be pulled out, so I was basically chilled. But the unexpected happened, as I was talking to Tim (the SONE that I met) I wasn't notice my surrounding and out of no where, Tim shouts " He's over here!!!!!" I was like "What!?!!?" One of the SSF staff said if I was "Yaowei" and I just nodded, my body was in shocked I blacked out for 3 seconds and then I came to my senses. Inside of me I was spazzing and screaming, but outside I had no idea what I was doing. As it got to my turn to get my album signed, I freaked out when the girls are like a feet away from me. First, I was greeted by Taeyeon, I was so happy that I blushed so hard that Taeyeon smiled at me! I shook hands with Sunny, Yuri, and Sooyung. I had a small convo with Tiffany, I exchanged eye contact and smiles with Yoona!!!! and I greeted Hyoyeon and Seohyun. After that I was rushed into the entertainment area with comfy sofas and tables, I was there thinking to myself, what happened did I do sometime good in my past life to deserve something like this? I was there with the other 6 Winners of the contest and we all are spazzing about this chance we got and stuff. Soy comes in 5 minutes later to greet us and I was like "Hi! I remember you!" and Soy I was like "Yeah, thank you for taking those photos and you deserve this congrats". So now we waited for the fansign to be over so we can take the photo. I was the first to take it and I was like "Why!!! I'm not ready" but oh wells better than nothing. I got up to go take the photo and first thing, Tiffany stopped me and turn me over and fixed my hood on my hoodie because it was inside out and padded my back, I was like ... " OMGAHSJHDAHSHLHKGSFHG OMG OMG OMG OMG TIFFANY TOUCHED ME LIFE COMPLETED" they told me to go in between Hyoyeon and Tiffany. Tiffany and Hyoyeon both had their arms behind my back and posed, and since I never posed before and now I have to posed with 8 beautiful angels next to me? I was about to die from this, and that will explain the awkwardness of the stance I have in the photo.


Note: I didn't expect myself to win so I really didn't dress up for it so, full honestly I think SNSD think I'm a bum LOL. btw also I did send the ARMY dude the photos, but I never got a reply from him.


I was so shocked from this moment, that my stance is so awkward that it made look unattractive lol, and I hope I can go to their future promotions and concert and fix my awkwardness.
Girls' Generation, SNSD, So Nyun Si Dae, I want to wish you the best of luck and the full ability of my SONE heart to support you girls all the way to the top!!!
- VEVJ_Dane

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