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[06.10&11.11] "SM Town in Paris" Concerts

12 June 2011 - 06:51 AM

Hello SONEs !

I'm glad I was able to meet with true SNSD fans during both concerts,
I wanted to give my opinion as a brand new soshi fan, I was really soshified at this unique event.

I hope I will be able to meet more SONEs and that there will be soon new concerts in Europe.

First I'd like to say that I like all SNSD girls at the same level, they were all amazing, they all shine in their own unique way.
I was completely amazed by all their show skills, singing, dancing, smiling, fan-servicing :-D
They were really true pro.

I could see by myself how talented they are.

Before the concert, I was like, let's try, I'll see if I like it or not. I've only been listening to kpop for 2 months, and I also watched some f(x) and Super Junior MVs.

As every SONE, I have my favorite, well you guess.

I was anxious to see her IRL at the concert, I wonder if she would be as I expected.
Well ... I was not disappointed at all. I was REALLY impressed. But not only her, girls, they were SO PRO.

At the beginning of the concert, on friday, Sunny was kinda shy, but then she smiled =)
After only some time, she started feeling more confortable on stage, and enjoyed singing and dancing.
Then, she was the more energetic girl especially at the beginning of the concert !

She smiled a lot, she played with the public, it was really amazing !

My biggest issue was that whenever I started enjoying SNSD songs, it was already over, 6 minutes went away like it was 10 seconds.
And it was the same over and over during both concert ! Tell me, did you feel the same ?

I'm definitely gonna follow every news about girls and especially Sunny. I've just seen she's already made 2 albums !

I really hope there will be another concert somewhere in Europe (hopefully in London) in less than 1 year from now.

I heard about Sunny fainting in Japan, that's why I was relieved when I saw her smiling at the airport when they landed in Paris.
And seeing her full of energy at the concert was really good !
I hope all girls will be able to get some rest, I believe they are working harder than anyone could imagine.

I was impressed by their little f(x) sisters at the concert, they were perfect, and I really enjoy every song !

I'll stop right here even if I already reached the "too long didn't read limit".
See you SONEs !
So Nyuh Shi Dae, HWAITING !

PS : If someone invented a "cute meter" and put it at both SMTown in Paris concerts, it would have exploded 2 seconds after SNSD girls first song on stage.