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REQUEST: Kindly recommend me some good

YoonYul/Jeti fanfics

(either ongoing, oneshot, multishot or etc..)

with Im and Hwang seobang in the story.

(Yoona/Tiffany dominance)

I'll gratefully appreciate the recommendation.




Captives Can't Run

halloween shot

Favorite Girl

Jeti, ongoing, genderbender

Old School Rules
YoonYul, JeTi SunYeon, SooSeo

That Prank




Soshi Pairings made me a Sone!


It all started with a late night TV show in my country.
During my 2010 summer vacation, my brother invited me to watch MYX Ph, a music tv show where they flash music videos. It was my brother's hobby to watch it's replay late at night, to be updated at the "Daily Top Ten" segment.
The first song I heard was actually "Run Devil Run" Korean ... when it was played in MYX. It was always at number 1 and I was complaining why does it has to be at the top when I don't actually understand what is it. Don't blame me, I dont even know Kpop exists that time. I only know "Wonder Girls" so I thought they were WG. xD But then there was a caption at the start of the music video "Girls Generation".. so they are.
Honestly, it was the first time I ever watched MYX Daily Top Ten and found their at the top. And in the following days ... I just knew the song but doesn't actually captured me.
With everyday watching it, I remembered their faces like the girl with the straight thick bangs (Yoona), the girl with the cap (Sunny), the girl with the short hair(Sooyoung), the hot lady (Yuri), the girl with the fierce eyes (Hyoyeon), the girl in ponytail (Taeyeon), the girl with the shade of blonde (Jessica), the girl saying "perfume" (Tiffany) and specially the one that I think the most beautiful of them all because of her innocent face matched with her long straight hair parted at the center (Seohyun). I don't know their names back then.
I was frustrated at the results since I didn't like songs which I don't understand at all, because I honestly don't know why they grabbed the top spot in the first place.
I asked my brother if he's okay with ther top 1 he said yes. I asked him why. He told me because they are great dancers. Knocks me. He was into the choreo not into the song.
He even searched about the members and told me some names he remembered like "Tiffany", "Yoona, "Sunny", and "Tae"
After that I didn't had a single connection to GG.
After two years.. there came some Sone classmates. They were dancing Gee, Hoot, Genie but I don't even know what songs are those. They are always talking about this term "SNSD".
Ridiculously, I even thought Girls' Generation and SNSD are different girl groups. xD xD xD
then there comes The Boys.


SNSD. I was just influenced by my classmates about these girls. They are Kpop fans who loves a lot of Kpop, knows a lot about them, memorizes all lyrics and dances, knows Korean language, and had ambitions to marry in South Korea. At first I tend to ignore it but then I became curious, that Yoona caught my eyes.

Waeyo. My classmates compared the 'twins' of SNSD, who is prettier, who is better. I don't know them so basically I really thought that they were twins. I just point one of them when they asked me to and they reacted, "So your bias is Yoona..". Funny but I really don't know her until I became curious and search about Yoona. She's really pretty but then I added Yuri, the twin I said, to my seach list. They were so funny.

Obviously, the first pairing that caught me is YoonYul.
I found YulSic so I gotta find a pair Jessica too.
There I encounter JeTi, the American Couple which I loved too.
So there's TaeNy.
I thought at first it was TAEyeon SunNy, but I was wrong.
So I made my mind up for SunYeon.
SooSun? Wehey, I go for SooSeo.. Jangshin sisters.

I came up with this current BIAS LIST:
cr: respectful owners of the icons



One GREAT thing I like about Yuri aside from being all so sexy and being Girl's Generation's Black Pearl is that she's a YoonAddict like me. ^.^


One Great Thing I like about Sooyoung except for being the best gagster and Girl's Generation's Shikshin is that she protects the Maknae's innocence no matter where she is, how far she is. ^.^

Seriously.. Jessica??

Presenting my favorite GAG TANDEM:

The Shikshin Duo



BIAS LIST WRECKER SUNKYU... After some time I'll gonna move her up in my list.

If I am to chose the GG's "Three Idiots" (the movie huh)
These are perfect for me..
especially when they burned the cockroach over a candle.
They are the only 3 people who shared a room ( according to the roommate thingy years ago)
The stories of when Taeyeon, Sooyoung, and Yoona shared a room is still legendary for SM.
(YoonYul, TaengSic, SooSeo)

"My angels... and my GIRLS."

It doesn’t matter where I stand. Whether at the front or at the back, in the middle or at the side. As long as I can get on stage and do what I love.. That’s enough for me.
Kim Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon seems to be like a power ranger. xD

"Turn off your phone when driving."


OTPs that I REALLY Like

TaengSic, SunYeon, JeTi, 2Ny, HyoSun, HyoHyun, YOONYUL, SooSeo


GAG Tandems that I like

2Yeon, SooTae, YoonTae, YoonSun, Chodings (YoonHyo), SooNa, HyoYoung


Pairings that I find cute tho

SunSic, YulSun, YulTae, HyoFany, YoonFany, and all Seohyun Pairings.



The Yoong stare plus the Yul smile. So perfect. <3


[Trans] 130105 MUCORE Fanacc

Sooyoung was helping seohyun to help her tie her belt.

Sooyoung said: wife~ let me help you to tie it."

Yuri suddenly run in between both of them and shout "omma omma" ,

Seohyun said: did u get the last ranking in your class again?

Yuri: ........









History’s most frustrating love triangle

Taenysic moments usually end up with Taeny and the lonely Sica..

But I will always be a Surfer and Unbreakable.

I promise that.




Three Maknaes





My One and Only

Love Square






I'm just a lazy young girl who loves the whole world. My sweet 14 of age doesn't match my looks, and I'm proud of it. xD I basically have a lot of hobbies that I don't get bored.

I love singing.
I also play instruments, a novice guitarist and pianist.
I love reading and writing FanFiction.
I always love to DRAW, especially anime.
I am also an OTAKU, I love Lee Lenalee and Mio Akiyama.
I love computer programs, photoshop and either photo editing or animating.

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