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[15.01.2012] Girls' Generation Hong Kong Concert

15 January 2012 - 09:58 AM

I'll be adding more details to this later (probably) but for now I'll write down the important points.

I was standing in Section A2.

Seohyun LOVED the A2 section. She was basically coming to A2 every time they got to walk around freely.
Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yuri came to the section pretty frequently.
But I didn't see much of Yoona, Sooyoung and Jessica. They were mostly at the other side of the stage.

Tiffany smiled and waved at me twice. She was adorable during the concert. She kept jumping around and made hearts for the audience. Seohyun also waved at me, but it wasnt as obvious as Tiffany's. Sunny faced the seating area most of the time, but she was bursting with energy like always.

Yuri, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon didn't really wave to a particular person but rather everyone in general. This applies to the rest of the girls as well (I didn't really get to see the rest all that much.)

At the beginning, during I'm In Love With The Hero, where the girls were hung up towards the ceiling. Yuri didn't make it in time and had to stand awkwardly towards the corner of the stage. I think she felt pretty down from that. :(

The girls introduced themselves in English, with Tiffany doing most of the talking as always. :) She was really excited along with Sooyoung, considering its their first concert in HK. Seohyun, Sooyoung and Jessica introduced themselves in English as well, whilst the rest spoke in Korean.

During Oh!, when they were doing main dance where they surround Jessica. I think I wasn't thinking properly when I was writing this last night. It was probably during Himnae. They all surrounded Yuri so that she was kneeling on the floor? It was really cute and dorky.

There was a part where all the girls lined up and said something to the audience one by one. Jessica said 'I love dim sum!'. That was really really adorable and funny. xDD

Everyone was pretty hyped up by the time 'The Boys' began playing. They sang the English version, which I found surprising since I thought they'd sing it in Korean. But I think it contributed in making the crowd more enthusiastic and 'together?' since we all knew the lyrics. Gee was the absolute climax of the concert. The entire stadium was cheering and singing along with SNSD. Tiffany got the audience to sing it again after the song ended. She was really surprised and happy about our togetherness.

All of the fan events were a success. Jessica, Sooyoung and Sunny cried during the event in Complete where we all held up a piece of paper saying 'You+Me = Complete'. It was really touching to see how much they care about SONEs. ^^ We always manage to make them cry with these fan events. xD

They brought their boat along for 'My Child', and went around the entire stage to wave at everyone. There was a fairytale-like and heartwarming atmosphere during the song.

The encore really got the crowd worked up. Everyone was clapping and chanting to get the girls to come back out and perform. Soon after, they started dancing and singing to 'Into The New World'. Despite not knowing Korean, it almost felt like I knew the Korean language during that song. I think most of the SONEs in my area knew the lyrics off by heart.

After the performance, Tiffany said she was really thankful that we called them back out and asked how we knew that there were more performances. Yuri held the bridge of her nose whilst Tiffany asked us to show how she was really surprised and confused. It was really cute. ^^

During It's Fantastic, the SONEs in the seating area released their pink balloons to create a sea of pink, but the girls didn't really know what the balloons were at the start... they had a pretty weird shape tbh.. but they enjoyed it nonetheless.


There was A LOT of TaeNy.
I don't really ship any couple other than YoonYul, but TaeNy was just too obvious. Haha. :D

The most notable ones were their interactions during the talks. Tiffany used qutie a bit of 'aegyo' and joked around with Taeyeon.

I think it was during Gee? Tiffany was saying her line (My first love story..) and faced Taeyeon and smiled. I'm not too sure about this cause they were pretty far away and I had to rely on looking at the big screen.

Towards the ending, I saw some Yulsic, where they were walking together.

Seohyun and Hyoyeon interacted with each other every time they happened to walk into the same area.

Hyoyeon and Yuri were doing dorky dance moves in between the talks and the performance which did not have a fixed chereography.

Hyoyeon and Yoona were playing around and pretending to shoot each other with a gun at the end of the concert.

That's all I managed to see and remember. It was really a fantastic night.
Even though my wallet looked as if it was hit by a missle, it was totally worth all the money and time.
I would definitely attend their concert again if they happen to return to HK.

Hope this fan account managed to fill in any SONEs that couldn't make it to the concert. ^^