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[PICS] SNSD's Brains

24 November 2009 - 06:53 PM


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Source: Yoonfany @ Soshified.com/forums
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums

- On Jessica's picture it says "Yuri-ahhh"
- On Yuri's picture it says "Sica babay ♥"
- 'kkalchang': stuff you put in your shoe to make you look taller
- 'otaku': a Japanese term, we adopt it to 'oh dukhoo' or 'dukhoo'
it's a word referring to people with obsessive interests,
it's used in a playful negative way
- 'soondae' is a Korean sausage, tastes reaslly good *drools*

If there's something you don't understand,
PM me I will try to explain it, if you think there's something wrong
PM me I will try to fix it. Otherwise, complain in the comments lol.

Requested by Yoonfany, he also gave me the pic, so yeah... I don't know the original source.
I will kill him later for giving me something that takes ages to edit... Mwahaha~~!!!

Don't request stuff anymore. NO more, aarghhhhhhhh

[ARTICLE] What Is In Sooyoung's Bag?

23 November 2009 - 02:26 PM

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1. Sooyoung's ballad filled mp3 player, Dr. Dre beats 'Tour'
2. Dior wallet
3. Demeter perfume
4. Dior foundation pack
5. New chocolate phone
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

The bag Sooyoung brought along today is one her most precious assets.
Her 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' bag contains belongings not too different to the ordinary 20 year old girl.
"(Except that they're branded and really expensive lol)"

"I usually have a book, but I couldn't bring one today.
When we're in the waiting room we usually have to wait a long time, so I read."

As a singer she cannot be without her MP3 player. SNSD's genre of music is majorly dance,
but Sooyoung likes to listen to ballads. These days she's into K Will and Na YoonKwon's intense ballads.

"Taeyeon is getting a lot of love through drama OSTs. I don't have a high skill level, so I'm not too keen for a solo yet."

A make up pouch, a compulsory item that can quickly alter makeup.
Most of the time Sooyoung just wears BB cream. (Blemish Balm Cream)

"I usually don't wear makeup and dress up, but I'm afraid fans might say
'I saw SNSD Sooyoung and she was a bit...' So I take care of my appearance more."

It wasn't in her bag today, but another compulsory item is hand sanitizer.

"SHINee members caught the swine flu. I got worried so I always take with me hand sanitizer,
I forgot today. Everyone take care of your hygene!!"

Source: IS Plus [11.24.09]
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums