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In Topic: [OTHERS] Taeyeon Selca and Message On Fansite

28 January 2012 - 11:45 PM

woah!!! nice Tae!! Saranghae!! Gotta be better this year round.. I'll gonna go find my way to reach u NOona!!! :-) stay healthy always! Godbless! :-)

In Topic: [HYOYEON] Hyoyeon visits Soshified !

10 June 2011 - 02:55 PM

woah!! nice!! can't express what would i feel when i got the chance to chat with them... hehe... Love to know the dancing queen logged in!!.. love you hyoyeon! <3 <3 <3... SNSD Hwaiting!


08 May 2011 - 10:01 PM

I am sure unlucky ..i missed Fany on Shoutbox... :-(... That Win WIn episode 11 is sure great hehe.. I love her Cute Eye smile!! Love you Tiffany!!

In Topic: [TAEYEON] Taeyeon visits Soshified !

07 May 2011 - 06:34 AM

How unlucky! Tiffany and now Taeyeon.. huhuhuh... next time i hope i can chat with them. Especially Fany hehe.. SNSD hwaiting!

In Topic: [TIFFANY] Tiffany on Soshified Shoutbox 2011-04-15

05 May 2011 - 03:54 AM

So awesome to have members get on this website.

Whats the average wait time for another member to show up? :3

Can't wait to see it happen :o

i really want to see them online 2... fany really loves her fans hehehe..