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In Topic: [MESSAGE][From. TAEYEON] Bbuing bbuing

27 September 2012 - 06:22 AM

Love you too Taenggo!!!

you never fail to make SONEs love u more!! me miss you ^^

warm regards from jakarta!!
miss u already!! ^^

In Topic: [DONATE] 5th Anniversary Charity: Korean Retinitis Pigmentosa Society

30 August 2012 - 10:42 PM

Username: pricillehanria
Country: Indonesia
Amount: 10.00 USD
Method (PP/CC): PP

Soshi Jjang!! ^^ thx for this opportunity ssf! ^^

In Topic: [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

23 July 2012 - 01:37 AM

Finally, the biggest day for SNSD and SONE has come, yes!! today is 5th anniversary of our beloved SNSD...!!!

Happy 5th Anniversary So Nyeo Shi Dae!!!!!

Honestly, I'm speechless, i have no idea what to write, because so many things in my mind that i want to share about these 9 Goddesses!!
You are all my inspiration, words can't describe my feeling towards you girls!!

In this beautiful day, i wish that Soshi and SONE will always walk together, and we are as SONEs will always support you girls, i wish that SNSD will lasting forever and keep being yourself, and the most i love from you girls is the SOSHIbond!!

I wish a good success for Soshi, always being healthy, wealthy, whenever and wherever you go, God's mercy and favor upon you girls!!

For Taeyeon oenni, the Kid Leader: even you don't know me in person, i just want to say that you are truly my role model, you give a big impact to my life, i love you just the way you are, keep being a dorky leader, never stop to show your angelic voice that can make me cry (but also take care for your throat ^^), just keep being yourself!! I wish that we can meet again in person and you can notice me :), I'm forever your fan!!ohh no no...i'm forever your loyal dongsaeng kekekeke Because of you, i keep thinking when i want to do something, i won't do it if i will regret later

For Jessica oenni, i love your style!! no one can replace you for being a like a boss!! yeahhh, and you are the only ice princess that can melt everyone's heart!! ^^

For Sunny oenni, indeed you are a queen of aegyo!! the best oppa!! hahaha, you are cool!!!

For Tiffany oenni, you have no idea how to make people happy just to see your eyesmile, the loudest in Soshi hahaha, and forever Taeyeon's wife kekekeke ^^

For Hyoyeon oenni, i love your sense of humor!!hahahaha you are a mood booster, and your dancing skill is jjang!! thank you for always making all the girls and us as SONE laugh like a no tomorrow kekekeke

For Yuri oenni,kkabyulllll hahaha I'm proud of you, you never afraid to show your kkab in front of public and this is why i love you girls!! i love your english speaking skill also

For Sooyoung oenni, i love your shikshin's mode hahaha, please teach me how to eat well and not gaining weight lol! and the most hilarious is your impersonations!! always make me laugh like crazy kekekek

For Yoona oenni, your alligator laugh is the best laugh i ever heard, hahaha even just to hear your laugh can make me laugh too hahaha

For Seohyun oenni, i love your lifestyle!!thanks for always give the girls and SONEs good example and advices, you are truly an angel ^^

From what i write above, there are still so many things that i love from them, and you girls are so unique, really i have no idea how to describe :P

The reason i love you girls is simply because you girls are lovable!!!</font></p>


Remember that, maybe I'm not a sone since your debut, but one thing for sure i will be a sone until the end!! ^^

Jigeumeun SNSD!!

Appeurodo SNSD!!

Yongwonhiii SNSD!!!!

SNSD Saranghae!!! ^^