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19 October 2013 - 10:54 AM

WOW! Thank you so much for your detailed fan account  :banana:

I read all of it and it was written very vivid, I had the feeling that I was actually there, seeing the girls performing in front of me. Actually, I am quite sad that I can´t attend the concert, especially because it was held in China.....I was there like some weeks ago and I even visited the Bird´s Nest!!!!  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:



Anyway, while reading your post I was fangirling with you LOL.  :yes:


Poor Taeyeon...why did they have to perform in front of SJ´s section, that´s >.< I just watched the fancam of the girls´ introduction. Awww Jessica´s Chinese is so cute.  :P

And I like how all the girls used their Chinese names (I mean Chinese translations) and Taeyeon calmly said 我是TaeYeon. (Apart from Sunny LOL but yeah that´s also not that Korean) Haha Yuri asking if they´re pretty. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And SeoHyun´s Chinese is good as expected but I think YoonA´s pronunciation is really good. >.< 

OMG just so cute.  :wub:


If I were there I think I would have also screamed my lungs out!!!! OMG BEIJING PUT IT BACK ON! HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND!?!?!?! :banana:

Haha the "Byun" moment, the cameras captivate the best moments  :whistling: (I hope someone can upload a fancam soon XD) 

Oh really the "Hope" song was performed in Chinese this time? o.o Is there an official audio version of that track? >.< The more I (re)read your fan account, the more I wish I could have been there....TT_________TT Why is destiny so hard with me. -.-#



Thank you again for your effort to write this awesome fan account! Take care of your throat and drink some hot beverages, we don´t want you to have a damaged throat haha.  :D