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In Topic: [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2012 - 04:16 PM


Thank you for being strong for this past 5 years, thank you for creating music for our ears :)
I am truly thankful and I think I speak for all SONEs :)
5 years ago you angels started with Into a New World in 2007 and shocked everyone :)
Remember those comments saying how you angels wouldn't make it well guess what?!? You angels broke many records in music in Korea! :)
Look at you angels now :) Shining so bright not only in Korea but the world :)
You girls have achieved so much in 5 years I think I can now call you miracles :)
Life has brought you many difficulties but you brushed them off without any problems why? Because you girls have the ultimate bond that no one else has.
I remember watching when you girls win an award for Kissing you and I really cried along but I knew those tears were a sign of happiness so that made me cry along :)
Then came along Gee bringing you girls into immense popularity. Earning you girls 9 consecutive wins :) A new record!
But it doesn't stop then if I listed them all there wouldn't be enough room left :L This shows how much you angels have done.
Not only in records but in lifes :) You have changed my life and other SONEs lives :)
You made sure we knew that Soshi and SONEs are a family, never forgeting to say thank you when recieving awards :)
Thank you so much :) You have inspired me and all the other SONEs in life :)
Happy 5th Anniversary Soshi!!!
I hope in 5 years time I will be saying Happy 10th Anniversary! :L
So unnies please take care of yourselves and do not get sick :)
I hope the best for you angels and that you will continue strong and break more records :)

So, Soshi can you hear us?

We, SONEs will continue supporting you even when forever ends!