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About Me

Hmm…not much to say about me (although I have a lot to spazz say about Soshi, which is down below).

(Also previously known as "light-plus" before the accidental name change llOTL)

Short, bipolar, cantankerous, obnoxious, and not too smart. I'm harmless if you don't piss me off, so don’t fear the short one (Me)!
A few things you might want to know about me:

  • I’m Asian, but that shouldn’t matter, right?
  • I’m a teenager, but don't tease me because I'm young~!
  • My role models: My sister, Kahi, BoA, Tiffany, Seohyun
  • Yay for JeTi and Jessica and SNSD and ships
  • I enjoy writing on my free time; maybe I’ll post some fanfics later? ;D
  • I wouldn’t have been able to live for as long as I have if it wasn’t for my sister and music.

Love Soshi. Love Music. Love Food. Love Sleep. Love Life.

If you'd like to get to know me more, you can ask me anything on my tumblr, because. y'know. I'm sure you're an amazing person and I'd love meeting you!


Some fanfics here that I crazy strongly recommend:
Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object by scarletstring (JeTi, ongoing)
When it Began, It never Ended by Ali-The-Schwag (JeTi, finished)
My Amajjing In-Laws by ☻M.a.☻ (YoonHyun, RF, ongoing)*
A Soshi Christmas Carol by saradolimz and Auratus (Taengsic, finished)
A Soshi Love Story [sequel to "A Soshi Christmas Carol"] by Auratus (Taengsic, ongoing)

Amizade by Reyu (OT9+unannounced couples, ongoing)
Mommy Taeyeon by franzii (hiatus)
Instruction Manuals for SNSD by Deliciousness (finished)
*I'm not really a fan of Royal Family, but this fic is really good<3

(If you’re busy with life, I suggest you go on to the next thing on your list; the rest is me spazzing about Jessica and later SNSD OTL) I swear that I don't usually type/talk this much >_<; Talk to me?


One thing you seriously need to know about me, if anything, is that I love Jessica Jung Sooyeon.

Whenever I see a picture with her in it, my eyes automatically zone in on her and they stay there for a while.
In any variety show she's in, I just stare at her, no matter who’s talking.
Whenever I’m stressed, I listen to one of her songs to calm me down, and it works like magic.
Whenever I hear her voice, whether she’s singing, yelling, scolding, talking, laughing, giggling, or screaming in Dolphin, I close my eyes and just let myself float away for a moment.
I can’t last 24 hours without getting my daily Jessica, and just seeing her smile makes my day.

Jessica Jung Sooyeon. Sica. Jessi. Sergeant Sic, Sicachu, Warm Ice Princess, GorJess. A Goddess. An Angel. A Princess. Perfection at its finest. A Shining Star. A Beautiful Gem. A Breath of Fresh air. My daily Sweet Delight. She could be My J or my Lazy Girl; all she has to do is Say Yes.
She’s the only one who can be cute, sexy, hot, icy, beautiful, graceful, stunning, sweet, fierce, and drop-dead-GorJess, all at the same time.

Her Voice, her voice. It’s so unique, so exquisite; you’ll want to listen to it all day. smooth, soft…sharp, powerful…perfectly controlled…like honey and velvet and silk…her sexy English to her slightly-flawed Korean…when she laughs…when she screams so ear-shatteringly, high…when the sweetness shines in light-hearted songs or when she pours her heart into soulful ballads. Her voice, it’s so alluring, sweet…and impossibly addictive.

Her Beauty, her beauty. It’s so impossibly beautiful; it just isn’t possible for her to be from this imperfect world. The way she carries herself so gracefully…how she dances with such fine precision performing one song, and so cutely lazy the next…her confident smile or her shy smile…her sweat, the very proof of her hard work…how she holds her chopsticks awkwardly, and how she sometimes sits like a horse…how her cheeks look so cute when she pouts…how she can clap fifty different ways. Her beauty, she is beautiful, inside and out.

Her Personality,
her personality. It is definitely…one of a kind. At first she seems cool, indifferent, and arrogant even, but soon you realize she's got...well, one helluva personality. Seriously, where else will you find a girl who: hates cucumbers with a burning passion, can sleep for 16 hours, can do the “Sica Effect”, takes pictures of others changing, has the attention span of a five year old, zones out a little too often, needs to be taken care of by her dongsaeng, loves trolling (especially her fans) but takes good care of us anyway, can’t cook/ measure anything except for fried rice and tuna sandwiches, takes an hour to mix mayo and tuna, loves to cling, hug, kiss(?) and hold hands with the other girls, laughs at the weirdest things (with a delayed reaction of course), has a deadpanned sense of humor, cries easily and cries when she’s angry, kicks things when scared but also hits things when laughing, and is so emotional? Her personality, she may seem cold and arrogant on the outside, but inside is a fragile, playful, lovable girl.

