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In Topic: 07 - 그대를 부르면 (Tears)

03 December 2010 - 07:33 PM

i think sooyoung and tiffany sang this part

[tiffany+sooyoung]*geudaereul boreumyon geudaereul chajeumyon
baramee dwi oso naegyote wajwoyo

[taeyeon and yoona] *geudaereul boreumyon geudaereul chajeumyon
Haessali dwioso nae gyote wajwoyo

[taeyeon] Iroghe soomanheun choo ogeul namgigo
[all] Ojik nan geurae man saengak haneun de (taeyeon sing this part not all )

(Hyoyeon sing this part and jessica * i think) Geudaereul booreumyon geudaereul chojeulmyun
Bitmoolee dwe oso naegyote wajwoyo

thats my opinion cause i can spot hyoyeon voices here :D
btw love this song.... :D

In Topic: 06 - Merry-Go Round

03 December 2010 - 07:08 PM

hyoyeon didt have a any part here ? serious ? huhu :(
btw i heard a high pitch it sound like hyoyeon i hope soo.. ahha..
btw love this song... hearing it right now :D

love this part the most
[SooYoung]numoo yokshim naejin angil yaksok halge
[Yuri]olmana gayaman jameul soo iseulga

In Topic: [ARTICLE] Our 9 Girl Reveal at Malaysian's Magazine for 15 Dec 2009 issue 110.

18 December 2009 - 11:36 PM

omg. i want one. i didnt even see it in the market. where the hell is that...arghh.. im so gonna get that...