Her past, her present…her life. Everything she’s done, and everything she’s doing. The rumors and antis she had to face even before she debuted, in her trainee days…the shallow antis she has to face today...how she kept fighting for her dream…how she trained for seven entire years before she could debut…her surprisingly sporty side in table tennis, basketball, and soccer…her talents in ballet, piano, fashion, sleeping, zoning out, and acting…how she cherishes her sister, Krystal, so much and isn’t afraid to show it…how she has to constantly juggle performances, photo shoots, practice, memorizing, health, and rest…how she isn’t afraid to show her oddly cute aegyo side, her sexy side, her hellsica side, her dorky side, her weird side, her awkward side. Her past, her present…her life; they all make her who she is today.

Jessica Jung Sooyeon, why are you so perfect?

(GorJess Spazzer's unofficial vow)
As a GorJess Spazzer,
I'll make sure cucumbers will cease to exist,
practice how to do a dolphin squeal-like scream,
sleep whenever there's an opportunity;
if there isn't then resort to day-dreaming,
hold my chopsticks in a very odd way,
wear Abercrombie and Fitch as much as possible,
and learn my English badly so I'll receive scolding from my lovely Sica

(GorJess Spazzer's new official vow)
As a GorJess Spazzer,
I swear to stay loyal to Sica princess
Be her pillow when she needs to sleep
Be her warrior to extinguish cucumbers
To remember that Sica is not really an Ice Princess,

but the only princess that can melt my heart
Be the one to watch over her when she zones out
To admire her warming and soothing voice,

whether she speaks perfect English or does a dolphin like scream
And most importantly, to keep Jung Sooyeon in my heart

(JeTidal Wave Surfer's vow)
As a JeTidal Wave Surfer,
I promise to make Fany proud by cheering for Sica as loud as I can,
To appreciate the flavors of cookies & cream, herbs & peanut-butter, strawberry & banana, caramel coffee, chicken burritos and cheese nachos,
To hide it when I can't understand Korean,
To not care that I can't cook and feed my best-friend weird sandwiches,
To adore their hate-love hot-cold relationship,
And to listen to and love every duet that they do, because our
JeTi is <3


Yes, I love JeTi. Yes, I also love Taengsic, and SunSic, and HyoSic, and SooSic, and YoonSic, and SeoSic. But, there's one OTP with Jessica that I love even more than all of those. OT9. S9. the SoshiBond that will never be broken.

So Nyeo Shi Dae. SNSD. Shoujo Jidai. Girls Genertaion. GG. SoShi.
I love them when they are on stage, performing together and genuinely smiling.
I love them when they cried together as they received their first awards they won on their tiring journey.
I love them when they do the small things for each other; pass along water bottles, wipe each others sweaty faces, fix each others hair, switch mics if theirs works better, smile encouragingly when one makes a mistake, give advice and feedback on performances, cheer for each other during radio shows, help one another when one is injured.
I love them when they openly show their affection for on another; feeding each other, back hugs, holding hands, linking arms, pecks and mock kisses, patting each other's heads and backs (and butts), pulling pranks on each other and others, teasing each other, messing around with each other, acting like complete dorks, making eye contact when they're confused, using weird nicknames, playing games like rock-paper-scissors during performances.
I love them when they are always thinking of each other; when they gave Tiffany (who couldn't perform because of an injury) a shoutout during an award, when Tiffany twists the lyrics and says, "Listen Jessi, my first love story", when they squeeze in small birthday parties into their busy schedules, when Sooyoung recorded Yoona's Japanese lines so Yoona could practice them, when in Manwon Happiness Tiffany purposely left a full bowl of rice for Yoona, when all the members looked at Tiffany and Yoona worriedly whenever the MCs mentioned "mothers", when they find a way to mention other members and SNSD in individual shows, when they admit they feel lonely doing shoots without members, when they mention other members when visiting fansites, when they've said kind and admirable things about and to each other countless times, when they've thanked each other so many more times than I could count. The list goes on and on.
It's come to a point where it's obvious it isn't fake. Five and a half years have passed, yet they still share the same amazing, unbreakable bond.

Right Now, From Now On, Forever... Girls Generation.
Even after SNSD disbands, even after they pursue different dreams, even when they choose different roads, I hope that they remain together, as Forever 9.

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